Not Heeding My Own Advice and Abusing My Amulets!

Published Setyembre 5, 2015 by jptan2012

Regular readers would know that I always talk about the dangers of always going out in the evening and traveling during the Hungry Ghost Month. I totally believe this, but sometimes because of my business I’m sort of forced not to heed my own recommendations.

Recently, I was quite busy with my business, and most of you know that in business or in work, socialization with the client is part of the job.

For some weird reason, I do have to attend to a lot of events and socializations with clients in the evening. There are times that I even have to stay until 12mn, and one time the worst one is up to 2AM. I know there is a danger in doing this almost every night especially during the Hungry Ghost Month, but I said I have the Surangama Mantra Amulet and the Vajrapani Ruel amongst my other amulets so what can happen to me. And for the long time nothing deed. Part of the reason I agreed to go in the evening, is because some of the socials were done in honor of me by my clients, especially the ones where I have to visit them either in their country or province.

You see I know that my amulets are protecting me and that is why I went on ahead to attend these things only with a small ignorable trepidation.

But I think the worst was when because of my busy schedule, I agreed to fly back to Manila on the morning of the day before the Hungry Ghost Festival only to fly out again that night for another business trip. My business trip was perfectly fine but I did get sick, was down with flu and I totally lost my voice for 2 days (well still nursing them back)! I don’t know whether I should be thankful that my business is going on fine but it was my body that took on the hit from totally ignoring my own recommendations.

When I called my Guru Lama he only said one thing. Amulets exist to protect and enhance our luck; they’re not meant to be abused. Meaning, if I don’t have other choice but to do those things that I have to do during this Hungry Ghost Month and Festival, then I would have been protected, but I realized I have the power to delay those trips but it just that I made the decision to go on because I know I’ll be protected, when I did that then I already abused them!

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