Crystals: A Simple Way to Protect Yourself and Improve Your Luck

Published Agosto 29, 2015 by jptan2012

TumbledGemsToday, allow me to share with you another natural and simple way to protect yourself from bad energies and improve your luck. As the title suggests, I’m talking about using crystals.

Crystals are natural predominantly earth elements that carries some kind of energy or chi. I say predominantly because most crystals carry other elements, which can identified by its color. For example, an amethyst, ruby, carnelian or even rose quartz carries the energies of a fire element; malachite, jade, aventurine and other green stones carries the energies of a wood element; sapphire, lapis lazuli, sodalite, and other blue stones carries the energies of a water element; onyx, black tourmaline, and other black stones carries the energies of a water element also; citrine, yellow jasper and other yellow stones further carries the energies of the earth element; clear quartz, Herkimer diamonds, diamonds and other clear stones carries the energies of a metal element.

There are some stones that carries the element of more than one element other than the predominant earth element. Some of these stones are turquoise, which carries the energies of both water and wood; pyrite, which also carries the energies of metal and added earth element; hematite, and moonstone, which also carries the energies of the water and metal elements.

Using them is also quite easy, get them, I prefer the tumbled ones, physically clean them by wiping them with a wet cloth they dry them, then clean them of negative energies by putting them on top of a salt for 7 hours or overnight and simply put them on your pocket.

How do they work? The crystals energies will interact with your own chi creating a stronger life force and as magnet of luck.

Which crystal to use? I suggest getting one of each element, but if cost is a problem, then I suggest getting one clear quartz, one amethyst and one black stone. Some people choose to wear them as bracelets also then works as well.

Just remember to cleanse them of negative energies every 2 weeks. You do this by putting them on top of a rock salt or by lighting incense and letting the smoke ‘touch’ the crystals.

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