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An Excuse to Go to the Mall or Park!

Published Agosto 17, 2015 by jptan2012

Pentagon_city_mallSeveral weeks back I received a call from a friend. This friend wants me to help her sister who is a writer because apparently his sister is having some problems. Since I know his sister I decided to call her up myself.

NV works as a medical journal assistant editor in the US. He job doesn’t really require her to go out, she just waits for the articles, read other medical journals and edits it. So literally her work involves only her being in front of her computer. Not bad for a high paying job, but recently they noticed that she’s been feeling low. Not necessarily sick but she just feel that she easily absorbs whatever she sees on TV or even the emotions of the person she talks with over the phone.

This has greatly affected her work because she tends to be depressed and wallow in her room.

When I talked to her over long distance call, I can feel that she really wants to snap out of her ‘depression’ but she just don’t know how. She’s on the brink of going into counseling.

I strongly advice her to seek professional help, but when I found out that she hardly goes out because work is quite loaded, and she do her grocery via the help of her sister who deliver it to her, I realized that she might be lacking from some Yang energy. I told her to go out and go to the park and / or to the mall, so she can get some yang energy.

The mall or park, which is frequented by people, will naturally be a good source of yang energy.

She called me the other night and informed me that she didn’t go to counseling, instead she makes it a point to go to the mall or park at least twice a week and she is feeling way better! In fact, she is feeling very positive

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