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Cleaning is a Form of Feng Shui Cure!

Published Agosto 13, 2015 by jptan2012

Today, allow me to once again share with you another natural Feng Shui remedy.

PL is a retail store businessman. His daughter contacted me asking me for a Vajrapani Ruel because according to her, PL’s business, store sales, is declining. When I got to talk to her daughter, we found out the PL’s store is practically walking distance from where I live, so I decided to simply visit him in his store.Cleaning

When I got to PL’s store, the problem was staring right in front of me. He has a lot of stocks but I don’t think he gets to clean his store as often as possible; there are a lof of clutter. Told PL and his daughter to delay getting the Vajrapani Ruel because I believe all they need to do is to clean the store and dispose of all the unnecessary clutter!

It has been a month since and I was told by PL that sales have been steadily increasing since they clean his store!

While I believe the amulets work, sometimes all you need is some natural remedy like cleaning your place to help ensure the good luck continues to come in.

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