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Myth Buster 30: Cutting the Noodles that You’re Eating Brings Bad Luck!

Published Agosto 7, 2015 by jptan2012

eating noodlesThere is a very popular, albeit somewhat contemporary, belief that when one cuts the noodle that you eat it will bring bad luck either to the one eating it or to the birthday celebrant if it was served during a birthday celebration or to the mother of the house.

This belief somewhat started in the last 30 years or so, or rather this became more popular in the last 30 or 40 years. Why?

The old Chinese believes that slurping one’s noodles when they’re eating it is┬ásure sign that the eater is enjoying their food. They don’t find it rude that you are noisy; in fact, they welcome it and take it, as a compliment that the food served is really good.

However, slowly the younger generation believes that is gross to eat noisily and that this is quite impolite for international standards. So in order not to slurp their noodles, they started cutting them. This more or less started at the time 30 or 40 years ago. So it is with the generation who are likely to be between in their late 30’s or early 60’s. At that time their elders find it extremely disrespectful for them to cut their noodles. It will seem that they would want to eat a ‘bite size’ of it so that they can swallow it faster, an act that construe that the food is not delicious.

As always, the best way to make a person to listen is to scare them, thus it became a popular belief that cutting noodles into smaller pieces will bring bad luck. But sometimes, some of them don’t believe this also, so they said it will bring bad luck to the birthday celebrant (because it is usually served in birthdays) or it will bring bad luck to the host or to their mother. This has more effect because even if they don’t believe that it will bring them bad luck, most people would not want to be seen as causing the bad luck to happen to other people.

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