Kuan Yin Miracles: Proof that Miracles Do Happen With or Without Amulets (4)

Published Agosto 5, 2015 by jptan2012

Kuan Yin with SutraToday, allow me to share with you a short post about another Kuan Yin miracle shared with me by my reader HG who is from La Union.

HG is a Filipino – Chinese, who confessed that he used to hot headed. However, I find him very compassionate, and this compassionate heart manifested when a family member of one of his employees had an accident.

The said relative of his employee was hit by a piece of wood, and from how I understand it there was blood clotting in the head and at the same blood came out from his nose, mouth and ears. Signs that the injury is quite severe.

Taking pity of this person, HG decided to fervently pray to Kuan Yin to help the said person. From what I gather the recovery was faster than expected. HG later found out that while the guy was still weak, he saw a lady dress in white (a common manifestation of Kuan Yin), the said lay approached him and hold his hand. At the time that the said lady holds his hand he felt some calmness.

Now, is this a Kuan Yin miracle? In my book, it is definitely a Kuan Yin miracle.

As I said before this is part of my commitment to show my readers that miracles do happen with or without amulets like the Vajrapani Ruel.

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