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Depriving Someone of An Amulet or A Good Luck!

Published Agosto 3, 2015 by jptan2012

Recently, I might have unintentionally deprived someone of being able to use an amulet, specifically the Vajrapani Ruel, and this person believes that they were not able to get their US visa because of this.

I don’t know whether I was able to communicate with this person the sincerity of my regret of not being able to lend him the Vajrapani Ruel. But more than that I believe depriving someone of an amulet and to some extent the good luck that they may get out of using an amulet has some negative effects.

This incident has lead me to write this particular post.

What are the effects of depriving someone from having an amulet?

The truth is it depends on the reason, and yes there are various reasons.

  1. WITH SINCERE INTENTION BUT NO FOLLOW THROUGH. This is what happened between this particular person and me. I have all intention of lending him the Vajrapani Ruel but was not able to because of problems with schedule. It pains me to write this post because I’m guilty of this, but in the spirit of truth, I’m writing this now. Well, for this kind of cause the effect according to my Guru Lama is that some of the person’s personal amulets will be less effective. Or one might suffer the same fate with the person deprived of the said amulet.
  2. WITH SELFISH INTENTION BUT NO FOLLOW THROUGH. This is when one wants or is thinking of getting a valued amulet, but since there is one left, this person intentionally reserves it whether he/she has the money or not or while he/she is thinking of getting it or not. Convincing the person who has the amulet to simply give it to him/her, then later on decided not to get it but he/she has since deprived other persons who are also interested from acquiring it. According to my Guru Lama, this kind of person will have a bad luck that is inversely proportionate to what would have been the positive effects of the amulet.
  3. SLANDERING AN AMULET BECAUSE OF A PERSONAL BELIEF OR EXPERIENCED. Among all the reasons this is the worst. There are people from other religions who don’t believes in the power of amulets and as a result slanders an amulet, or they simply don’t believe an amulet and slanders it, or because they feel that they didn’t get the effect that they want from the amulet and slanders it, or they don’t believe the source of the amulet and without really finding out about the truth about the amulet slanders it, and all these slandering lead to a person or people who don’t believes in the amulet, according to my Guru Lama, base on the Suranggama Sutra which is a sutra shared by the Buddha, these kinds of slandering will cause severe bad luck to the said person.

I just needed to write this to remind myself to be more careful and also to offer my sincerest apologies to this person and to those who might not have gotten their amulets like the Vajrapani Ruel right away because of my busy schedule.

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