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What To Do With The Water Offered To The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas!

Published Hulyo 26, 2015 by jptan2012

Buddha Water OfferingI get this question a lot, so I have decided to write a short post about it. Whenever you offered water to the Buddha or a Bodhisattva or Taoist Gods, it is best to take the water at the end of the day. For Buddhism, this can be done anytime after 2PM. But do not throw the water down the drain. It will be nice if you can offer it to the unseen sentient beings.

You can do this by collecting the water on a small container. Go out of your house and pour it on a plant, if you don’t have a plant, you can pour it directly on the ground. While pouring it you can quietly say that you are offering the water for the sentient beings of the lower realms.

In this way, you appease to unseen being of your house or property and don’t waster any water. This will also help bring a lot of blessings.

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