A Hairline Crack that Caused A Lot of Problems!

Published Hulyo 12, 2015 by jptan2012

I recently received a call from a cousin of a friend who is also Chinese. GS is a 33 years – old single lady. She wanted to get the Vajrapani Ruel because she wants to find her ‘true love’. According to her several years back, somebody advised her to wear a double mandarin ducks pendant made of rose quartz to enhance her romance luck, and she said it seemed to worked for her because there are a lot of guys who seems to chase after her. But the problem is she would end up breaking up with them because they would fight a lot.

The Mandarin Ducks pendant GS was wearing is similar to this, only it's made of rose quartz.

The Mandarin Ducks pendant GS was wearing is similar to this, only it’s made of rose quartz.

When I met with her, I asked to see the Mandarin Ducks pendant, and the first thing I saw is a hairline crack. That simple problem is causing her relationship problems. Told her to hold off getting the Vajrapani Ruel(2) because I think since the Mandarin Ducks are working her, she should just replace it with a new one; the hairline crack is causing all the arguments!

Well, I still don’t know whether it will work. But I think it will.

Remember, if you have a pendant that has a crack, it’s better to set it aside.

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