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Myth Buster 29: “Let’s Cross the Bridge When We Get There!” Is Just An Idiom.

Published Hulyo 11, 2015 by jptan2012

We all have heard have the phrase or idiom ‘Let’s cross the bridge when we get there.’ Or ‘We’ll cross the bridge when we get there.’ Of course, almost all the people who use that phrase use it as an idiom to signify that for a pending problem that one does not have a solution at present, it will be just dealt with when the problem arises.

But for Feng Shui experts, ‘Let’s Cross the Bridge When We Get There’ is not just an idiom. It has real Feng Shui significance.cross a bridge small

In ancient China, the idiom is not used as an idiom but rather as a Feng Shui cure. If they envision a problem that has no solution, they will say that ‘Let’s Just Cross THE / A BRIDGE WHEN WE GET THERE.’ to signify that they will solve their problem with one of the oldest Feng Shui ritual to rid oneself from problems. They literally cross the bridge to get rid of a problem.

How is this done?

When encountering a problem, I suggest you do the ‘Cross the Bridge’ ritual to get rid of your problems. This is done by looking for a bridge that may be visually proportionate to your problems, meaning the bigger the problem, the bigger the bridge that you should use.

cross-the-bridgeDo the ritual in the morning between 6AM and 10AM. Go to one end of the bridge, and go to the side of the bridge and pour some clean water, a half-cup of water will do, and then place 7 pieces of uncooked rice grains. These serves as an offering to the spirits that resides in the bridge. Please also light an incense if possible. Then stand straight, and focus on your problems, do this for about 30 seconds and start walking. As you walk, imagine that your problems are slowly dissipating, until it’s gone when you get towards the center of the bridge. Then, consciously get yourself to feel lighthearted and happy, as you continuously walk towards to the other end of the bridge. All throughout the process don’t ever look back even if somebody calls you. It’s best to arrange for somebody to pick you up at the end of the bridge, because it is better to take another route in going back to your place. Avoid the said bridge for 3 days.

I personally haven’t tried this ritual, but my Feng Shui master in Hong Kong swears by the efficacy of this ritual.

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