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A Simple, Honest, and Humble Response to Those Who Don’t Believe in the Vajrapani Ruel

Published Hulyo 9, 2015 by jptan2012

I have decided to heed the advice of readers and friends to write this piece. It took so much contemplation before I decided to write this. But here it is.

I am simply but a messenger, and I try to be truthful in this blog. I have never written and will never write about anything that I don’t have first hand knowledge and anything that I don’t personally believe in.Buddha saying 2

In the time since I have started this blog I honestly made some mistakes that might have affected on how this blog or me is perceived. I’m terribly sorry for those incidents and have regretted how some of my hasty indiscriminate actions have made some people angry.Buddha saying

However, I believe that everything happens for a reason, and in the process I have come to see how compassion and kindness are realities that still exists in this world and have experienced it first hand. It gave me the opportunity to experience something that I write and revalidated it. But of course, there would still people who won’t believe and will continue to be hostile about the things written here either because it goes against their religious belief, they don’t believe the messenger, and/or they don’t believe the message.

There is a saying “Don’t shoot the messenger!” Well, in this case I would like to say if you don’t believe me or you feel slighted, etc. Then by all means shoot the messenger and be angry with me, however, please do not attack the message. Reverse the saying “Don’t shoot the messenger!” I would like to say “Don’t shoot the message!” Please do yourself a favor, contemplate on it and if you can’t accept it then that’s your choice but please do not slander the message, especially if its about the Buddhas or Bodhisattvas or their implements or amulets. Why? Because slandering anything about them will cause the person so much bad luck. If you cause people not to believe in the truth, then it will also bring you some bad luck. You need not believe me on this, but rather you can research about it.slander2

I stress you need not believe the things that I have written here, but please do not slander anything that has been written about a Buddha or Bodhisattva or about their amulets. I’m not perfect but I highly believe in the Three Jewels of Buddhism, and I will not wish upon anybody the fault of slandering them.

In this world, although I don’t want it to be the case, we sometimes are unable to practice everything we know to be right. Sometimes, without malice we do wrong things. But that shouldn’t prevent us from still delivering the write message and continue to try to deliver wholly by continuously exerting the effort to do the right thing. Failure should not stop us to keep on trying.

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