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Be Sensitive to A Child’s Mood!

Published Hulyo 4, 2015 by jptan2012

happy-sadIt is important for all of us to be sensitive with how children below seven years of age act, because they are usually very sensitive to energies around them without them knowing it.

Several years back, my friend’s 4 – year – old son who is usually happy became totally agitated without clear cause. The boy is usually jolly, but one day, he became very clingy towards his grandfather and became very agitated. That same day, his grandfather, my friend’s father died in an accident.

Even before something happens, the energies are actually already on the works, and sensitive people are able to feel it. That is why psychics or sensitive people can predict something bad is about to happen. But children below 7 – years – old are usually sensitive to these energies without them understanding, so it is quite good if we observe their actions and moods. This will surely help us give a glimpse of what may happen in the day. We might not be able to say the exact problem but we can definitely chant some mantras or light some incense to help prevent bad things from happening.

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