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Did the Vajrapani Ruel Triggered a Past Life Recall?

Published Hunyo 10, 2015 by jptan2012

Reincarnation-WSOne of the very first few people who got the Vajrapani Ruel is the son of my former tutor. Although PB was brought up as a Christian, he slowly turned Buddhist and believer of Feng Shui when he encountered a big problem in his life. But somehow Buddhism and Feng Shui have helped him to overcome his problem. However, he is not yet really ready to become fully Buddhist and turned his back from his religion. Note that in Buddhism, it is totally acceptable for a person to have two religions. In fact, one of the most basic teachings of Buddhism is that as a Buddhist one should not assume that your religion knows everything. Buddha himself espouses respect of all other religions.

Anyway, PB requested to have the Vajrapani Ruel(2) because he simply wanted to have one. However, since I ran out of an amulet holder, PB decided to temporarily keep his Vajrapani Ruel(3) in his safety deposit box. Until he forgot about it.

PB doesn’t get along with his mom, my tutor, although I believe that they are both really nice people. Because they have never requested for it, I have never attempted to look at their charts and find out as to why they don’t get along well.

Recently, PB and his mom are having some terrible arguments, more terrible than usual. To the point that they have not been talking to each other, but PB sincerely wants to get along with his mom especially since her mom is no longer young. Because of this he was reminded of the Vajrapani Ruel(4), he took it out of his safety deposit box and decided to chant OM VAJRAPANI HUM while holding the ruel. His purpose is to have the ruel magically worked on his relationship with his mom. However, Vajrapani through the Vajrapani Ruel(5) has another thing in store for PB.

After chanting the mantra 108x, PB had a vision. He saw himself in his past life and his mom in her past life. At that time mother and son are both male friends in what appeared to somewhere in Middle East. PB believes it could be Persia. I won’t be able to go into details because PB himself is unable to share the whole vision with me because he finds some of it quite personal. But to make the long story short, his mom who was his friend then betrayed PB, which led to his death. So in this life, they come back to be together and have the mom take care of PB as a retribution for his past act. This also explains why PB despite of the fact that his mom is really nice to him, he seem to carry a certain grudge towards her. When PB saw this vision he started to understand the nature. PB said it has made him more patient with his mom. Whether this is enough for them to mend their relationship remains to be seen.

It should be noted though that according to my Guru Lama, he has never heard of any story about past life recall in connection with the Vajrapani Ruel(6). But he sincerely believes that it is not impossible.

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