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Help All the Sentient Beings Suffering from the Devastating Earthquake in Nepal!

Published Abril 30, 2015 by jptan2012

Nepal EarthquakeI’m TEMPORARILY breaking my vow to take a break for blogging for an important post. As of this writing the official number of people who died because of the earthquake has reached 5,500! And the minister of Nepal has announced that the death toll could reach 10,000! I certainly hope that he is wrong. But please let us not forget that some parts of India and Tibet were also severely affected, and because the Chinese government doesn’t are much for the people of Tibet, help will definitely be scarce and foreign aid will not be allowed to enter or if they do their movements will be severely restricted.

They need our help now. You can send financial supports through the different agencies, but I think UN or Red Cross are the more active ones.

Anybody who requests for the Four Dharmakaya Relic Mantras amulets from today to the end of the year, will instead be donating the money to Nepal or Tibet instead of the food for the monks. Also, the full amount for the remaining Vajrapani Ruel will likewise all go to helping the people of Tibet.

But equally important are our prayers. Technically any mantras dedicated to all SENTIENT BEINGS in Nepal will help, but my Guru Lama has requested the following mantras to be chanted for them:





Please say as many as you can or at least 108 of each. Please note to dedicate the merits of the chanting of the mantras to all SENTIENT BEINGS! This means it includes the dogs, cats, and other living beings that are affected by the killer quake.


Please note that my Guru Lama is also coming up with a special item to raise funds for the Sentient Beings of Nepal and Tibet.

The succeeding posts, otherwise specified, are from the articles that I have written before.

For questions, comments, suggestions, please email

Basic Buddhism 3: Basic Buddhist Ideals

Published Abril 27, 2015 by jptan2012

Buddhist believes that everyone can be awakened, that all of us can become a Buddha. This is definitely stressed by Shakyamuni (also spelled as Sakyamuni)Buddha himself. To be awakened means to see reality as it is and not as we think it is. To see reality is to gain true wisdom and this wisdom will free us.

We are not trapped by external conditions, but by our misperceptions and prejudices. Whatever we do, our actions create reactions that come back to affect us. Because of this, we are responsible for our actions. Also because of this, we are responsible for our own salvation. Each one of us is capable of achieving perfection, it may not be easy, but we are definitely capable of it. The Dharma which was mentioned in Basic Buddhism 2 teaches us how.

It is said that there are many ways to achieve Buddhahood, and they fall into three general categories:
1. Performing Good Deeds
2. Meditation
3. Studying the Dharma

Robin Sharma’s ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ Is Almost A Book About Zen Buddhism!

Published Abril 25, 2015 by jptan2012

One of the very first objective of this blog before it had a life of its own was for me to write reviews about books that I’ve read. However, as you all know, the blog became a blog about Feng Shui, Taoism, and Buddhism.

However, today I would like to write a very short review thus going back to the basic origin of this blog but at the same time staying true to this blog’s ‘life’.

Robin Sharma’s book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” was first published 15 years ago, but I really haven’t read it until recently. Sharma’s approach is really to write it as a novel, but one may call it a self – help book, only it is not the no – nonsense, impossible to follow, and incredible kind of self – help book. It is a self – help book that is very practical and Zen. In fact, a lot of the things that it stated in the book are basic Zen meditation techniques.

What is even more interesting, Sharma has addressed all the possible questions and excuses people make, and yet the book remains to be a light read. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read for a long time.

What To Do When You Absolutely Had to Leave A House Empty for A Long Period of Time?

Published Abril 23, 2015 by jptan2012

I believe I have written a similar post before, but today, I would like to add a few more tips on what you should do if you have to leave your house for a long time, specially those who have to migrate to another country for a period of time for work or for those who have vacation houses, the following are effective tips so that your house won’t attract yin energies or spirits.

1. Use Mantra Boxes

Mantra boxes are small radio like equipments that has mantras recorded on them. These are affordable and are very energy efficient. One mantra box like this such as the one in the picture only uses 2 AA batteries and it will last you for about a week. Just keep them playing, if you can’t go back every week, do have a friend or a relative replace the batteries once a week. The mantras played by the mantra box will help ensure the protection of your house.

When leaving for a long period of time get a small mantra box like the one in the picture. Don't get anythings that's really fancy such as those with lights, they consume battery energy faster. These are more energy efficient and 2 AA Batteries will last for a longer period of time.

When leaving for a long period of time get a small mantra box like the one in the picture. Don’t get anythings that’s really fancy such as those with lights, they consume battery energy faster. These are more energy efficient and 2 AA Batteries will last for a longer period of time. Mantra Boxes are available in Chinese Shops, Feng Shui Shops or even online.

2. Solar Powered Prayer Wheels

Get yourself a solar – powered prayer wheel and put them beside a window and allow where sunlight can come in. This will also help ensure that your house is protected from yin energies.

3. Leave a bowl of rock or sea salt in each of the room.

4. Make sure some curtains are open to help ensure sunlight continues to come in.

Basic Buddhism 2: The Three Jewels – Buddha, Dharma, Sangha

Published Abril 21, 2015 by jptan2012

three jewelsThe word buddha means ‘The Awakened One’, this refers to being awakened to the ultimate reality, to the true nature of the mind; being one who understands the world and all sentient beings without delusion, one who is perfect in wisdom and compassion. The Buddha is also sometimes called as the ‘Thus Come One’ or Tathagata, or the ‘World – Honored One’ or Bhagavat.

The Buddha is a historical being, and enjoys more evidence and historical facts than Jesus Christ that he actually existed. He is a Indian prince whose given name is Siddhartha. I will try to write more about Buddha extensively in future posts, but allow me to share briefly some of the highlights of his life now.

After years of diligent practice, Siddhartha, sitting under a Bodhi tree reach supreme enlightenment. Please note that the Bodhi tree was not called Bodhi tree then, it came after. When Siddhartha reached enlightenment, it is said that his very first words are, “Wonder of wonders! All sentient beings are inherently complete and perfect! But they do not realize it because of their delusions and cravings.”

When he reached enlightenment, he became known as Sakyamuni or Gautama Buddha. Gautama is from his name Siddharta Gautama, he then also embarked on an endless but untiring journey to teach living beings how to see the reality, how to gain true wisdom, and how to free themselves and attain true peace and joy.

Sakyamuni Buddha’s teachings are called Dharma.

Sakyamuni Buddha also gained several followers who renounced their home life to devote their lives to the practice of  Dharma, and to teach other sentient beings. They formed the ordained community of Buddhist monks and nuns and is called as the Sangha.

Sangha means ‘harmony’ or ‘harmonious assembly’. They are responsible for preserving and propagating the Dharma.

Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha are collectively called as the Three Jewels, because they are considered as the true treasures of the World.

Still Thoughts: A Time to Meditate and Reflect (A Temporary Goodbye)

Published Abril 20, 2015 by jptan2012

A lot of people have been sending me emails and text messages asking as to why I haven’t posted anything for quite awhile, and a lot of them wants me to write something.

Well…while this is not the very last post that you’ll ever get to read for a long time, this is the last post that I’m going to write. This is also the hardest one I’m ever going to write. As the title of this post mention, I think it is high time that I really go back to my meditations and reflect on things, and to still my thoughts. To do that I really need to temporarily say goodbye. As I said, this is the last post that I’m going to write before I go on a reflection mode, but because I have already written about 15 articles in the past, they will be posted via time scheduled posting method. Meaning they will be automatically posted.

This blog has been good to me. Because of this I gained more friends, but lately it also gained me some detractors and enemies.

But the question is why I’m taking a leave from blogging and still my thoughts?

A lot of people have been asking as to why the title of this blog is ‘Sana Ako Si Ricky Lee’. That is because when I started blogging I never intend for this to become a Feng Shui blog. I just want to be able to write. To have an outlet of the things I want to share. Then I posted an article about Feng Shui, then the rest was history, My blog became a Feng Shui blog, and one of the most widely read blog at that. And while I intend it to be just a hobby and a past time, the emails I received became unmanageable that it felt like that it has become my main profession.

This blog has also made me happy because of this, as mentioned, I did gained a lot of friends and with all sincerity I do believe that I was able to help a lot of people along the way.

Although overwhelming I still didn’t have any idea of how popular the blog was until I got several request from other bloggers, Feng Shui consultants, amulet online stores to advertise on my blog or tie up with them. I declined all of them because it was never my intention to make the blog become a commercial one. It is still a personal blog. Not for business.

Simultaneously, people began to request for the pendants that I designed. To be completely honest, I was initially reluctant to make this pendant available to readers because I know it will be quite difficult to manage it, not to mention very time consuming because I have to count the basket of elements of each reader who send requests for the pendant. But because it was self – designed, and seeing how it has helped people, I did made it available to readers.

Maybe this was one of my biggest mistakes, because the already unmanageable emails became even more unmanageable. Took more requests that I can handle and lost track of some of the records (although my jeweler and I was able to keep the birthdates, I lost the master list where the names and contact details are recorded). To make the long story, there were delays. This together with the hectic schedule of my business, in hindsight, it is totally foreseeable that it will be chaotic. But I believe that the single most problems is that I was not able to fully understand and internalize my responsibilities to my readers and for the people who requested fro the pendant. In my heart, while I know I have a responsibility, I also sincerely felt that the responsibility is limited only to being an ordinary hobby – blogger. No professionalism involved. I also became irritable against people who will continuously send me emails, and unconsciously got the habit of ignoring repeated emails to the point that Gmail will just block their emails or automatically send them to spam.

Several readers became very in contented with what’s happening to the point that they have to drastically get my attention to it. The first time I encountered it, I didn’t know that what they did was a good thing, but now I truly believe that it was a good thing. I consulted my Guru Lama, and he told me to he go on a blog rest for me to have time to still my thoughts again. Although I still do my mantras daily, one thing that this blog has taken away from me is to go on a regular daily meditation to help still my thought and do a short reflection everyday. This is quite important, because doing meditation everyday will help a person keep focus and not lose track of its purpose and goal, something that I have lost.

I did maintain contact with several readers all throughout my blogging, even when I was busy, but this is mostly readers that I have karmic affinity with, those who I don’t have affinity were left to wait and wait and wait for my response and for me to deliver on my promise when I happen to chance upon their email or text messages. This is wrong. Very wrong. Several of them really needs my help or a simple response, but because I was busy I failed to do that.

As instructed by my Guru Lama, I should attend to these readers, and with all humility and sincerity I did, sometimes personal business schedule still prevents me from being punctual but I still sincerely exerted all efforts, leaving out only the unreasonable bullies and unreasonable requests or fake requests. As per my Guru Lama that I should write about the ‘goodbye’ article first which is this article before I post all the articles I have written so that in that way I can already forewarned readers early on that I’m taking a blog break even before they’re unable to read any post.

But one other very important instruction of my Guru Lama is for me take a contemplation retreat, which I already did, and stop blogging for me to go back to meditation and daily reflection. He said, I can still continue blogging because there is no denying the good that this blog has done, again I say that with all humility, because even the readers who felt that I have not attended to my commitments to them said that I should continue with this blog. So continue I will but I will go on a blog break first. For how long? I don’t know. I will consult with my Guru Lama as to when I should go back. But as instructed by my Guru Lama also, while I should stop writing for a while, I should still continue to post the approximately 15 articles I have written, and those will be posted, as mentioned, via automatic scheduled posting. Every 2 days or so.

I WILL ALSO CONTINUE TO CHECK MY EMAIL EVERY WEEK TO ANSWER EMAILS. BUT PLEASE IF IT’S NOT VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE REFRAIN FROM EMAILING ME, THIS IS TO GIVE ME THE TIME TO ANSWER ALL THE EMAILS THAT ARE URGENT OR THOSE THAT REALLY NEEDS MY ATTENTION. Please before emailing me do try to search my blog first, by using the search engine found on the upper right hand side of my blog to check whether your question can be answered by one of my blog posts.

In the meantime, while I’m taking a break from blogging to help refocus and still my thoughts, do enjoy in the next days the articles that I have written which will be posted via automatic scheduled posting. Several of these articles are about Basic Buddhism.

Until then, thank you for taking this journey with me, thank you to the people who have send me encouraging emails and for those who trusted me with their problems, thank you to the readers that have become my friends along the way you all know who you are, and most of all thank you to the people who have thought me a valuable lesson on kindness, and compassion, your first names shall be mentioned here – Christian, Daff, Sheina, Emily, Thea, Cathy, San, Sam, Sarah, Ernest, you are all a teacher to me.

The first of the bank articles is scheduled to be posted tomorrow.

Goodbye for now. This is a temporary halt and looking forward to connecting with all of you again.

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