The Ing Deng Pay Also Addresses the Problem of An Afflicted or Missing Sector!

Published Marso 5, 2015 by jptan2012

In the preceding post, I wrote about the afflicted Bazi and how it can be addressed by a puja and/or by the Ing Deng Pay which is also known as the Ing Tiak Pay.

In my several years of practice of Feng Shui, one of the biggest problems I’ve ever seen that may be quite difficult to solve is the problem of a severely afflicted or missing sector. For example, the East sector of your house is missing or severely afflicted and renovations are quite impossible to implement, then the best solution for this if ordinary Feng Shui cures are impossible to help is an Ing Deng Pay.

Sample of a Missing Sector of a House

Sample of a Missing Sector of a House

Having the Ing Deng Pay in strategic locations of the home is quite powerful to help ease the negative chi cause by the missing or severe affliction of the sector. In fact, our own house has this problem. The Southwest section of our house is totally missing on the ground floor, and the second floor is severely afflicted, this could have cause a great problem for some members of my family, however, early on we were very lucky to acquire an Ing Deng Pay, and the result is simply amazing, it is as if we have the sector after all.

Sometimes, even if your Bazi or Paht Chee is fine but a sector of your house or office that affects you is missing or afflicted this might cause some problems for you. I have seen this a lot of times. Sometimes success is elusive because of this.

Not only that, it is also good for houses or offices whose Feng Shui you don’t have any control or if you’re not sure whether the Feng Shui is good or not. Simply putting the Ing Deng Pay will help ensure that you are protected.

But more than that, special incantations on the Ing Deng Pay help bring wealth luck to one’s home also.

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