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Is The Monk Dead or In Deep Meditative State?

Published Pebrero 5, 2015 by jptan2012

mummified monkWhile a lot of people were surprised with the MUMMIFIED MONK that was found in Mongolia, to a lot of Buddhists this bit of news may not be as surprising. For those who are familiar with Buddhism, Tukdam, or one of the highest form of meditation, is not entirely surprising. In fact, this particular mummified monk, is not the first monk to attained tukdam. With Tukdam, it is entirely possible that the monk remain in a high level of meditation for several years without food or water, most of Tukdam leads to their consciousness or death, which is for the lack of term death, but not all Tukdams leads to this death of consciousness (again for the lack of term).

It is said that only very highly enlightened lamas or monks who have access to sacred tantric energies can achieve this. The monks who makes the Vajrapani Ruel, that has gathered a lot of views since I wrote about the, are amongst them.

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Watching the ISIS Violent Videos Creates Negative Chi, But Don’t Be Indifferent!

Published Pebrero 5, 2015 by jptan2012

There has been a lot of ISIS videos that was released on the net and all of them are violent! I guess that’s their intent to shock the world and fear them. I accidentally saw one of their videos and the first thing that occurred to me is that these are works of the devil! But more than that, I also realized that  watching the videos sends off a lot of negative energies. So it is best to avoid watching these videos.

However, refusing to watch these videos doesn’t mean that we should be indifferent. In fact, being indifferent contributes to the violence that they physically act upon. We can read the articles and most of all, we should all say a little prayer for those who became their victims whether directly or indirectly (e.g. family members of those who were beheaded or burned, people who have to see the violent act, innocent children brainwashed to kill adults, etc.), but more than that we should say a prayer for those who masterminded and who did those evil acts, yes, we should include them in our prayers.

I also would like to share a short article I found on the net that also confirms that we shouldn’t be watching these violent videos. Please click here.


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