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Know the History of Your Second Hand Car

Published Enero 23, 2015 by jptan2012

A friend’s friend bought a second hand car about a year ago, and since it was his first car he was really happy about it. The price was quite reasonable and the condition of the car is still very good.

The ecstatic feeling lasted about a week, because just a week after he had his first car an accident happened. He was on his way from the office when he suddenly lost control of his car and bumped into an electrical post. The car was slightly damaged but he was otherwise fine. However, it turns out to be the first of a series of

All in all, he had of total of 5 accidents in a span of a year! Two of which are really bad. One was when a bus driver fell asleep as bumped into him. He has to be hospitalized for a day for a concussion, and the most recent one is when a he ran into another multi – vehicle accident involving a taxi and a motorbike. Again he was rushed to the hospital and had to have some stitches.

My friend suggested to him to ask me as to what can be causing his bad luck. The first thing I asked him is whether he is familiar with the history of his car and recommended that he put a Kalachakra and a Kuan Yin or Kuan Kong inside his car. He heeded my recommendation but still proceeded to check the history of his car.

What he found out was a little unnerving. As it turn out, on major reason the car was sold to him is because the previous owner had several accidents, one of which, was freak accident because the damaged to the car was minimal but lead to the death of a friend of the previous owner. For some reason the said friend was hit badly that he died inside the car. He didn’t suffer any wound but his spine was damaged.

The next time you’re buying a second hand car look beyond the price and the condition of the car. Find out its history.

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