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Worst Ebola Crisis: The Lesson and How to Help

Published Oktubre 21, 2014 by jptan2012

ebolaBy this time you must have heard of the Ebola crisis that’s taking the attention of all the news agency of the world. To some extent, it has even overshadowed the genocide crisis perpetuated by ISIS. One must be literally living under a rock to not have heard of the Ebola crisis.

This is not the first Ebola outbreak; in fact, Ebola was first discovered in the seventies. Since then there have been different Ebola strains that have been discovered, but according to the news, the strain that is spreading now is the most fatal of all Ebola strains. Usually, Ebola never goes out of Africa, because for some reason it dies a natural ‘death’, and it becomes manageable although not less infectious. This particular outbreak has been going on for several months but it reached its worldwide crisis point, in what I called its ‘boiling point’ a point when it becomes uncontrollable during the Hungry Ghost month. This is not very surprising because as mentioned in the post – WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT 2014 HUNGRY GHOST MONTH AND MERCURY RETROGRADE. We have a 5 – month bad period which will deplete the current year’s energy. The said energy should refresh itself again when we near the 2015 Chinese New Year.
However, in this particular outbreak, although there was a cry for help, the world was too busy with something else and nobody listened to the cries of the people of Africa. I think by acknowledging that they have made some technical mistakes, WHO also admitted that they didn’t put enough attention to this latest outbreak, I can’t blame them because historically speaking people and science always wins over Ebola.

Now the question is this going to be a worldwide pandemic? If there’s going to be more infections outside Africa, such as what is happening now in US and the one in Spain, I’m afraid it is going to be an uncontrollable thing. For example, here in the Philippines, are we ready for such crisis. We have some of the best infectious diseases experts in the country, but are we technologically ready? Do we have the proper gear for our health workers?

I was just on the phone with my Guru Lama, and according to him one of the greatest lesson so far of what this Ebola crisis has taught us is that we should never stop caring, in fact, his very exact words, if loosely translated is WE SHOULD NOT STOP CARING INFINITELY FOR ALL BEINGS. Ebola happened in Africa, in some of the remote villages of Africa. Nobody heard them crying for help because they’re far and nobody thought this has the potential to become a worldwide crisis.

Ebola is everybody’s concern, because if it gets any worst than this it will become the next pandemic and I don’t think any country is ready for this. It is going to be so much worst than SARS and the AH1N1. Ebola is extremely fatal.

I’m taking time out from my busy schedule to squeeze in this post because my Guru Lama requested it. According to him, please continue doing the recommendations mentioned in the post called – PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE ILL EFFECTS OF THE 2014 HUNGRY GHOST MONTH AND MERCURY RETROGRADE. If not, at least do recite 10 malas of the Mantra of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Kuan Yin and 100 malas or more or as many as you can (as my friend DU would say, something is always better than nothing) a day of the Medicine Buddha Mantra. While doing try to express genuine compassion to all those who have died and have afflicted or is currently afflicted with Ebola. We may not know them but try to feel the hardships that they’re went through or going through and send them love.

Furthermore, if you can do make offerings of a lighted candle to the image of a Medicine Buddha. On top of that, spinning a prayer wheel, whether a handheld, table top, or pendant type of prayer wheel in dedication to stop the Ebola crisis will also help.

Let us remember, that Ebola might not be here yet, but if this doesn’t stop we will soon have to face it. This might not seem much, but right now this is the best we can do so let’s do it.

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