A Teacher Needs a Ruyi!

Published Hunyo 29, 2014 by jptan2012

A former officemate called me a few months ago; he said he wants to ask help for his girlfriend who became a teacher. After a year of teaching high school students she got really burned out and wanted to quit teaching and do something else.

I decided to talk with his girlfriend, MD, myself. MD said that she always wanted to become a teacher however her first year of teaching was kind a traumatic for her. She was unable to control her students and she was called to the office several times because other teachers complained that her class was really noisy. “The students just won’t listen to me!” complains MD.

MD wants to quit her job but being one of the new teachers in the school, they want her to handle summer class. She just doesn’t know what to do because she loves teaching but at the same time it was traumatic first year for her.

ruyi-jade-pendantI told MD if she really loves teaching she should just stay teaching. Told her she can wear a Ruyi, because a Ruyi (also spelled as Ru YI), which is also known as the ‘Scepter of Authority’. MD said herself that her biggest problem because of her ‘young looks’ is having authority over her students, and thus a Ruyi is very good for her. The truth is a Ruyi is good for all teachers whether new or old.

MD got a Ruyi pendant and admitted that she’s going to try it out for the summer class. She called me up the other day and said that she has signed up for this school year because she thinks the Ruyi worked for her. Summer class is known to be harder class to handle because these are students who flank the said subjects and more than that most of the time these are the students who are a little more difficult to discipline, but according to MD she didn’t have any problem with her students! She now loves what she love doing!


One comment on “A Teacher Needs a Ruyi!

  • Hi,

    The Ruyi pendant looks really nice, do you know where I can find something like this in Singapore? or do you sell them?


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