Giving Out Lucky Beads!

Published Hunyo 27, 2014 by jptan2012

I’m on my way to a meeting and I’m stuck in traffic, which gives me a reason to call up DU and then to write this post.

DU and I were talking about beads, and we got to talk about how to make somebody’s day a little better. The answer is quite simple; give them a ‘lucky bead’.

What is a ‘lucky bead’?

citrinebeadIf you believe in the power of crystals and semi – precious stones, you’ll know that they carry with them some energy that has the ability to influence our luck by giving us some yang energy and concentrated chi. But whatever the crystal or semi – precious stone is it has with it some capability to give us some ‘lucky energy’. What I do is I always bring with me some loose beads that have been blessed already, and whenever somebody is having a rough day, I give them a piece of the lucky bead. It might not totally change the course of his day but it will definitely do something positive for the person, at the very least, the mere fact of receiving something from a person who shows concern will make his/her day better.

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