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Hope and Expect a Miracle But Don’t Dictate It!

Published Hunyo 12, 2014 by jptan2012

miracleAlthough I have always believed in Feng Shui, it was this blog that proved to me that “miracles” are more common that most people expect them to be. The personal testimonies of the readers of this blog, both those I’ve shared here and those that remain to be unwritten, has proved to me that miracles do happen, they happen frequently, and most importantly they happen even to those who don’t believe in Feng Shui or Buddhism or Taoism, they happen even to those who don’t believe that they will happen.

I always receive emails, calls, sms, about how my recommendations here or the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT(1), has helped people received miracles, especially the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT(2), who have become quite famous and has since become an instrument for people to receive miracles and various luck.
However, I will be the first to admit that the Feng Shui recommendations mentioned on this blog, and even the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT(3), doesn’t enjoy a 100% effectivity. Meaning there are a few people who got the pendant that has not experienced any miracle, and surprisingly, it seems to be that these are the people who should be receiving the miracles because they are quite open to it and need no further convincing and are quite open about it.

I thought about this matter because while I don’t have any doubt about the efficacy of the recommendations here and of the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT(4), I don’t understand why some people do receive the miracles and some don’t. After thinking about it for several weeks, I realized that a lot of those who received the miracles immediately are people who do believe in the efficacy of the pendant are people who don’t really believe or are people who don’t have specific solutions to their problems, while a lot of the people who truly believes that the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT(5), are those people who also have a specific solution or specific miracle as to how the pendant will work. In this sense, because of their specific desire of something, it has become a stumbling block on their real miracles.

Let me explain it further, if you read the personal testimonies, I notice that they were mostly from people who know that they need the pendant but don’t have solutions to their problems. Or a few of them are stories about people who don’t really believe it but were given to them by a parent. My point is these are people who don’t have specific solutions to their problem. For me, it shows, and this is still a theory, that it seems like if you believe something will happen then something will happen. However, if you believe something will happen and sort of dictate or impose what will happen, it becomes a stumbling block to the miracle. In fact, if you read the personal testimonies, there are a few stories that show that the outcome is not what they really expected but turn out to be what they need.

So I say, be open to miracles, hope and expect it even, but do not dictate or impose!

Feng Shui Won’t Make Problems Totally Disappear

Published Hunyo 12, 2014 by jptan2012

feng shuiI believe one common mistake of Feng Shui writer (myself included) and Feng Shui consultants and teachers is that unconsciously communicate to the public that doing proper Feng Shui will make ALL problems go away. This is a wrong belief.

Doing proper Feng Shui will not make problems go away; they will help mitigate it and lessen its impact. It doesn’t mean that if you wear the Holy Gourd or an image of the Medicine Buddha, you’ll never get sick. There are a lot of other factors that one has to consider, for example karma or how you treat yourself. No amount of Feng Shui can prevent you from getting old or get sick if you don’t eat properly, etc.

Aside from karma and how you treat yourself, there are other factors who will definitely create some problems for you, for example, the Flying Stars, whether these are the annual flying stars, the monthly flying stars, the weekly flying stars, the daily flying stars or even the hourly flying stars, these stars will definitely have some effect on you and they will surely bring some sort of problem or blessing depending on the star that affects you. Plus your life chart or bazi / Paht Chee will also have some effect.

Which leads us to the question why then should we still bother practicing Feng Shui? To answer that let me draw an example from my own experience.

I have been practicing Feng Shui for a very long time and it doesn’t mean I never had a problem, or it doesn’t mean that I never had to work because wealth luck just comes in, I still have to work hard on my business, I still encounter some bumps. But with Feng Shui these are easily mitigated or sometimes I easily recognize that a problem is about to happen and I’m able to act on it right away.

For example, my life chart coupled with the monthly stars shows that I have to be really careful with backstabbing, bad mouthing, and big quarrel. A few months ago somebody from Malaysia or Singapore sent me an email telling me that they saw on one of website traffic meter site that my blog enjoys a high volume of traffic everyday. This person then proceeded to suggest that I should carry their amulets to help more people. I declined this offer because I’m really not a seller and I only write about things that I totally believe in. They wrote me twice and I declined their offer twice, and now I find my blog being attacked by a site that sells amulets. It’s funny how this happened a few weeks after I declined an offer to sell amulets. I got bothered and irritated for about 10 – 15 minutes and realized that this is simply a reminder of what my real intentions are when I first started blogging. I never cared whether people read my blog, I simply want to write, why then I should I care if people attack me or if people believes the attacks against me or my blog in the end I will just write and write and if people likes my blog and they get some benefits and learn things from my blog, I will be thankful.

So you see I still encounter ‘problems’ and I still experience some of the things my chart shows, but because I believe I practice good Feng Shui these things becomes peripheral. It’s done by people that I don’t personally know and who don’t personally know me and because of Feng Shui these things weren’t done by people I work with or by people who are really close to my like family and friends.

So you see Feng Shui doesn’t mean there’s an absence of a problem. It only means problems will not bother or affect you as much.

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