Eating Out Helps Create Better ‘Life Chi’!

Published Mayo 29, 2014 by jptan2012

Eating_Out2_resize_04The other day my cousin called me up to ask me that while everything is doing well with him, his ‘life chi’ seems to be really down. He clarified that he’s wearing all his charms and has not made any adjustments with his office or room, but for some weird reason he jest feels a little down.

I know this particular cousin pretty well, and his mom actually has been complaining that he has not been going out and that all he does is work and stay at home. I told my cousin to go out and eat out with some friends or family or our other relatives. Since I was the one who suggested that he told me that I should treat him for a meal. I did and I invited some of our other cousins.

A few days after he called to tell me that he are no longer under the cloud.

The concept is actually very basic, when you go out with friends or relatives, you create a lot of yang energy and when you enjoy a meal together, you partake in something that is very positive which infuses everybody with a lot of yang energy. It helps uplift your yang energy, which in turn will uplift your life chi and your general mood.

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