How to Deal With Difficult People

Published Mayo 27, 2014 by jptan2012

difficult peopleIn my line of business, I always deal with a lot of people, and there are times that some people can be a little bit more difficult than others. And there are times there are people who are extremely difficult to deal with. I have one such client. She just seems to oppose all my suggestions and whenever she approves my strategies after numerous ‘arguments’, she then will make it difficult for us to execute it properly.

Normally, I would ask my associate to deal with difficult clients. My associate will deal with clients who can’t get along well with me, and this kind of systems usually works for us. However, for this extremely difficult client (DC), my charm and charms combined with the charm of my associate seems to be not working for her. I’ve resigned the account several times but the weird thing she won’t let us off our contract, which means she wants us to stay on the team and be the marketing strategy consultant. However, her extreme ‘bad’ attitude makes it stressful for us to work with her, and I realized it’s either I simply don’t honor the contract and risk going to court or I have to do something about her!

After thinking it over, I decided I should just use Buddhism Feng Shui with her. I don’t really know whether she’s going through something that’s why she’s being difficult or it’s simply her attitude. But I thought I’d use Buddhism and Feng Shui with her.

I decided to recite one mala of the Mantra of the Compassionate Bodhisattva (sometimes also called the Mantra of Compassionate Buddha), Kuan Yin (The Bodhisattva of Compassion / Buddha of Compassion), on her. I would recite OM MANI PADME HUM in the car while visualizing that my mantra gets to her. Then just before I get to see her, I will quickly recite 7 times the Medicine Buddha Mantra and blow on my right hand. The hand that I use to shake other hands, upon touching shaking her hands I will imagine that the healing energy of Medicine Buddha will envelope her.

During the meeting I will constantly make sure to smile at her when appropriate, nod to whatever she’s saying and make sure that my arms are not cross and in fact, that they are open in a welcoming stance. And one of the most important thing is I will wear my Prayer Wheel, a Prayer Wheel has a calming effect not only to the one who has it, but to all the people who’s near it. Whenever I can, with disrupting people, I will spin my Prayer Wheel necklace.

Well…She’s so much more pleasant now!


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