Don’t Create Yin Energy with Your Dead Pet’s Body

Published Mayo 14, 2014 by jptan2012

cute dogMy readers would know that I love dogs and I would always remind my readers that while dogs gives us good Feng Shui, this can only happen if we put their well being a priority and if we ensure that they become a balance dog.

However, allow me to share the story of one former officemate who had a very good life, until one day he came to me crying to tell me that his father fell ill and that his brother was involved in an accident. Furthermore, there were a lot of bickering in the house, and it used to be a loving and tight family. She wants to know what she can do to stop all the negative things that have been happening to them.

Told her of the necessary cures, and to her credit she followed all my advice, but she said while things are a little better, the problem it’s just a little better and now they’re in danger of losing their savings because of the expensive cost of their father’s treatment.

I decided to visit their house and did a Feng Shui audit. Except for minor adjustments, everything seems to be fine. I didn’t see anything that would cause all the problems, and I’m beginning to think that all the problems were of a collective karmic nature. However, when I went into the yard, I saw a really nice figure of dog and mentioned it because it was really nice. My ex-officemate casually mentioned that they put it there in memory of their beloved dog Meimei! I thought it was Meimei’s favorite spot and mentioned this to my ex-officemate and she clarified that it’s where they put Meimei’s dead body when she passed away! Bingo! I now know the problem.

I asked them whether all the problems started when Meimei died, and they said that in hindsight that it did. I then clarified that her death didn’t cause the problems but her dead body in the yard did. We all know that anything dead whether it’s fruit or vegetables or pets creates yin energy!

But what to do with the body of a dead pet? Bury them somewhere else, or if it might prove to be impractical and expensive. Cremate the body, scatter the ashes on your garden, or put the ashes in an urn and place it somewhere in your house or garden, or if you want you can bury the urn with ashes on your garden.

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, ashes of a dead person or pet is considered neither yin nor yang. It simply doesn’t have a chi so it won’t affect your luck or Feng Shui.

They immediately had the body exhumed, cremated it (or at least what’s left of it), we did a cleansing ritual where it was buried, then they took the ashes home and buried it again in the same spot.

Last I heard from her, they’re doing really well again.

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