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Lie in a Bed of Money to Increase Wealth Luck

Published Mayo 29, 2014 by jptan2012

bed of moneyToday, I would like to share with you one simple technique to enhance your wealth luck. In Feng Shui, one of its principles is if you aspire for something you must ensure that you simulate the life that you want by getting representations of it and putting them where your subconscious will always see it and your subconscious will start working on it.

Thus if you want to gain more wealth luck, you should start sleeping on a ‘bed of money’. How do you do this? You simply put money under your bed, spread it out. If you can use faux old Chinese coins the better. If using coins please make sure that you put 88 pieces.

How does this work? Our subconscious, which is a more powerful component of our consciousness, doesn’t differentiate reality from illusion. By doing this, your subconscious knows that you are lying in a bed of money, it will then accept it as your reality, once it accepts that as a fact, it will then slowly manifest to reality by consciously attracting money.

Adopted Abandoned Dogs Are Saving Their Humans

Published Mayo 29, 2014 by jptan2012

A few days ago I wrote about how burying dead pets on your yard creates a lot of yin energy. This prompted one of my readers to email and send me an sms. She was lucky enough that I was able to read her email right away, and because I know how serious this matter is I agreed to meet her and go to her place.

MLS said that when they transferred to their new house, things started going sour with some of the things in their life. There are several things that she shared with me, but one of the major problems that they encountered is it seems that her husband’s professional life took a nose dive. She said she noticed when she moved to their house and when they buried five puppies in their yard.

When I get to their house, the first thing I noticed is that their main house door is slanted. I call this ‘dragon door’, because if done right they have the ability to bring dragon luck, which is an enormous amount of luck into one’s life. However, this is a very tricky thing to do and I’ve never seen any modern Feng Shui consultants execute this. In fact, I personally don’t feel comfortable doing this because a slight error in measurement, it will then become a ‘yin dragon door’. This means it will bring a tremendous amount of bad luck. MLS has a dragon door, judging from how it was done, it looks like that it has become a ‘yin dragon door’ and he has 4 such doors in her house. To top it off, there are several more Feng Shui blunders that I pointed out to them. Not to mention, there are also dead puppies buried in their yard.

I don’t really remember whether I told them this, but I felt that they’re still lucky, because with so much major Feng Shui blunders in one house things could have been at its worst!

Puti, relaxing in front of the air conditioner on a very warm lazy aftenoon.

Puti, relaxing in front of the air conditioner on a very warm lazy aftenoon.

There are several possible factors why they didn’t get to feel the full effects of the major Feng Shui blunders. They may be good people and have garnered so much positive karma that even if the Feng Shui blunders in their house are so big, they weren’t that affected. But one thing I noticed is that they have two aspins or Asong Pinoy, a Filipino non-breed dog that are usually found on the streets. MLS’s family, especially her husband and children took care of the dogs when they were surely destined to have died on the street or eaten by drunkards.

The dogs are Puti and Matic and both of them are female dogs. The carpenters who were building their house when she was still a puppy bought Puti. They want to bring her up so that they can slaughter and eat her. Matic on the other hand was an abandoned dog that gave birth to her puppies on the street. AS, MLS husband then saved Matic and her puppies. Unfortunately, Matic’s puppies all died of parvo. They’re the ones who are now buried in their yard.

Adopting a pet and ensuring that they become well balanced is one sure way of wiping our negative karma or fighting off bad luck. In the case of MLS and AS, I can only imagine the good karma that they got from adopting both Puti and Matic without even thinking about karma or luck.

Puti and Matic are now indoors dogs and love to seat in front of the air conditioner. Also, while they used to scavenge for food, their humans now know their favorite food. According to MLS they love to eat Menudo (pork with liver stew) but are not very fond of Sinigang (Filipino hot sour soup).

AS and MLS and their children changed the lives of both Puti and Matic and now I believe just because they’re happy dogs they’re also helping their humans by giving them positive chi!

Eating Out Helps Create Better ‘Life Chi’!

Published Mayo 29, 2014 by jptan2012

Eating_Out2_resize_04The other day my cousin called me up to ask me that while everything is doing well with him, his ‘life chi’ seems to be really down. He clarified that he’s wearing all his charms and has not made any adjustments with his office or room, but for some weird reason he jest feels a little down.

I know this particular cousin pretty well, and his mom actually has been complaining that he has not been going out and that all he does is work and stay at home. I told my cousin to go out and eat out with some friends or family or our other relatives. Since I was the one who suggested that he told me that I should treat him for a meal. I did and I invited some of our other cousins.

A few days after he called to tell me that he are no longer under the cloud.

The concept is actually very basic, when you go out with friends or relatives, you create a lot of yang energy and when you enjoy a meal together, you partake in something that is very positive which infuses everybody with a lot of yang energy. It helps uplift your yang energy, which in turn will uplift your life chi and your general mood.

How to Deal With Difficult People

Published Mayo 27, 2014 by jptan2012

difficult peopleIn my line of business, I always deal with a lot of people, and there are times that some people can be a little bit more difficult than others. And there are times there are people who are extremely difficult to deal with. I have one such client. She just seems to oppose all my suggestions and whenever she approves my strategies after numerous ‘arguments’, she then will make it difficult for us to execute it properly.

Normally, I would ask my associate to deal with difficult clients. My associate will deal with clients who can’t get along well with me, and this kind of systems usually works for us. However, for this extremely difficult client (DC), my charm and charms combined with the charm of my associate seems to be not working for her. I’ve resigned the account several times but the weird thing she won’t let us off our contract, which means she wants us to stay on the team and be the marketing strategy consultant. However, her extreme ‘bad’ attitude makes it stressful for us to work with her, and I realized it’s either I simply don’t honor the contract and risk going to court or I have to do something about her!

After thinking it over, I decided I should just use Buddhism Feng Shui with her. I don’t really know whether she’s going through something that’s why she’s being difficult or it’s simply her attitude. But I thought I’d use Buddhism and Feng Shui with her.

I decided to recite one mala of the Mantra of the Compassionate Bodhisattva (sometimes also called the Mantra of Compassionate Buddha), Kuan Yin (The Bodhisattva of Compassion / Buddha of Compassion), on her. I would recite OM MANI PADME HUM in the car while visualizing that my mantra gets to her. Then just before I get to see her, I will quickly recite 7 times the Medicine Buddha Mantra and blow on my right hand. The hand that I use to shake other hands, upon touching shaking her hands I will imagine that the healing energy of Medicine Buddha will envelope her.

During the meeting I will constantly make sure to smile at her when appropriate, nod to whatever she’s saying and make sure that my arms are not cross and in fact, that they are open in a welcoming stance. And one of the most important thing is I will wear my Prayer Wheel, a Prayer Wheel has a calming effect not only to the one who has it, but to all the people who’s near it. Whenever I can, with disrupting people, I will spin my Prayer Wheel necklace.

Well…She’s so much more pleasant now!


Myth Buster 16: Taking Home a Starfish Can Bring You Wealth Luck

Published Mayo 20, 2014 by jptan2012

boracay-pic-3In my recent trip to the world famous resort island of Boracay, while me and my friends were just relaxing at one of the Casitas of Ariel’s Pointe, I came across a Finnish woman who I noticed was holding a starfish and was putting it in a plastic container.

While I cannot say that I’m a hardcore environmentalist, the truth is being a Feng Shui practitioner and a Buddhist, it’s impossible not to be a little environmentalist. It is simply part of the practice. So I decided to intervene put on a smile and nicely ask her what is she doing with the starfish. She smiled back at me and told me that there is a Finnish belief that when you accidentally step on a starfish and you decide to keep it, it will surely bring you a lot of good luck.

I first appreciated the starfish and told her that it is illegal to bring the starfish home and that she might be apprehended at the port. The truth is I’m really not sure whether there is such a law; I just decided to tell her the most logical thing. Explaining that bringing the starfish home is not good for the environmentalist, much more for the starfish, will be a tough job because she’s already on her 40s and she should know that already, so I decided to take the most effective route which is about her personal safety and that it being illegal. While I don’t know whether there is such a law in the country, I believe that it is the most logical thing to have. I’m glad she listened and decided to throw it back to the water.starfish

This is the first time I heard about starfish bringing wealth luck, but this is my take on it. If you came across a starfish on the shore, it is really good to throw it back to the water because on the shore for a long time without water, the starfish will surely die. By throwing it back (and yes you throw it back as far as you can so that it will not be washed ashore again, and no it won’t hurt the starfish) you would have saved the starfish from its eventual death, thus creating some good karma for yourself which might bring you some luck. However, bringing it home will surely kill the starfish, with a dead starfish not only did you create a tremendous amount of negative karma for yourself but also keeping a dead starfish is literally keeping a yin or negative energy. Both the negative karma and the yin energy will definitely bring a lot of bad luck for you.

So the next time you see a starfish on the shore, appreciate it a little and throw it back to the water to create some good karma for yourself.

Don’t Create Yin Energy with Your Dead Pet’s Body

Published Mayo 14, 2014 by jptan2012

cute dogMy readers would know that I love dogs and I would always remind my readers that while dogs gives us good Feng Shui, this can only happen if we put their well being a priority and if we ensure that they become a balance dog.

However, allow me to share the story of one former officemate who had a very good life, until one day he came to me crying to tell me that his father fell ill and that his brother was involved in an accident. Furthermore, there were a lot of bickering in the house, and it used to be a loving and tight family. She wants to know what she can do to stop all the negative things that have been happening to them.

Told her of the necessary cures, and to her credit she followed all my advice, but she said while things are a little better, the problem it’s just a little better and now they’re in danger of losing their savings because of the expensive cost of their father’s treatment.

I decided to visit their house and did a Feng Shui audit. Except for minor adjustments, everything seems to be fine. I didn’t see anything that would cause all the problems, and I’m beginning to think that all the problems were of a collective karmic nature. However, when I went into the yard, I saw a really nice figure of dog and mentioned it because it was really nice. My ex-officemate casually mentioned that they put it there in memory of their beloved dog Meimei! I thought it was Meimei’s favorite spot and mentioned this to my ex-officemate and she clarified that it’s where they put Meimei’s dead body when she passed away! Bingo! I now know the problem.

I asked them whether all the problems started when Meimei died, and they said that in hindsight that it did. I then clarified that her death didn’t cause the problems but her dead body in the yard did. We all know that anything dead whether it’s fruit or vegetables or pets creates yin energy!

But what to do with the body of a dead pet? Bury them somewhere else, or if it might prove to be impractical and expensive. Cremate the body, scatter the ashes on your garden, or put the ashes in an urn and place it somewhere in your house or garden, or if you want you can bury the urn with ashes on your garden.

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, ashes of a dead person or pet is considered neither yin nor yang. It simply doesn’t have a chi so it won’t affect your luck or Feng Shui.

They immediately had the body exhumed, cremated it (or at least what’s left of it), we did a cleansing ritual where it was buried, then they took the ashes home and buried it again in the same spot.

Last I heard from her, they’re doing really well again.

Is Working as a Call Center Agent Creating Bad Luck?

Published Mayo 12, 2014 by jptan2012

work1Today, I would like to share with you a question of a call center agent. DS is 34 years old call center agent. He’s been working as a call center agent for 7 years now and he said he noticed while his income has always been steady, the financial progress is quite limited, but worse is his personal life.

You see DS is always sick, on top of that his personal relationships has been deteriorating, his wife left him for another man, and he is left with his 2 kids who seems unable to connect with him. He was desperate so his cousin who happens to be a reader who became my friend convinced him to talk with me. His cousin then convinced me to meet up with DS.

When I met with DS, DS shared with me his woes, emphasizing that his life used to be good until he decided to join the call center industry. He said, that’s when he noticed the changes that happened to him and it was an about 2 years after it that his relationship with his wife started to go sour. He said that relationship problem is common amongst his colleagues and amongst call center agents, and they usually attribute this to the fact that they work in the evening and that they are usually dead tired when they go home in the morning, which makes it hard for them to have meaningful relationships with their partners because of the difference in working time.

What I didn’t say that while that is indeed an explanation, it doesn’t explain as to why in a research study it shows that call center agents generally find it hard to have meaningful relationships, on top of that, promiscuity tends to be higher amongst them. As a marketing consultant, I also became privy in a study that shows that the highest selling product of convenience stores located near call center offices is a condom. To top it off, and without generalizing it, one of the highest HIV infection rate is amongst the call center agents. These studies tell us something. But what is the problem?

Personally, I think it is because most call center agents work in the evening, which is generally considered Yin time. Too much exposure in the Yin energy without being counter acted by Yang time is bad for all of us. It will create a lot of problems, whether it is financial, relationships or health. I say this from experience.

Several years back, I worked as a news writer for a TV network. I used to go to work 4pm and go home at around 4:30am. I will only get to experience and exposure to yang energy for a few minutes. It will be usually be between my travels from my house to my workplace. Soon I started noticing some problems cropping up in my life, I called up my Feng Shui master and he explained I don’t have enough yang time.

What I did I was requested my superiors to move me to a better time. They did and that solved the problem. But I’m well aware that not all of us will have that luxury. So what can one do?

First, try to engage in some yang energy ‘sessions’ once a week. During your rest day do expose yourself to the sun’s yang energy. Play with kids or your pets if you have any, they exudes yang energy. Play good yang music everyday, these are music that are fun and have messages of happiness.

Wearing a pink or red (made of good quality stone) or a gold Kuan Yin pendant will greatly boost your young energy. Kuan Yin will protect you from yin energy at the same time pink, red, or gold will give off some yang energy. It will also help if you can have an image of the Medicine Buddha or it’s mantra or sutra somewhere in your body.

This is rare Kuan Yin collection carved from a pink chalcedony. While pink chalcedony and Kuan Yin images are not rare it is rare to have a Pink Chalcedony Kuan Yin. There are a lot of fake pink chalcedonys in the market. While price should not be the only basis in choosing a good pink chalcedony because it is very to price a fake one high to make it look real, it is good to take note that really cheap ones are usually fake pink chalcedony.

This is rare Kuan Yin collection carved from a pink chalcedony. While pink chalcedony and Kuan Yin images are not rare it is rare to have a Pink Chalcedony Kuan Yin. There are a lot of fake pink chalcedonys in the market. While price should not be the only basis in choosing a good pink chalcedony because it is very to price a fake one high to make it look real, it is good to take note that really cheap ones are usually fake pink chalcedony.

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