The Power of Love

Published Abril 28, 2014 by jptan2012

power of loveI know you’ve read about the power of love, perhaps you’ve heard about it, or it could have been the topic of one of your favorite movie. However, there is no denying that when we witness this, even if we are witnessing from afar, one can’t help it but get moved and be overwhelmed with the power of love.

I again would like to talk about EG, and I hope I don’t get into trouble posting this because I was not able to inform her beforehand that I’ll be writing about her story.

Elisa’s father is 86 years old and is currently in the hospital. The first time she mentioned to me about her father ‘s condition, I already felt that she is a daughter who truly loves her father. Her father was in a bad medical condition, from the way I understood it, he is not in comatose but is unable to open his eyes or talk, but he definitely gives reacts by squeezing the hand of a loved one.

At that time, Elisa was debating whether she should leave for Japan while her father is in the hospital. She is worried that something will happen to her father while she’s away and whether it is appropriate to go on a trip while he is in the hospital. However, her Japan trip with her whole family is once – a – year thing for them, and it has been paid for already. Her mother has given her the permission to go on the trip and when she mentioned this to me, although I would usually refrain from giving a direct advice about something that I really haven’t checked on the Bazi, I felt that I have to tell her what my instinct told me to tell her, that she should go and that her father would understand, and that she needs the break.

She left, but not before telling her father to make sure that he’ll be waiting for her when she gets back. Her father waited for her. But 2 days after she came back her father was again moved to the ICU and was in a critical condition for a day. But she and I believe other members of her family would talk to her father and tell him to fight; they’re not yet ready to lose him.

Normally, other people will think about the practicality of just giving up. They would tell and maybe humbly pray that the father be spared of the illness, they would think about the cost, but not EG and her family. I don’t know, I’m not sure, people will say that her father has a strong will to live, some would say that science is helping him to survive, but somehow something tells me that it’s their love for their father, and their father’s love for them that’s making him survive this long.


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