How Dedication to Medicine Buddha Compliments Modern Medicine and a Lesson in Humility

Published Abril 9, 2014 by jptan2012

I’m the type of person who hates seeing a doctor, and so whenever I feel sick I will just add several rounds of the Medicine Buddha mantra in my daily mantras for whatever I’m feeling. It always works for me and it’s a lot less expense for me for medicines and doctor fees. This is not blind faith for me, I firmly believe in the power of the mantras and of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. In fact, a few years back, when I was told I have diabetes, I decided to cut down on my sugar and decided to treat myself with ‘temple’ water powered by the mantras of Medicine Buddha and Avalokitesvara (aka Kuan Yin)! To put it simply, its either doctors were wrongs, or I simply cured myself of diabetes.

On another occasions, I used to have really bad allergy, it can get so bad that I have to be rush to the hospital because I was unable to breathe because my air passage will close down. I also used to have vertigo, and the doctors told me that I would always have it. After doing my mantras and energizing my room with Feng Shui charms to enhance my health, I now no longer suffer from allergies and it’s been long time since I suffered from vertigo. In fact, it was so long that I don’t remember when was the last time had vertigo.

However, this had lead me to believe that I don’t really need to see a doctor anymore. When I first experience numbness on my wrist, I ignored it. Soon the numbness started having pain, still I ignored it and refused to see a doctor but started doing my mantras, then the pain started getting really bad to the point that I’m no longer able to lift a pitcher of water. That’s when I decided to see a doctor. My purpose is to understand what’s happening to help visualize my healing when I say Medicine Buddha mantra. The initial diagnosis is that I have a cyst, and an inflamed vein. The recommendation is for me to have surgery. I don’t want to undergo surgery so I decided to have a second consultation, the diagnosis is the same, and the third doctor said the same thing. I decided to ignore them and just do my Medicine Buddha mantra and acupuncture. It seems to work a little, but it soon became apparent that I’m not getting any better. It has become so bad that I’m no longer able to lift a pen to write or simply sign a check.


I tried acupuncture to avoid undergoing surgery. I initially thought that it was working, but all acupuncture is able to provide is temporary pain relief. However, it is possible that I really have to understand and learn the importance of modern medicine that fate determined that acupuncture will not work for me this time. I have a lot of relatives who do swear by the fact that acupuncture works!

I tried acupuncture to avoid undergoing surgery. I initially thought that it was working, but all acupuncture is able to provide is temporary pain relief. However, it is possible that I really have to understand and learn the importance of modern medicine that fate determined that acupuncture will not work for me this time. I have a lot of relatives who do swear by the fact that acupuncture works!

I then called my Guru Lama and consulted him how come my WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA pendant and my recitations of the Medicine Buddha mantra and my ‘temple water’ doesn’t seem to be working for me. I was surprised with my Guru Lama’s reply. He said, I could be harboring so much pride in thinking that I can do self – healing by using just the mantras. I argued that it has always worked for me. My Guru Lama said it will work if the approach is that of extreme humility, however, he said I might have started harboring an idea that I can be bigger than science because I’m familiar with Feng Shui and the mantras. In hindsight, that is what exactly happened. I’ve started to believe that I no longer need a doctor. Albeit it was a subconscious thought, it was still there. My Guru Lama then suggested that I still chant the Medicine Buddha mantra with the intent that I should be shown on how to be healed. The difference is I’m seeking guidance, unlike before I just assume that what I think is what will work. My Guru Lama then reminded me that even the Dalai Lama believes that Science has something to contribute and offer to all mankind.

Medicine Buddha

Following my Guru Lama’s advice, I decided to chant the Medicine Buddha mantra with the intent of being guided how to approach my healing. Three days after chanting the Medicine Buddha mantra, I dreamt that I was healed already, and that before I got healed I continued to chant my mantra, drink my ‘temple water’ and place my WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT on my wrist after reciting the Medicine Buddha mantra. I was also showed the face of a friend; this friend is the daughter – in – law of the owner of one of the medical center and hospital along Quezon Avenue.

The following day, I decided to do what I dreamt off and I also called my friend. I have always consulted an orthopedic doctor, but she suggested that I should instead consult a rehab doctor and she recommended somebody. I went to see the said doctor and was told that I have tendonitis, and all it will take for me to be healed is a single injection of a certain medicine. Although, I was warned that it doesn’t always work and that if it didn’t work I will have to undergo therapy. There was no mention of surgery.

I silently said a series of Medicine Buddha mantra and blew on the syringe containing the medicine just before I was injected. The pain didn’t go right away, it took another week and several days more of drinking temple water, chanting the Medicine Buddha mantra, and placing of the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT on my wrist before I was completely healed.

The moral of the story here is that science, Feng Shui and religion, should compliment each other. Even the Dalai Lama has said that science has a lot to contribute in understanding Buddhism and other religions. Also, there is a reason why the practice of medicine is there. While I still believe that there are some illness that can be totally cured without the science of medicine just like there are illness that can be cured without the use of Feng Shui and Buddhism, in the end the two compliment each other. We should be able to harmoniously integrate both, and realized that even science itself is a tool given to us by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

3 comments on “How Dedication to Medicine Buddha Compliments Modern Medicine and a Lesson in Humility

  • Hello Mr. JP Tan. May I know the doctor you went for a consultation regarding your inflamed veins. Had been suffering from it since august of 2013. The inflamed veins are sometimes painful, the feeling of as if it wants to burst out. Do you also felt it? I also have one on my head. My cardio doctor prescribe daflon 2x a day to help out the flow of my blood or a compression stocking. But was still complaining of the pain on my inflamed veins in my hand and feet so she prescribed another medicine last march 2014, Trental (PentoXifylline) 2x a day. Started one tablet and it gives me stomach pain, ang hapdi parang I have ulcer so I stopped taking it. But before i had this inflamed veins on my hands and feet, I have series of back pains on my lumbar. I can’t sit in the car for so long, felt the pain in my back. Then, I fell on a step ladder while decorating our Christmas tree, December of 2012. I still continue doing my aerobics and zumba 5x a week until the pain is irritable na, so I consulted a doctor at medical city, April 2013. I had X-ray and MRI lumbosacral spine and even had peripheral arterial evaluation. The doctor saw a little of scoliosis, a very little slipped disc so he recommended a rehab therapy. Went to a rehab clinic of dr. Leal. They do the usual thing in the rehab center and with traction. When I had my first traction, I felt a nerve on my lumbar as if it was crawling. This is the start of the many pains I felt on my back. There’s a tingling on my nerves from my lumbar. Sometimes in my hands and feet. They also injected a muscle relaxant upper back. Omg! when I had this, my muscles are very weak, I can’t stand and walk long without having muscle pain in my waist that I need to wear my waist support. This I had it on until December of 2013. I had series of acupuncture din but still the pain is there. Seek the help of a chiropractor. Went to another rehab doctor at medical city even had brain MRI, maybe this will help me know the cause of my pain. Every rehab doctor I went to, they said It is very easy to cure basta daw I continue on the exercises they gave me at home. I don’t have a pinched nerve kasi this would be seen daw at my MRI. Last november 2013, went to neurologist for pain management because when you asked me to rate the pain I have had, it’s between 7-9 rating. The neuro doctor gave me neurontin and norgesic. Strong pain relievers like Celebrex, etc. doesn’t work for me. Been taking them since I started having pain but it’s still there everyday. Norgesic and transdermal patch with neurontin 100mg 2xday helps relieve the pain. I stopped taking neurontin last February because my cardio said it’s not good. In the long run, the doctor will increase the dosage. Last Saturday, went to alternative doctor medicine Dr. Homer Lim to seek help with the pain I have. Had acupuncture with him and Recommended to continue doing exercise, especially the core muscles and aerial yoga to loose out something (I forgot) naturally without using the traction machine. Btw, started my zumba again last February 2x a week. Felt relaxed but after an hour or two, felt the pain in my back that I needed a long hot bath to relax my back and muscle pain. I needed to this to improve my core muscle. If I rate my pain now, it’s between 3-5. It’s maybe because I’m used to having pain everyday and my brain says I accept it na or my body got used to it. I told my husband ok lang cguro if I have pain, but everyday parang iba eh. Cannot concentrate well, cant do something I enjoyed doing, can’t drive far, can’t even socialize with friends.

    I saw in the newspaper about the article of you and the wish fulfilling and the Buddha’s blessing mantra last year, forgot the month. And again another one last January. I was intrigued and search your site. I was amazed at how you help other people with money and health problems. I texted and sent you an email inquiring about it last January and eventually decided on pushing tru ordering it last march. I am a worrier now. I am worried about my health. I don’t like the feeling of menopausal syndrome. The doctors told me other women can have it and could go as far as insanity. I don’t want to reach that point. I am 49 years old last February, You told me of Am Kaw.

    We have a mala here, 108 beads. I want to make a temple water. Do I have to chant the Medicine Buddhas mantra 108times? How many liters of water?

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you! Mylene

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    > On Apr 9, 2014, at 11:21 PM, Sana Ako si Ricky Lee! wrote: > > >

  • Dear Master
    Read your articles and you have helped a lot of people. This sounds wonderful and thank you. Was looking for help for this poor soul. Sincerely asking for your help Master and please show kindness to this innocent child. Would like to know what solution you can offer to help this young girl born dragon hour dragon year. Was told she is very talented but could not see the good school grades. Hardworking but not sure what went wrong. Please advise as her future seems so pitiful and wasted if no help given to her. More worrying is that had a reading done and it shows many dangers she will face and evil people coming into her life. Is this true? For this decade 2014-2023 and 2023-2033. By then her school and career is gone. She is but a child, too young to understand and know danger. Was told this year 2014 she will meet bad people and dangers are looming. Really will be grateful and hope you could offer advice to the family on how to protect her from evil people and ward off these bad people. Which are the items she should have on her to keep evil people away from her physically and what can they put in the home or her bedroom to keep her safe and be happy. She is said to be unhappy all the time. Why is this so? Please kind Master, help her so she can grow up safe and not encounter bad people. Know that she is kind by nature. Thank you so much.

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