2013 Year of the Wood Horse Feng Shui Forecast for the Different Career & Business Industries Base on their Ruling Element

Published Disyembre 31, 2013 by jptan2012

It’s been a very hectic month and again I almost barely had time to write anything, much more to respond to emails.

Today, I would like to do a Feng Shui forecast for the different industries base on their ruling element. But before anything else please note that we are still within the year of the Snake and that Year of the Horse will not officially start until January 31, 2014.

Photo uploaded from Google Image.

Photo uploaded from Google Image.

Each industry is ruled by a certain element. It can be fire, water, earth, metal, or wood. Whether the industry will do well or not can be forecast by looking at its relation to the year’s bazi. If you’re an employee you must always look at your main industry and also look at the job description and look for its corresponding element. That will determine your basic luck for the year.

fireFIRE ELEMENT INDUSTRY (Beauty Parlor, Salon, Café, Computer, Cooking, Electronic, Stock Market, Entertainment, Engineering, Energy, Firework, Food Processing, Gas Station, Oil Company, Laser (anything that involves it), Lighting, Movie, TV, Photography, Restaurant, Semi – Conductor, and other things that involves light or heat.)

The year’s Bazi or Paht Chee shows a high content of the fire element, and this is good for all the fire element industries. However, this also may cause steep competition.

People who are in the Fire Element Industry will do well to always wear the image of The Great Sage, Monkey King – Sun Wukong or Kuan Kong.


metalMETAL ELEMENT INDUSTRY (Jewelry, Mining, Appliance like TV, Airline, Computer Hardware, Medical Equipment, Internet Network, Machinery, Manufacture, Mechanical, Military, Musical Instruments, Technology, Transportation Equipment like cars, bike, ship; Video Games)

This is going to be a very good stable year with growth potential. However, the automobile industry, which needs the water element might find themselves in a constant struggle. People in this industry will need to work a little harder for them to achieve their full potential.

People who are in the Metal Element Industry will do well to always wear something that enhances the metal energy, which is an earth power. Wearing an image of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva or gemstones specially jade and/or citrine. Avoid wearing red gemstones.


woodWOOD ELEMENT INDUSTRY (Books, Publishing, Clothing, Fabric, Forestry, Furniture, Plantation, Agriculture, Plants and Flowers, Landscaping, Herbal or Natural Medicine, Library, Paper, Wood Craft, Pet Shop, Botanical Shop, Art, and any other creative industry)

You’ll see yourself with a very wide opportunity, however, because the year’s bazi is sorely lacking of water, people involve in this business or industry will feel that they are unable to fill in the space or grab the opportunity. It is important for people in the said industry to be constantly on the look out on how to enhance themselves or the industry itself.

It is advisable for people involve in the industry to carry or wear a Victory Banner and wear an image of Kuan Kong or Sun Wukong. Also if possible display an image of Maitreya Buddha in your office or home.


earthEARTH ELEMENT INDUSTRY (Architecture, Antique Shops, Ceramics, Design, Farming, Fortune Telling, Funerals, Marble work, Real Estate, Pottery, Building Construction, Hotels, Sculpture, and any other work that involves earth, soil, rock, or land.)

This year’s bazi is sorely lacking of the earth element. People who are in these industries need to be creative and aggressive. This might be a very challenging year. Condo high-rise buildings that are spouting everywhere in the country might face some problems, unless the developer has a very deep pocket.


waterWATER ELEMENT INDUSTRY (Fishing, Advertising, Chemical, Delivery, Education, Courier Service, Laundry, Entertainment, Media, Medicine, Online Business, Blogging, Public Relations, Travel, Banking, Alcohol or Alcoholic Business, Creativity)

Again, the year’s bazi shows that the water element is sorely lacking thus it indicates that the businesses under the Water Element Industry will face a challenging year. It will be better to make smaller steps because big projects might not come into fruition. Be aggressive on the first half of the year, because the second half is going to be worse.

Normally, the best advice for people who are involve in this industry to create a water feature or for them to wear blue. However, this might be bad for some people because of their own personal basket of elements. However, wearing an image of Kuan Yin combined with the image of Yellow Dzambhala or White Dzambhala, plus a Lung – Ta or Windhorse should help.

You’ll notice that at this age and time some industries cannot be defined under just one element. For example, landscaping which is a wood industry can also be classified under the earth element and it is further complicate by the fact that it involves a lot of creativity, which is both a wood and water element industry. Also, for example, you’re in the advertising, technically speaking it is a water element industry. However, advertisers now also makes use of research and computers so there is a cross over between fire and wood industry and a little of metal. You shouldn’t get confused about this because all you have to do is look at what is your main industry element and see how you work on it to see how it involves other elements. For example, while advertising is bad this year, but because your form of advertising involves a lot of the fire element then it compensates for the weak water element.

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