9 comments on “Crush Videos: The Sad and Scary Reality of a Cruel World

  • I think outrage is appropriate here. Can you imagine the karma those people are accumulating? Doing everything you can to stop them benefits ALL.

    Sometimes being good means you have to fight, I think. Like the way some of the Tara forms are very fierce – sometimes it’s needed.

    Thank you for raising awareness about this issue. My own dog has protected me and my family numerous times with no thought for his own safety. It makes me wonder who the “higher being” actually is, especially when I see stories like this one.

  • Dear JPTan

    Have you ever thought that it could be karma retribution – that is the puppies that were cruelly treated might just have been very cruel in their previous lives and have to suffer this life as not only being born an animal but also suffer a cruel death.

    If this is the case then I hope they get a better rebirth in the next life. Thats now I understand a human rebirth is so precious like Lama Zopa Rinpoche says – we are able to clear whatever negative karmas in previous births whereas those in the lower realms cannot do so.


  • I very much doubt you’re committing any kind of sin by wishing that the individuals responsible for such horrible and disgusting acts be brought to justice.

    I’m not a buddhist or a taoist and, to be honest, I don’t really know that much about either religion (the most information I know regarding them actually comes from your blog ^^;), but I think that most would understand a person being angry and/or horrified at someone hurting another living being for their own perverse pleasure/gratification/curiosity. Personally I’d say that ignoring these acts would be far worse, it’s one thing for a victim to show forgiveness and goodwill to someone who has harmed, harassed or insulted [b]them[/b] and a completely different thing for them to forgive someone who has harmed, etc. [b]someone else[/b] (at least this is my own personal opinion, how correct it actually is is up to debate).

    I hope that that horrible website will be shut down and the people running it get at least a few years in prison instead of just a fine. As for the people who actually commissioned for such brutal acts to be carried out, I hope they get sent to a hospital, because I doubt they’re really right in the head.

  • Dear Sana Ako si Ricky Lee, Namaste for your email. Thank you for sharing I too feel sickened by the awful way some people treat animals and it is important to share this with others so that they are not ignorant and become aware. May the people who inflict this suffering on the vulnerable be brought to justice and awaken and change from their negative karma. Many Blessings Birda x

    S E Rose.

    Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2013 13:25:20 +0000 To: shambhallamists@tiscali.co.uk

  • While that’s one possibility, it’s a guess, a belief at best, not something we can know for a fact. We shouldn’t use that for an excuse to let it happen and do nothing about it, since what we DO know, what we can SEE, is helpless beings being tortured to death.

    I can’t imagine Tara, or the Buddha saying not to try to stop something like this.

    If we have an opportunity to stop or lessen suffering, we should do that.

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