Count Your Blessing

Published Mayo 3, 2013 by jptan2012

Yesterday, I wrote about my Feng Shui blunders. I was surprised with the overwhelming emails that I received expressing their support for me.

A Senator’s wife who happens to be a regular reader and also got the pendant from me called to help me check about the NBI/Police Major that is supposedly assigned to be the aide of Senator Drilon. As it turned out, and also as expected, there is no such person.

Another reader who happens to be a wife of somebody from NBI will also check if there’s such a person in the NBI. As I write this I’m still awaiting for her feedback.

A lot of my readers whom I’ve personally met also sms’d me (some called) to offer their support, help, and/or prayers. I really appreciate this a lot! I honestly didn’t expect the overwhelming response.

I really appreciate all the messages, call, and help but there is one particular reader who emailed me that really made me realize something. His message was simple but really straight from the heart. He also thought me a valuable lesson. Allow me to share his email with you; I’ll just call him by his initials Atty. B.

Atty. B wrote:

Hi JP!

I just read about your incident with CR, and I’m quite concerned about it.

It’s really unfortunate when people become unruly, especially when they’re (supposedly) from government. It gives public service a bad image, or gives it a worse image than it already is.

Bottomline: you may have had a few Feng Shui “blunders”, but I’m certain you have more Feng Shui “wonders” generated, because of the countless people you have helped. You exemplified so much generosity through your time and effort in sharing your Feng Shui knowledge to the world.

Being a person in government myself, I abhor the name-dropping and arrogant attitude of CR. More so, as the he claims to be in the police force.

Pls inform me if CR keeps still keeps on bugging you. Modesty aside too, maybe I can (do) something to help.

Warm regards!

blessingBefore Atty. B’s email I was already seriously considering ‘closing’ this blog. I knew that when I started this blog I’m opening myself to all sorts of people. And this incident with CR stressed that belief and made me think to just stop blogging, however, that thought didn’t last long because of all the wonderful response from readers but most of all this email from Atty B. This is because Atty. B indirectly pointed out something to me and that is again I’m focusing on the negative. Why should I be dissuaded with one stressful incident while there were so much more good things happening because of this blog? And by good things I don’t refer to the supposedly good things that this blog site brings to its readers, but I’m counting my own personal blessings. As of last count, since I’ve started this blog I’ve gained several more friends. More than my 10 fingers can count. Also, all I have to do is write about a stressful incident and several of my readers will sms me, call me, send me prayers, all these only means one thing, I get so much positive energy.

This reminds me of a discussion I had with a pediatric cardiologist who at that time just lost a patient on the operating table. He was really sad for what happened but he didn’t seem depress. I ask him how does he feel that he just lost a patient. He said that he really feels sorry for the boy’s parents, and that he feels sad but – I WILL COUNT THE LIVING, I WILL COUNT THE ONES WHO GET WELL, BUT I WILL NOT COUNT THE DEAD. I WILL REMEMBER THEM AND LEARN FROM THEM BUT I WILL COUNT ONLY THE LIVING.

What happened with me is really nothing compared to what the doctor has to go through everyday of his life. But I think that it is a very important lesson that each one of us has to learn. COUNT THE LIVING, LEARN FROM THOSE WHO DIED, BUT COUNT ONLY THE LIVING. We need to ALWAYS LOOKS AT THE POSITIVE LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES BUT ALWAYS COUNT OUR BLESSINGS.

Many people say that they were blessed and that their lives improved because of this blog. I should remember that. But more importantly, I should remember that I should count the blessings that I get from this blog. People who I know will always send me positive energies when I need them.

14 comments on “Count Your Blessing

  • dont go jp you have a lot of avid readers and followers here to support you no matter what,,we know your good intentions,, some may be dont understand your situation and priorities but i hope and pray that you will continue to share your blog to us,,, as you said just count your blessings,,,, fighting! more blog jp

  • Hi I just to ask if its a good idea to wear dragon & Phoenix if you’re single and looking for a partner? How about mandarin ducks? Thank you!

    Sent from my iPhone

  • I know this sounds corny but your blog gives us HOPE and it is also my “feel good blog read” when I have the time to go online. I’m glad you focused on the bright side of blogging… you touch other peple’s lives. More power Mr. Tan.

  • Dear JP, I really really need to contact you. I e-mailed you but received no response yet. I need you to help me overcome my problem. Please help me. Please. Thank you

  • Respected JP,
    Yesterday the 17th i came across your blog and followed but to my dismay the blog stated icant follow. Today again i repeated and the blog opened. Yesterday night at 2.30pm when i could not follow iprayed and today you are back. Remember one thing god has chosen you for a purpose and this blog is the medium.There will always be negative people but then there are thousand positve followers to support you. When any negative statement is made just keep reapting those statement for five minutes any you will get a positive answer out of that statement. Then you can mentally forgive and give thanks for giving you a new will find divine bliss. This is what i do as suggested by my guru

    My prayers and divine order will be there in your life -Neilakaanth (India)

  • Hi. I am from Malaysia. To be frank I am not your frequent reader but reading your blog sometimes gives me EXTRA STRENGTH to move forward! Praying that you will continue blogging. Without knowing it, you’re the “source of inspiration” of many readers especially those who are desperately want to change their life for the better, LIKE ME! 🙂

    It’s true sometimes when we are struck with what we considered as “the biggest problem”, we often feel hopeless and down but when we give it a second thought, we have encountered much and more biggest happiness in life so then it’s nothing really compared to the happier moments in our life. Cheers!

  • Nabasa ko po yung blog nyo about this fake famous feng shui seller. Isa na po ako sa biktima nya, first time ko kc bumili ng bracelet charm sa isa store nya sa festival mall alabang, nagpunta kc ako sa town center alabang pero sarado na pala yung store nya. Ang nag assist sa akin yung sales assist. Nya, i bought the bracelet for 3,800 pero puro allies lang sya, nag ask ako sabi ko ms. Im year of the metal monkey, diba dis yr i need to protect ng health, so maybe kailangn ko po ng pi yao or wu lou? Sabi nya hindi po mam, dis yr ok naman po kayo, saka ayan po meron akong nilagay na medicine buddha ( which is plastic material! ) so di na ako nakipag talo. Then habang naglalakad ako may nakita pa akong isang feng shui store, out of curiosity nag ask ako, about my year. Pinakita ko yung bracelet, sabi nya puro allies daw po yung nilagay sa bracelet ko, sabi ko diba po eto medicine buddha pd na po ito sa health ko? Sabi ng may ari, no its a laughing buddha, then ako parang HUH! Eh kc po sabi dun sa xxx xxx medicine buddha daw po ito? 😦 sobrang naloko pala ako! Ang mahal ng bracelet nila. Luckily yung napagtanungan ko eh nag attend sya kay lillian too ng seminar.

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