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Fu, The Taoist’s Magical Paper Talisman

Published Agosto 15, 2012 by jptan2012

I have been wanting to write about the Fu (Mandarin) or Hu (Foo Kien) for quite some time now, however, I debated whether it is proper for me to write about the Fu because it is something that is not easily available or something that can be bought in a store.

This Fu is from a Taoist temple in Valenzuela called Bi Tsong Put (pronounced as Bee Chong Poot). Depending on the Fu, one usually burns a set, one set is usually 3 pieces.

Fu or Hu is a Taoist magical paper talisman. Fu is an ancient and special form of ‘magic’ or sorcery (sorcery is not exactly negative unless use in a negative way) that uses special characters or images or symbols or prayers or words ‘printed’ on a yellow rice paper in red ink. It is believed that a Fu can store a magic spells and good chi. While anybody can make a Fu or Hu, it entails a special skill and blessing from a Taoist God  for you to be able to lock the magic spell or chi in the said magical paper talisman. To do this one has to be an ordained Taoist priest or a Taoist God medium. The said chi and spell is further locked into the Fu by making sure that it passes through the incense burner dedicated to the said Taoist God, Immortal or Deity mentioned in the Fu.

Anyone can activate and tap into the power of the Fu by carrying the magical paper talisman on one’s body, putting them on the window or door, or placing in the room, or simply by burning them. Most Fu or Hu are burned while one calls on the God, Deity or Immortal represented by the Fu followed by the intent. However, as mentioned, there are some Fu that are to be worn on the body like an amulet, or place on the door, etc.

Fu(s), I believe, is one of the most powerful talisman in the world, provided you get it from a reliable source, and from somebody who is not driven by monetary reasons. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, there are some temples that sell their Fu. I don’t believe that this is right, especially, if there are patrons who have greatly benefited from tapping the power of the Fu, that they sponsor printing of Fu(s).

There are different kinds of Fu(s), depending on the temple and sometimes depending on the purpose or intent of the person needing the Fu. One can use a Fu to invoke a God/Deity/Immortal’s help, to protect a household, heal the sick, or exorcise demons or bad spirits. Some people would associate the Fu like a petition paper, or a court order depending on the purpose or intent.

This is a Fu that I burn every morning. It is a Fu of a Taoist Temple in Abad Santos St., Manila called – CHEAT TAI SOON. Unlike most Fu, one set of this is 7 pieces.

There is no clear record as to what Chinese civilization first used the Fu, however, the Fu is mentioned in a lot of Chinese religious and political texts. An apocryphal Taoist text call Ku Wei Shu or Old Mystical Test, the role of Fu is associated with the last legendary Five Emperors of China, especially with Great Emperor Yu, the mysterious Emperor who founded the Hsia Dynasty.

It is said that the Great Emperor has stop a terrible flood that has devastated most of China by burning several Fu of the Goddess of the North Star.

This is the Fu of the Goddess of Mercy / Bodhisattva of Compassion / Kuan Yin. I make sure I burn at least one set of her Fu everyday.

Personally, I can attest to the power of the Fu, and I use it a lot in conjunction of my mantras and Feng Shui.

There was this one time when one of our houseboy went into a epileptic attack, some say he was being possessed by a spirit, we don’t really know, but I specifically remember my mom just got a set of Fu, burned it and after less than a minutes our houseboy became visibly relax. He was sent to the hospital, but the hospital said that they don’t think he had an epileptic attack, and our houseboy claims that he saw a dark shadow hovering over him.

This is the Fu of The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven – Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong has three different kind of Fu. This one is for personal, family matters.

Another experience with the power of the Fu that I had, happened when I was still involve in an NGO. One of our managers got an educational grant in Berlin, but he has to pay for her own airfare and board and lodging. The organization raised funds for her board and lodging, however, nobody has volunteered to shoulder her airfare. We decided to write to several politicians, travel agencies, and famous businessman. Unfortunately, all of them turned down our request, except for one Chinese businessman. When we called up his office, his secretary informed us that her boss has read the letter but that he really hasn’t replied. We are quite desperate already because our colleague is scheduled to leave in 2 days and she still hasn’t raise her airfare fund. We beg the secretary of the Chinese businessman to give us time to present our cause to the businessman himself, the secretary agreed and said we should go to their office that same afternoon and she’ll see whether she can give us 5 minutes with the Chinese businessman. We immediately left, and for some reason, I decided to bring a set of Fu (one set is 3 pieces) of The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven Sun Wukong.On our way, the secretary called my colleagues mobile phone and said that there’s no need for us to go because her boss has already informed her that he can’t finance my colleague’s trip. My colleague informs the secretary that we are already downstairs and begged her to still allow seeing the Chinese businessman. The secretary agreed and I decided to burn the Fu with the intent of getting the businessman to finance my colleague’s trip to Berlin. To make the long story short, we went up, had an audience with the businessman, and was asked a single question – How would the country benefit from this trip? – My friend gave her reply and she got the funds for her airfare!

This is another Sun Wukong’s Fu. This one is for business. There’s another one but I don’t have a copy of it, that is for health.

I know somebody who is sick of cancer and was given a ‘death sentence’ by his doctor. He started burning some Fu and now he is well. Even his doctor was surprised that he won over the cancer.

There are a lot more stories about the power of the Fu, be it about money, business, personal problems, etc. The Fu has always made magical solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems.

For one to be able to tap into the power of the Fu, the Fu is burned. You call on the Immortal/Deity represented in the Fu, then you say your intent. However, there are some Fu that can be worn on the body and or placed on the door, etc.

Identifying the Cause of Disharmony Amongst Siblings

Published Agosto 13, 2012 by jptan2012

One of the most common concerns of parents is harmony or disharmony amongst siblings. Feng Shui has a big role in ensuring that siblings remain harmonious.

To ensure that disharmony amongst siblings (brothers and sisters) doesn’t happen, one has to make sure that children’s/ siblings’ doors don’t open to a long hallway. If all the bedrooms of the siblings open to a long hallway, this symbolizes too many ‘mouths’ trying to get or release chi. If this happens, it will surely make a lot of fighting and will create a major disharmony amongst siblings.

To counter this Feng Shui blunder, you can put paintings on the wall of the hall, plants, and big crystals. The remedies will work to regulate the flow and balance all the ‘mouths’ eating and releasing chi.

The Importance of Wearing Jewelries

Published Agosto 11, 2012 by jptan2012

The truth is jewelries are not just for vanity, it has a Feng Shui effect.

If you look at China’s history, jewelries are seldom worn for it’s visual effect, but they are worn for a reason, and most of the time, if not all the time, the reason is for good Feng Shui – either has a protection or luck.

Emperors and Empress at that time don’t just wear jade or gold jewelries because they simply fancy them; they wear it because it is something that they need to wear. The truth is they have a Feng Shui expert that tells them what kind of jewelry they can or cannot wear.

On top of that, Chinese are partial to jades and gold because for a specific reason. They believe that jade is a protection stone and also a lucky money stone. In fact, you’ll seldom see a wealthy Chinese (then and now) who doesn’t own a jade. Jade is very important for Chinese. A lot of them wears a jade either as a pendant, ring, or as bangles (bracelet). They believe that the jade will absorb a negative chi that’s directed towards them.

Jade is one of the most favored semi-precious stone of the Chinese. However, you should be careful in buying your jade, there are a lot of faux/fake jade in the market because it’s quite easy to replicate it. I know of a Feng Shui consultant who has a store that sells fake or low quality jade at about Php 8,800.00 or about US$200.00. She gets those jade at aroung Php 50.00 each or US$1.00. I think it’s simply wrong to sell fake items, if one is selling fake one has to be quite honest that it’s a synthetic stone and not a real one.

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m an avid believer of the power of gold; this is because gold on its own is a good Feng Shui enhancer or cure. It is especially good if the gold is between 14 carat and 24 carat. The Chinese also believes that gold is a very Feng Shui enhancer for money luck. More than that, gold being a precious metal naturally carries a lot of yang chi.

Simply having a jade or a gold on your body naturally enhances our personal Feng Shui, this becomes better if the jewelry incorporates a Feng Shui symbol. This is the reason why I decided to have the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT and the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT cast in gold. However, simply having a gold ring, gold bracelet or necklace is actually good enough and simply having a jade ring worn on any of your fingers (but better on your pinky), or jade pendant, or jade bracelet is sure enough to bring some very positive chi.

Just make sure that the design doesn’t connote any negativity.

My Weight Loss Chicken Stew

Published Agosto 9, 2012 by jptan2012

Trying to lose weight is really one of the hardest things that I’m trying to do in my life. I think it becomes harder because my metabolism is really slow, I love to eat, and I was born fat and has never been really thin my whole life. On top of that, after losing 40 pounds, my body has adjusted to the exercise routine that I have been doing thus I need to push myself further.

Losing weight entails a lot of discipline and self – control, and one of the easiest ways for me is really to take control of what I eat. I need to decide and plan what I eat everyday, it cannot be ‘grab anything when hungry’ type of plan, I really have to plan and think about it.

Taking control and planning also entails that I cook my own food, because my family loves to eat those unhealthy food.

It is because of this that I came across the blog of Ann Curtis’ boyfriend who said that he used to be fat. On his blog he shared a recipe, which I adopted and revised a little base on my taste.

I would like to share this with you now, well, if you like me needs to lose weight.

I’m calling the dish the Weight Loss Chicken Stew…I really don’t know whether I can call it Chicken Stew, but since I don’t know how it is called, I decided to call it as such.

I don’t want to sound ‘mayabang’ or boastful but I honestly think that this is a good, delicious, and healthy dish.

I say healthy because a lot of the ingredients in the dish are what you call negative calorie food. If you want to know more about negative calorie food please read my previous blog about it by clicking here.

Going back to the Weight Loss Chicken Stew…

The ingredients are the following: Celery, carrots, bell pepper, chicken breast fillet (cut into small cubes), chorizo (this is the only unhealthy ingredient of the dish, so don’t put too many of it), onions, chicken stock, paprika, pepper, chick peas (garbanzos).

First, in a pot put a little oil and sauté the onions and chorizo.

Wait until the chorizo has ‘sweat’ a little, put in the celery, carrots, and bell pepper.

Make sure that you stir it so that the ingredients will mix.

After about 2 minutes you can put some chicken stock or for more flavor you can replace this with spaghetti sauce.

Cover the pot for about 5 minutes then put in the chicken, and a generous amount of paprika. Make sure you stir them together.

About 7 minutes, put in the pepper and chickpeas. Again stir the ingredients together.

Cook for 5 more minutes and it’s done! You can put some fresh basil if you want it adds a lot of flavor to the dish.

You notice that I didn’t put in any salt or sugar, because the chicken stock or spaghetti sauce and paprika and pepper will gives flavor to the dish, not to mention the chicken breast, chorizo, and the vegetables contributes to making the dish really flavorful.

Also, notice I didn’t put any measurements as to how much celery you should put, etc. That is because I always ‘play it by ear’. I just make sure that the vegetables are the ¾ part of the dish, the chicken, chick stock, etc, only consists ¼ part of the dish. The chorizo although it adds flavor to the dish should be negligible.

Try it and hope you enjoy the dish. But what I can assure you that it’s heavy on the stomach, but the calories shouldn’t be that high, plus all the vegetables in the dish are negative caloric vegetables so it should not put on too much calories on your body.

I know it doesn’t look very appetizing, and I blame bad lighting and the phone camera phone! Hehehe! But try it. It’s flavorful and healthy.

Humans May Be Immortal by 2045?

Published Agosto 8, 2012 by jptan2012

No this is not the plot of the latest James Rollins or Steve Berry book, although in his latest book- BLOODLINE, James Rollins did use this as a plot. He did push it a little further by saying that being immortal is already possible.

This short blog will not try to answer whether immortality is possible or not, I leave that to the scientist, neither will I answer whether it is good or bad.

As a Buddhist, I’m feeling quite ambivalent about the issue of immortality. I don’t know whether it is good or bad in trying to achieve Buddhahood. In a way, it will give us more time to achieve Buddhahood in our current life time but also it may hinder our ‘urgency’ in attaining Buddhahood.

If you want to know more about immortality, do click on the link: COULD HUMANS BECOME IMMORTAL BY 2045?

No Typhoon…No Storm Signal…But Devastated by Heavy Rains

Published Agosto 7, 2012 by jptan2012

This is going to be a quick short post. The Philippines, especially the National Capital Region and nearby provinces has been besieged by very strong incessant rains since last night. Several dams has overflowed and has started to released some water. Several major streets of Metro Manila has been flooded, some the whole village are under water, like Talayan Village in, Quezon City. This is a weird occurrence because we don’t have storm signal nor there is typhoon within our the Philippine’s area of responsibility. The Philippines would need prayers. More than half of my readers are from abroad, and I would like to ask you to pray for the Philippines, especially the NCR. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, whatever you’re religion is do pray for the Philippines, especially for the families who has been displaced because of the heavy rains and flood.

For Buddhist or people who believes in the power of mantra, please chant the mantras of the White Umbrella Goddess (full mantra) – TADYATHA OM ANALE ANALE KHASAME KHASAME BHAYRE BHAYRE SAUMA SAUME SARVA BUDDHA ADISHTANA ADISHTITE SOHA OM SARVA TATHAGATHA USHINISHA SITATAPUTRA HUM PHAT HUM MAMA HUM NI SOHA; the mantra of the Medicine Buddha – TADYATHA OM BEHKANDZYE BHEKANDZYE MAHA BHEKANDZYE BHEKANDZYE RADZA SAMUGATE SOHA; and the mantra of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Kuan Yin – OM MANI PADME HUM.

The said mantras are the standard mantras in time of natural calamities.

I have previously written about the said Buddha and Bodhisattvas whose mantras are mentioned above. If you wish to know more about them please do read my previous posts about them.







Just Be Happy!

Published Agosto 5, 2012 by jptan2012

I recently received an email from a reader who said that she has incorporated all Feng Shui charms for peace and happiness; however, nothing seemed to have worked for her. She even went as far as blaming the online store where she bought her Feng Shui cures, saying that she thinks they might be fake or used items.

Since she shared with me where she bought her Feng Shui cures, I told her that it is unlikely that the said online store will sell fake or used items, in fact, the items of the said online store has always been copied by a lot of our local Feng Shui sellers here in the Philippines.

But why is it that Feng Shui doesn’t seem to have worked for her?

I always say that you need not believe in Feng Shui for it to work for you, but I also said in one of my previous posts entitled WHY FENG SHUI DON’T ALWAYS WORK, it’s not all about Feng Shui,  sometimes, it’s about your Paht Chee or Bazi or sometimes it is simply about your outlook in life.

A lot of us, will always say that we want to have peace, we want to have happiness, and we do buy Feng Shui charms to help us attain it, however, one of our biggest mistake is we don’t condition ourselves from within. We expect it from the Feng Shui cures, we expect it from the people around us that they will work for us to have peace and be happy, but we sometimes forget to work on it from within us.

If you want to have peace, do start from within. Focus on the things that give you peace. If you want to be happy, do start from within. Be happy! Focus on the things that make you happy. I think it’s where we should all start.

Stubbornness Due to Movie Posters with Violent Images

Published Agosto 3, 2012 by jptan2012

A cousin called me up to complain about her 11 year old son who used to be a very nice boy, but is now quite stubborn. My cousin believes that there are a lot of factors that may be causing the ‘stubbornness’ of her son, but she wants to rule Feng Shui out of the equation.

Since they live near us, I was able to go to their house that same afternoon that she called. They really haven’t made much change with their house and they still follow most of my Feng Shui recommendation. However, when I entered her son’s room, I notice that the son has hanged a lot of movie posters in his room. These posters mostly depict some violent images because they’re from action movies, sci-fi or horror movies.

I told my cousin that violent or hostile images do creates bad chi and it usually affects the person through his/her outlook in life or attitude. I believe that this may be one reason why her son has become stubborn. Nevertheless, I also told my cousin that her son is now at the age wherein he’ll start to explore their independence and his own character.

Solving the Case of Misfortuned Bratty Rebellious Children

Published Agosto 1, 2012 by jptan2012

Just before I started ‘SANA AKO SI RICKYLEE’ I got a call from the mother of a good friend. I call her Aunt, and she’s calling me because she wants to consult about the case of her grandsons from her eldest son.

My friend’s family is quite well off, and that the his eldest brother is also well off however, I know from my friend that his eldest brother is having problems with his sons.

C, my friend’s eldest brother, has 3 children, all of them boy. They’re now age 17, 21, and 25. Apparently all of them are problem children. I basically know of the story, but didn’t offer any Feng Shui help because my friend didn’t ask for it because he himself doesn’t want to meddle with the problem of his C, because he is afraid that his brother and sister-in-law might take offense.

Aunt called me up because she wants me to do a Feng Shui audit of the house of C; at that time that Aunt called I know that the second son of C is in the hospital because of a car accident. I immediately agreed to do the Feng Shui audit provided that C and his wife will agree to it. I know that C and his family are born-again Christians and might not agree to do the Feng Shui. Aunt said she has asked permission from C and C’s wife and not only they agreed to have me do the Feng Shui audit but they will make sure that they will be at the house when we do the Feng Shui audit.

When I got to C’s house, I was surprised to see that C and his wife seem to be a little excited about the Feng Shui audit. I was not sure whether they’re trying to be polite, but I soon found out that they were sincere because of the numerous problems that they experienced with their children.

Won’t go into full detail but apparently the eldest, J1, who still lives with them have had several business ventures which was funded by C but they all turned out bad. After failing in business twice, J1 decided to look for a job and not go into business right away. However, this turn out bad also and he was fired by his boss. He then decided to work for C, but even that is turning out to be a problem because the employees are complaining about J1’s attitude, and it has lead to the resignation of several valuable employees. On top of that, C and J1 quarrels a lot because of J1’s work attitude.

J2, the second son of C, who at that time was 21 years old just, had a car accident, because he was driving while under the influence of alcohol. They also said that he has gotten into some bad friends, which influences him a lot!

J3, the youngest son of C, who at the time was 17 years old, is another problem child. He flunks most of his subject and they found out that he cuts school a lot. On top of that, they just caught J3 brings girls to their home and let them stay in his room overnight.

Aunt adds that she thinks that her grandsons are nice kids but was spoiled thus they became bratty. They are also somewhat rebellious and don’t show respect to their parents, although, Aunt said they’re really nice and respectful towards her. I can sense some tension between Aunt and C and his wife. So I interrupted them and told them that I’ll start doing the audit.

To make the long story short, there were a lot of Feng Shui blunders, but the most obvious one that causes the problems with J1, J2, and J3 is that they have a water feature in the form of an indoor pond under their stairs! This is a big no-no in Feng Shui and is considered a terrible Feng Shui blunder! The effects are children in the house will tend to be lazy, brats, temperamental, rebellious and creates a big misfortune for the sons, in their case, all their children are boys.

Water features under the stairs are a big Feng Shui blunder. There is no cure for this except to take out the water feature.

I believe that this is the main reason why J1, J2, and J3 became problem children and this was aggravated by the other Feng Shui blunders in their house. Again, I’m writing this now because I just had lunch with Aunt, my friend, C and his wife last Sunday. They invited me to dinner because they said while it’s still a work in progress, approximately 8 months after the audit and 7 months after they’ve made a renovation they’ve seen some significant good progress with their sons. Like most Chinese, to express their thank they presented me with a gift and a thick red envelope/ang pao. I don’t know the amount inside the red envelope because I have to turn it down, C’s brother is a good friend and I cannot accept any money from them it is simply not right, took the gift though because not doing so will simply disrespectful.

Before I end, I want to mention that water feature under the stairs can come in different forms. While at C’s house it’s in the form of an indoor pond, the truth is any water feature like aquarium, or a toilet, bath, wash basin are all considered as a water feature. Furthermore, the trickier ones are water pipes or drainage that goes under the stairs are also considered as water feature, although it will be harder to determine this because they’re usually ‘hidden’.

The best cure for this is simply to take out the water feature or in the case of the toilet (etc.) the best cure is not to use it. If this is not possible, one has to make sure that the door is always close. Again, for the trickier one like water pipes and/or drainage putting a pagoda near the pipe or drainage is the best alternative cure because taking them out may not be very practical. However, ‘killing’ the pipe or drainage is the best cure. You kill the pipe or drainage by reassigning them or by not using the faucet (etc.) that is connected to the pipe.

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