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Goodbye, Dolphy. It’s a Sad Day for the Filipinos.

Published Hulyo 10, 2012 by jptan2012

It’s confirmed that the Comedy King who has been ill for quite some time now passed away at 8:34PM tonight. Although, he has been sick for awhile now, the news still came a surprise because we’ve been receiving news that he is getting better and that he even started smiling again or maybe it’s just that we don’t want to entertain the thought that he’s moving on.
I grew up laughing at his jokes. I grew up w/ ‘John and Marsha’ and ‘Kevin Cosme’ of ‘Home Along da Riles’.
Hindi ko alam kung ilan tawa ang tinawa ko dahil kay Dolphy.
I was able to interview him once when I was still working as producer for a broadcast media. I think he was the most special person in the room, but he made all of us who are working on the feature really special.

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Philandering Husband, Consumed by Success or A Case of Bad Feng Shui?

Published Hulyo 10, 2012 by jptan2012

I recently got a call from a former officemate who knows my interest in Feng Shui. She was asking for help because she has confirmed that her husband is having extra marital affairs. She herself said that she don’t think that they are serious but still the husband is getting some physical attention from other women.

This is quite surprising because I also personally know the husband and I was a witness to their courtship and love affair. The husband is quite devoted to my officemate, F. I expressed this to F and she said she believe that her husband was consumed by their financial success. This is when she shared that they have been experiencing some career and financial success and has recently moved to a new house.

We arranged for me to do a Feng Shui audit of their house, and when I arrived in their house, I saw right away one of the culprits. They have a very beautiful water fountain in their garden, which happens to be on the right side of their main door. Right side here is from the inside looking out, meaning it’s on the left side if from outside looking in.

I won’t be able to explain why this causes one of the couple to go ‘wandering’, and I’ve never seen any Feng Shui who is able to explain it clearly, but while we don’t know why having a water feature on the right side of the door (from inside looking out) has this effect, it has been proven that it’s one of the major cause of having a spouse to have extra marital affair. I mentioned this to F and she said she’d get rid of the water fountain.

Other than the water feature by the door, another Feng Shui cause of the extra marital affair can be found in their bedroom. They have placed a mirror in the bedroom that reflects their bed, this has an effect of doubling the romantic energy, which for married couples can be very bad because this invites a third party into the relationship. But on top of the mirror, they also have a wide screen TV in their bedroom that also reflects their bed. This again acts like a mirror and has the same effect. I mentioned this to F, and she said she’d get rid of both!