Simple Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Wealth Luck

Published Hulyo 1, 2012 by jptan2012

One of the first few posts that I’ve written about is – FENG SHUI TIPS TO ENHANCE WEALTH LUCK. Today, allow me to share a few more.

RECEIPTS IN THE WALLET/POCKET CREATE BAD MONEY FENG SHUI. Most of us tend to keep receipts in our wallet or pocket and just forget about it. In fact, it is not surprising that some of us may have some receipts in our wallet that’s been there for months or years. However, you should note that keeping a receipt in your wallet or pocket might create slight bad money Feng Shui. It signifies that you always have bills to pay.

SALT IN THE WALLET. Another way of creating good wealth luck is to always have a small packet of sea or rock salt in our wallet. Salt is a great chi cleanser, and having this in our pocket helps enhance wealth/money luck.

PUT A WEALTH SIGN OR WEALTH SYMBOL AS  WALLPAPER ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE. Feng Shui is all about symbolism, and putting a symbol of wealth as a wallpaper of your mobile phone helps a little in giving our wealth luck a little boost. You can use either of the following: three legged toad, pictures of gold bars, gold ingots and/or different currencies.

PUT THE WISH FULFILLING MANTRA AS WALLPAPER ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE. I’ve talked about the WISH FULFILLING MANTRA and the power of MANTRA in my previous posts. Putting the symbolic script of the Wish Fulfilling Mantra on your mobile phone helps in actualizing your wealth luck wishes.

WEAR A NINE-EYE DZI BEAD. A DZI bead is a special Tibetan bead that is suppose to have come from heaven. The DZI beads available in the market now are not original but they work as well. Wearing a 9-eye DZI bead either as a pendant or as a bracelet creates a lot of wealth luck.

Nine Eye DZI Bead on a string of Citrine.

WEAR A CITRINE BRACELET ON YOUR RECEIVING HAND. Citrine is a powerful wealth stone. It can be worn as a pendant but wearing it as bracelet is better. You should wear it on your receiving hand and not on your giving hand. Your dominant hand, meaning the hand that you use to write is the dominant hand, and thus it is your giving hand, the other hand is your receiving hand.


24 comments on “Simple Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Wealth Luck

  • I’m sure because everything that I write here are base on experience,and/or testament from firends.
    I don’t have a list of customers because I’m not an online seller and neither am I into this for bsuiness.

  • I always read JP Tan’s Blog, and requested him to do me a Bazi Reading, only that it has not yet been realized yet because I can’t find precious time yet to make it with him. He is busy and I am also busy, but I know we can find time together someday. I replied to this thread to say this: Most people ask of evidence for fengshui when the truth is evidence is found nowhere but beneath the surface of our own selves. Fengshui is a way of harmonized life, and life in its broadest sense is experience. Thus, only then when we choose a life of harmony we can understand how fengshui alingned us to the boundless blessing of the universe, and realized in the process that our wishes are fulfilled. I always read JPs Blog and I believe that his energy is good, I don’t have evidence though as I dismiss “evidence” with much conviction because evidence is only for the cynic who do not believe. While doubt is essential for any thinking being, being cynical annihillates the meaning of existence. Fengshui makes sense. As I read it here somewhere fengshui does not require belief to it for it to work for you. =)

  • Hello there,i’ve been reading your post recently about feng shui and as of now iam reciting the wish fulfilling mantra,i would like to ask something also,i had a bracelet of phoenix and dragon with a yellow ctrine i bought it last july 8,2012.,,,,they told me not to let it be wet or even touching or weae it by someone else the problem is that iam taking care of a twins in which they usually touch it accidentally,do you think it wont effect anymore because i disobeyed the rules?and one thing more i would like to know how many time i will recite the symbolic script of the wish fulfilling mantra and which should go first the wish or the mantra.,,,,,,,iam hoping one day i’ll talk to you personally……thanks for your tips and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS for being nice!!!!!…..

  • letting it touch by babies should be fine. jusy make sure that your citrine are real. there are a lot of phoenix and dragon w/ citrine in the market that are fake.

  • Hi,jp once again i would like to ask,how will i know if may citrine in dragon and phoenix bracelet are original?came from lim in global fusion inc.pls.,,… me as soon as possible!!!!….and if you dont mind i would like to ask some help from you about feng shui?….Thanks a lot and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!!!….

  • hi jp, i like your articles about feng shui…it’s very informative..thanks…i wanna ask something..i am confused because the nearly half part of the ground floor of our house was converted into commercial we have to include it as part of the house in using the bagua map? will appreciate your response..thanks..

  • Hi JP, after reading some feng shui on your website I ordered a 9Dzi Bracelet. I just wanted to know before I wear the bracelet, is there anything I have to do? What are the things I should or should not do when am wearing the bracelet? Thank-you so much!

  • Hi JP, I feel like I don’t have any luck in life. Is there any feng shui that can turn my life around? Thank-you so much!


  • hi may i asked about putting salt in a i have to it put directly inside the wallet or salt shud be on a small plastic case …thank you…

  • Last night my 8 & 11 year old boys heard a squeeking sound in their room. Our three black cats all slept with them. This morning there was a dead little bat on the carpet in the doorway. The landlord found a loose board by our fireplace chimney and is waiting till dusk to fix it. What does this mean.

  • Hi JP! Can we wear more than one DZI Bead? Example, a 9-Eye DZI and a 2-Eye DZI together. Will that bring more luck? Thanks!

  • I have passed mechanical engineering since5 yrs. But I am unemployed yet. what’s my luck ? can u help…

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