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The Feng Shui of Sleep

Published Hunyo 5, 2012 by jptan2012

I know that some people may think that this is a little extreme, but the truth is there is such a thing as Feng Shui of sleep. When we sleep that’s when we rejuvenate, that’s when our body gathers more energy. Also, sleep is maybe one of the longest, if not the longest time of day when we face a single direction, and as discussed in my previous posts, depending on your Kua Number, different directions may create either good or bad luck for you.

When we sleep, where our head is ‘pointed’ is actually the direction we are activating, thus it is important that we make sure that our head is directed towards one of our lucky directions. You can find out more about it by reading my posts – WHAT IS FENG SHUI KUA NUMBER AND HOW TO CALCULATE IT; FOUR DIFFERENT TYPES OF LUCK BASE ON YOUR KUA NUMBER; FOUR DIFFERENT TYPES OF BAD LUCK BASE ON YOUR KUA NUMBER.

Also in Feng Shui, between 11pm and 1am, which is the hour of the rat, the first animal zodiac, is the time when our body rejuvenates better. So it is best that we go to sleep before 11pm. More than that, the morning chi, especially between 5am to 9am is considered, as the ‘freshest’ chi. It’s important that we absorb the chi of these hours so that we ‘energize’ our own chi.

Maybe that is why it is not surprising that most successful people are early riser.

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