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Family Portraint as a Feng Shui Cure

Published Hunyo 4, 2012 by jptan2012

I received an email from a Filipina (a Filipino woman) who is about to leave for Dubai to work there. Seeing that a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers’ (OFW) family who don’t survive the loneliness brought about by the physical distance, she is worried about her family. She explained that she loves her family and wants to stay here for them, however, she knows that given that she and her husband are both unemployed here they have to go abroad to look for work.

Using the portrait of the Obama family so that I don’t get sued for copyright or privacy issues. It’s important that parents should be always in front.

They agreed that one of them will stay here for their 4 kids, they both would have wanted that she be the one to stay, but given that they are not sure who will be lucky enough to get a job they both applied for work abroad and decided to have fate take its course. She was the one who ‘got lucky’ and got the job. So fate decided that her husband is the one who will stay here.

She emailed to ask for a Feng Shui cure to ensure that her family survives the physical separation. I told her that it’s quite simple. She can use their family portrait. I suggested some basic Feng Shui cure or protection, however, one of the most basic cure for this kind of situation and/or for families who are experiencing some kind of disagreement is to hang a large (as big as possible) family portrait in your living room. You should make sure that it’s big enough that that’s it’s a bit overwhelming. Make sure it’s a happy picture and that the parents should be in front and the children at the back. This is a very effective and relatively inexpensive cure.

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