Myth Buster 6: Coming Across a Snake is a Bad Omen

Published Marso 6, 2012 by jptan2012

There’s a Filipino belief that coming across a snake is an extremely bad omen, it is often associated with evil. Some Filipinos, especially those from the province believe that a snake may be a devil in ‘disguise’.

However, the truth is coming across or accidentally meeting a snake is a sign of good luck. If somebody is sick in the family, it would indicate that the person is about to get well. It can also mean that a change for the better is also about to happen.

If you see a snake in your house or on your garden, it means that an important person who is about to change your life or your family’s life for the better is about to arrive in the next few months.

I know that a snake can be very scary because it is poisonous. However, if you come across a poisonous snake that would only mean the luck is more significant rather than coming across than a non-poisonous snake.

8 comments on “Myth Buster 6: Coming Across a Snake is a Bad Omen

  • i’ve come across a snake inside our house, but unfortunately my brother and his friend killed it because my mother was frantic and nervous at the same time and so am i…will it be a bad omen for us for killing the snake??

  • 2 years ago a brown snake came in our backyard … I freaked out the moment I saw it cause I got 2 little kids and I was so scared and didn’t know what to do,so my father in law killed it …I’ve heard that snake means money loss so 3 months later the driver of a truck that we own had an accident and there was $75.000 damage to it…. We had pretty rough year ,we nearly lost the house and all … They say if a snake comes to you do not kill it it’s bad luck… I guess it is true,but I was worried about my kids and us as well,that’s all…

  • I just found a childs python in my bedroom in a clothes basket.
    I got it outside without hurting it as it was winding its way through the holes in the clothes basket.
    It also appeared to be a little slow, probably due to the air conditioning in my room.
    I nearly died of a taipan bite nearly 28 years ago. Can this little non-venomous snake signify anything? (good I hope!)

  • Hi! I was sleep one night and my door bell was ring got up and answer it for my family member. When I was head back to bed I saw a shadow and though it was something else. When me and my family put on the light it was the snake and it move so slow. When to get a boom to move it and it was gone. But it had left it skin. I really think it was bad luck.

  • I think all animals are good luck to me. If it was snake, the luck is sealed. I believe evil is to make us better than chasing it out. Either ways I’m lucky

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