Myth Buster 4: Bats Brings Bad Luck!

Published Pebrero 20, 2012 by jptan2012

Most people are afraid of bats, well, who can blame them bats indeed look quite scary. I personally am afraid of bats. Traveled once to Bohol and entered a bat cave and they’re really quite scary not to mention smelly!

However, bats are actually one of the most auspicious creatures! If a bat enters your house, it is a sign that something good is about to happen. If you are currently experiencing some misfortune, and a bat enters into your room or your house, or even if a bat appears on your window it’s a sure sign that something good is about to happen.

If you see a flock of flying bats, that’s a sign, that extreme windfall luck is about to happen. If a set of blocks went to live in a section of your house, that’s a sign that you’ll have continues luck.

If they went to the East side of your house or property that means you and your family will enjoy health luck and good family life. On the West, you’ll enjoy good descendant luck, one of the favored luck amongst Chinese. If they fly in to the South, your family or the head of the family will enjoy some fame and recognition luck. On the North, all members of the family will enjoy good career luck. In the Southeast, it means that the family will enjoy financial stability and may even be really rich. It The Southwest, will indicate the couples who stay in the house will have more love for each other. If a bat or bats went to stay in the Northeast, it means that the children in the house will do well in school. Lastly, if they in the Northwest, it means the father of the house will enjoy a good life.

When I went Bohol last year, I met this guy whose has tree full of bats. He was quite famous there because the locals actually believed that his property is haunted that’s why the bats went to stay there. This guy doesn’t believe in Feng Shui, but when I asked him why hasn’t he driven all the bats away. He shared that he believes that the bats has given him wealth luck. In fact, he now has a resort, and a lot of other properties since the bats have stayed in his property.

There’s nothing like having the real thing, but don’t ever cage a bat, because it will be bad luck. You can simulate this by inviting auspicious images of bat into your house. A bat with a wealth coin signifies wealth luck. Wearing a 5-Bat DZI will bring blessings and protect you from negative chi!

So the next time you see a bat don’t be afraid, instead, be thankful!

You may also want to read how you can tap into the power of the bat to make your like auspicious by reading the post called: AN UNUSUAL POWERFUL SYMBOL AND FENG SHUI TIP TO ENHANCE WEALTH LUCK: A BAT WITH A COIN

139 comments on “Myth Buster 4: Bats Brings Bad Luck!

  • Sorry for the late reply. It is actually very lucky to have bats enter your house. I know some people associate it with bad luck and death, but in Feng shui it’s actually quite a good sign. There’s actually a story behind that which I plan to write about in one of my future posts. But in summary, it’s because of an incident that happened a long time about a ruler who had his downfall when bats started to live in his court. He soon died of an ‘unexplainable’ disease. But the truth is, his court is the center of power of the country not just of the said ruler. He was a dictator and tyrant and a bad ruler. While the bats became bad for him, the demise of his power was a good thing for his constituents. However, given that he was such a powerful ruler, people associated his downfall with the bats. But if you look at the bigger picture it was good for the majority.

  • It’ll be hard for me to give an intelligent and informed comment base on the limited information that you just shared. However, it could mean that the bat has absorbed bad chi or luck (most likely financial). Meaning, the bad could have saved you from bad luck.

  • I was alone at home around 8 pm and a bat entered my home (probably from the wnidow facing the south. I was terrified and ran out of y home in my night dress. i ran up the stairs and the bat folowed me. I then ran down, locked my door and closed all my windows.

  • i wanted to add that I live in mumbai in the heart of the city and this is very unusual. Needless to say, I was terrified out of my brain, A week ago we had to vacate the house at 3 am because there were small bursts in the electrical sockets and strong smell of smoke, We eventually got the wring redone at home. this is the second time in a week i have had to run out of the home in my nightdress wihtout slippers. :(. and this has never happened before.

  • we live in northern north american and just had three bats in our house we where able to chase two back out but our cat caught one during the night and killed it what does this mean we have no idea how they even got in the house

  • Hi! Had a bat in the house just now.. was flying all over it.. went and flew around the entire house.. I was not scared of it or anything but, it was keeping my daughter from falling asleep as she sleeps out in the living room with me.. but this is the second one in as little as 2 weeks that has come in.. flown around for about 30 mins then left the way it came in.. I was thinking about birds being in the house and googled about them being good or bad luck.. and this makes me pretty happy.. it seemed to fly around just about every room several times before leaving.. lol thanks for the good info!!

  • One bat has entered my balcony since yday night it has been making noises like the usual ones one hears .. today morningnwe did not see the balcony but again tonight it is there and im terrified toe ven open the balcony door which is attached to my son and mother in laws bedroom… shud i drive it away if found in the morning ??what do i do.. Please advise..

  • A Bat Entered My Room at Night Yesterday and flew around in the room I opened all the windows and tried to chase it out but it did not go out. I later locked the room from Outside and kept the windows open. By morning the Bat has flown out. Please let me know if this is a Good or Bad Omen. The bird flew around in circles in the room.

  • Sorry for the late reply. Was really busy with work and didn’t have time to open this blog and/or the email associated with this blog.
    How I wish that you didn’t do that, because a bat is a sign that something good is about to happen.

  • Hi.. yesterday night a bat entered our house we opened the door and window for long but it was just flying in circles in our living room.. leaving us with no option but to hit it a brroom towards our window.. in this process it fell down n we threw it out of the window ( we stay in the 5th floor. Please reply what it means. I feel sorry for what I had to do to it.. 😦

  • A bat brings good luck or good news. When a bat enters your house it means something good is going to happen. If you are currently experiencing some bad luck it means that your luck is about to change soon. But if everything is well and good it only means that more good things are about to come. I wish you didn’t hit it with a broom.

  • Hi. same thing happened to me also…. 2 days back as i entered into my bedroom i turned on lights and fan then i saw a bat flying from east side of my room to west side then the bat died after being hit by fan.. i don’t know when it has come into my bedroom but there is only one window which is on south side.. probably the bat has come from this it a good sign or a bad??? everything happened in couple of minutes….

  • hi i am from india..two days back as i entered into my bedroom i turned on lights and fan then i saw a bat flying from east side of my room to west side then the bat died after being hit by fan.. i don’t know when it has come into my bedroom but there is only one window which is on south side.. probably the bat has come from this it a good sign or a bad??? everything happened in couple of minutes….

  • A bat was in my basement a couple days ago we caught it an set it free but it looked like it wanted to fly back into my house but it ended up flying away

  • Hi,,
    m 4rm bangalore,,, last night btwn 7.36 to 7.38 a bat flew thru d entrnce which faces east,, it swooped til d west side of d hall nd flew back thru d same entrnce,,, what does dis indicates nd few years ago its dropping fell on d partition of my hair nd slid down my forehead nd btwn my eyebrows till d bridge of my nose,, i m lil petrified by these occurncs,,,, pls help me 🙂

  • Hi
    m frm India,,, on 19th Jan 13′ betwn 7.36-7.38pm a bat flew frm d main door whch faces east,, it flew till d west side nd went back thru d same entrance,,,
    nd few yrs ago a bat’s dropping fell on d partition of my hair nd slid down betwn my eyebrows till d bridge of my nose,,, what these occurrence indicates? Is it bad or good,,, pls reply,,,. Thank U 🙂 🙂

  • Hi,
    We have a small group of bats that are roosting inside our south facing roof eves. We were going to seal up where they enter after they leave for the night as there are plenty good roosting places near by.

    Is this a good idea.

  • Please don’t get scared whenever BAT comes into your house / office, this bird is a Fortune-Bringer…

    Let me share my experience, I have observed that whenever bat enters into our house, it actually enters because we keep our lights ON (as we live in the city), and then after shutting down lights it never goes out for some time. But this bird is really harmless it doesn’t harm, bite or do any kind of problem for anyone, if you observe very closely, that it never touches you, though it fly around you. So my humble request… please don’t kill this bird, and if your ceiling fans are ON then please shutdown, and let this poor fellow go out from open window or door.

    Regarding fortune if we talk, then I strongly believe that it brings very good fortune in all ways, in my personal experience, whenever this bird entered in my house (I stay in Mumbai) then in coming days I and my family got something rewarding as mentioned by JPTAN2012…I will call this bird as Fortune-Bringer.

    Thanks JPTAN2012 for giving me more knowledge regarding bat.

  • we went to a school function and in every part of the school an activity was taken place. It was our turn to go into the school gym. We were there for about 15 min when all of a sudden a bat comes flying in and start to circle around us. People we scared and I immediately thought….this is Good Luck! I mean how often to you get a chance to be in a room with a bat flying over you. My question is how realistic are my feelings?

  • bat enter in to the house rounding the hall and went to the kitchen ,suddenly another person hit the bat it was died.anything wrong ? what happen the hit person ?

  • hi ! today i saw very small bat near the window of my east side of house. it was just hanging in my window close to my home mandir . is it good sign or not?

  • after every 4 months regularly bats comes from upstairs to my ground floor …everyone in my family are concered on location in midle of town…so its not posible that their is any nest of bats..what to do ..?

  • Hi there… saw a giant bat circle overhead while standing with a friend outside her house have never seen anything like it before …. This happened on 1st jan 2013 around 1 am. I told her that it was kinda strange had never seen such a huge one before …. I mean huge …so hope kinda lucky, that also on the start of a new year…

  • I am from India.I have 2 bats residing in my Air Conditioner for the past 1 year or so, first we thought they are lizards or mouse, but today when we cleaned our A/C we came to know that they were bats and we let them fly away…does it bring good luck or bad luck

  • Last night when I woke up to use the toilet, I found a bat fallen in a bucket full of water struggling for his life. So I emptied the bucket and put him on the floor, later it flew away. Is saving a bats life lucky too.

  • hyyy….. i found your’s really intresting … actually i want to know that… everytime when my mood off ,, a bat enters in my house alwayzzz… & my sadness all gone in 4/5 hours . But i hv a question that ..why that bat everytime fly over my head (someone told me that “b’couse of bugs over your head” but no,, there is not) .. in my room house even in my roof terrace that bat alwayz fly… over my head… so plzz help me find out what the meaning is….

  • Hi..last night i heared some sound like kit kit..than i switched on my phn torch and i saw 2 bat in my room..i bat left my room and second bat eating some thing.In morning i saw 2 leg of sparrow and beak..last night bat was eating sparrow…so pls tell me its bad luck for me or not…what is the meaning of this…

  • What happens if my boyfriend killed the bad that was in our bedroom.. we got so scared of seeing it there in our room..

  • hello , just wanna ask what does it mean. last night my sister in law saw a bat at the back of my car in the garage. while he was standing a bath fly and stay at the motorcycle tire.

  • Hi I am from India, staying in Bangalore in a Flat. I have noticed that from past 2-3 months a bat enters my varanda, stays there whole night and then in morning flies away. Is this good?? if yes then til date my life is normal nothing like good luck thing has happened .Should i take steps to avoid bats entry in my Varanda or leave it like this only
    ?? PLease reply

  • When i entered my office i saw a bat in my room. My colleague picked it up and let it free. What could it mean. Is it a good omen? I am worried as i am the MD of the company with over 1500 employees and we are passing through bad time.

  • hi..a bat has entered my room in the east side…and has given birth..what should i do? don’t want to harm the small one..but does this bring any bad signs?/

  • Hi, am a Jamaican and i am afarid of bats, however in the space of a month two bat fly in my face as if they wanted to kiss me. is that a good sign or a bad one?

  • Hi!

    Last night a bad came into the window of my bedroom. At first, I thought it was a bird but was afraid so I hid under the blankets, poked my head out to see it was flying around in all directions. It would disappear to go South for while and then come back where I can see it and near me… almost dropping down onto me a few times which led me to cover myself completely and just look at it from a tiny part in my blanket. Eventually, I fell asleep. I left the window open all night so that it could get out when it wanted to and it’s now the next day and it’s gone ( I think/hope – Eek!).

    Is this a good or bad sign? What do you think?

  • Hai, everyday bats came and hang itself with its legs in my room’s window. i mean maybe they’re sleeping but at night they dissapear and the next morning they came sometimes they’re one bats and sometimes they’re two. It already happens like 1 year but nothing happens what is that mean?

  • Somehow at 3AM at bat came to my house, I have no clue all doors and windows were locked after 9pm… Eventually at 3:30 I was able to get it out of my house through the windows without harming it. Is that bad or good?

  • A bat entered my room on the SouthEast side. I don’t even know how it got there as all my windows are closed, screened and grilled. No chance of even an insect to pass through. In any case, I allowed it to fly circular around my room and then it went to our living room with my room open and finally it went to the kitchen and we led it out the backdoor, south.

    Am I supposed to expect anything out of that?

  • Last two days, every night a Bat comes in our house balcony and by hitting with fan they got to death and last night one bat throw down on my pillow.
    When i waked up in morning I see on my both lags some blood are there.
    What indicate this???
    Please reply urgent….I scarring

  • last one week back a bat came in our house with our clothes which were left outside by unknowingly i brought the clothes inside. when i am wearing i have seen it so please reply it whether it is a good sign or not

  • hi i am from india , want to know one thing frm past two days bat is entering my house and will fly in my room for some time and will go out . again around midnight 12 it comes to my room nd go . i want to know whether it is good or bad .

  • Yesturday, bat was sitting on top of enterance door. i couldnt recognize as it was hiding.

    But i could see black color creature and called security. Security has removed the bat and drive it away without hurting it. Please suggest

  • sir
    today at night a little bat found in my home …. he was trying to fly but he cant…he walk all around in home…after some he went it nice for me?

  • Sir today in my bathroom it is southeast side I saw one small bet is there my wife through water on hole and its gone please tell me its good sign or bad sign

  • Sir.,
    In my house south east corner balcony area early morning 5.00am small bats are flying. Ground floor northside some area ceiling not plastering, some gaps are there. At that place some small bats are living. It is good or bad advise me.,

  • Sir,
    On friday when I returned from office at 7:30pm and opended the door to find a bat flying (in circle) in our living room. Quickly I opened my windows, after 10 minutes it went out.

    I really don’t know from were it has come. All window were closed.

    Anyway, is it good or bad. peopel say if bat comes death is in the corner.

  • i got them in my place in bali, its a big house with very high ceilings, they fly in at nite and hang on the lamps eat fruit and shit. in the morning at dawn they fly off somewhere, next nite there back, i thinks its cool, i put newspaper down on the floor under the lamps so it easy to clean up. 2013 was the unluckiest year i have ever had, hope 2014 they bring me luck

  • Hi , I had a dream last night of lots of bats flying around … Then some of them flew into my mouth and body .. I could actually feel the sensation in my dream , it was pretty scarey … What could this mean ??

  • hi, there was a bat flying in my leaving room it entered from bedroom window and i started to google the supersitious believes written about bats and most of them have written saying it brings death but after readind your replies and blogs i was at peace i hope and pray it bring good luck

  • Today (Friday) a bat came into the house from the east side door (between 7.30 pm to 7.45 pm) and it flew over there around and around.I hit by a broom once time and after that it fall down on the floor,but after few seconds back it again flew and sat to our bed.After that my husband cover his body with a piece of cloth and threw it out side from our house .we threw it inthe east side.pls suggest it wil good sign or bad sign…plsssss reply..

  • What does means when you have a nest of lil baby bats live inside my sink in bathroom!! They my make quickening sound, like if there calling for help

    Plz plZ answer me back

  • hmmm just now bat entered into my house from south side window and had several circles inside my living room . Unfortunately did after hitting the fan!!! I will wait for some time and I will reply whether it is lucky sign or not!..Did any body have experience of good or bad after bat incident …pls share!!!.

  • Today night a single bat came into our house and fly around our house twice I want to know that is good or bad we are having a big financial trible

  • hello sir
    today i was just cleaning my cupboard.i dont know there was a bat behind the cupboard&unknowingly my broom bites the bat ,suddenly bat bite me in my finger.blood came(1 drop) & it pains a lot.anyways i went to the hospital & doctor advised me not to worry.i realy loved this good or bad?

  • Hi
    i am staying in a rented house in the geart of the city in south india ,where my house is covered with boundry walls . The entrance of my house is east facing and in the west side we have a huge garden where i grow all types of herbal plants .For past one month there is a bat sitting in my mango tree .Somes times i could see it in the day times and mostly during night times it make sounds continusly and distrubing .

    PLease let me know is it a bad omen as already i am facing heavy financial problems and health problems to my mother . Kindly advise

  • Hi.. very day or alternate day one bat entered my home n flew in all the rooms including kitchen i ws soo scared n ran out.. some time it comes in late night at 10/11 sometimes in mrng by 9.30 i dnt think dats good my husband
    Was force to his office wr he ws wrkin frm last 2yrs wthout any complaint aftr this incident he joined another company again bat came n he ws asked to leave dat job too again wthout any complaint.. i m very much scared v r facing vry much trouble in our day to day life.. v hv to sell our car too coz of finanical issues aftr dat bat entered..! Plss reply.. wht to do now..??

  • Hi just this early morning at about 5.30am while I was sleeping, a baby bat flew into my room and was hit by the fan. I heard a loud snap and awoke immediately and discovered the baby bat lying on the floor. It didn’t touch my but I was definitely sure it did not survive the impact by the fan. What does this mean? It was a tuesday by the way. Please tell me.

  • What happens if a bat hits the face of our body
    . Actually I was riding on bike bike , around 8 pm suddenly it hit on my face (cheek)on left side, what happens , and I am getting tensed .

  • when i am coming to my home from my job around mid-night on my bike suddenly one bat came in front of my bike and stick to my bike it is dead or alive i don’t know because i am hurry to come to my house TELL ME THE MYTHS IT’S BAD? GOOD?

  • bat enter in to the house rounding the hall and went to the kitchen ,suddenly hit the bat it was died.anything wrong ? what happen ?

  • Hi, I am not much into symbolism unless something seems odd or timely, so here goes.

    I just recently had three serious financial reverses very quickly that sort of jeopardizes my family’s present wellbeing. I got the worse news yesterday. I am also in a situation congruently in which my personal safety may be compromised and that I can be harmed physically. This morning, a bat flew into my house. It was wildly trying to fly out as it appeared disoriented. It started to fly down the hall in a North direction, to my children’s room where they were sleeping. I tried to get ahead of it to shut the door to the room, but the bat kept flying into me, and finally hit me again, and landed on the floor, without hesitation, by instinct, I stepped on the critter and killed it, to protect my kids obstensibly.

    Does all this mean anything?

    Thanks for any insights.

  • Hi, yesterday afternoon a bat entered into our house in the sinki where the dry kitchen is. I quickly covered it with a plastic food cover and take it outside the backdoor of the kitchen. May i know what is the meaning of this.

  • I am going thru very bad phase of my life. Recently resigned a job and now can’t see any hope to get another job. The day I left my job seen a bat flying thru my house second time in the same week. First time was after I submitted my resignation and second time was the day I left my job.

    first time it just flew to my bed room and disappear and second time it was like night time. Saw flying to my bedroom stayed in the room by hanging south side window, We shutoff all lights of the house and open all doors, after a while in about 5 minutes flew out thru main entrance on east side.

    Is this something warning me about my upcoming time. Currently don’t see any hope to get my life better, rather things getting worse. Someone please help me to understand the situation.

  • today night one bat has came into my home then i killed that bat and throw it out… Is’nt good are bad to me are to my family.. I tryed many sites but no answer but i need a answer


  • Hi a bat flew into my sons bedroom through a small open window. He was very scared so was I to b honest after trying to find the bat in the room and banging about and going through everything we did not find it. We shut the door and my son slept with me. The following morning I went into the room to look again still did not find it. Afte putting everything back and putting the black out blind back up and closing his curtains which are black I came down stAirs and 5 mins later so did the bloody bat we ran outside and left the front door open after it circled my living room for about 20 times it went out the front door what does this mean and is my son ok sleeping in his room

  • Hi

    I am pavan from blore from 1 week bat is hanging in front of our main door (west facing) everyday between 10pm to 12pm. This has started from amavase 16th June 2015.

    We are really afraid. Pls let me know what this sign is indicating.


  • Hi, My name is Dinesh on 26-06-2015,when i came to out side from my house a bat is came on my back side and it touched on my back hed .For that iam affraiding so much please tell me is there anything is going to happends what ever it may be either good r bad please reply me

  • June 29, A full sized fat ass bat flew into my house, scared the hell out of my family.
    we opened all our windows and doors to let it find its way out and it did. but today on june 30, it came back, and started circling around the living area and thats where i knocked the hell out of it.

  • Hi…Yesterday night I had a bat that just flew inside from my kitchen balcony (guess this door is facing west) . It flew around the hall went into my father in law bedroom, my childrens study cum toys room…and came back to the hall and flew out of the main door that is facing east. Now when it entered the house…we were watching tv and having dinner…my kids got scared so I took them inside my bedroom and closed the door. Now I think it wud have tried or wanted to come into my bedroom as well but since I closed the door it couldn’t. Could you tell what sign is this indicating . Thanks

  • i was scared when bat enters and flew around me. But as said, it will bring good luck for me. hope for the best. Thanks for the sharing information.

  • Today a bat came in to my bedroom it is good or bad? Why I am asking about it because recently i became a father now I have a new born baby and she is 2 montha old. Please reply as soon as possible I am very affraid.

  • Yesterday I saw a bat child on my door and now today is also a bat child on my door. please tell me ” is it good sign for me?”
    what kind of good sign?

  • I was outside smoking at 0100 am on my patio,as im smoking in dark with lil night light only from the moon i saw something close to my face i got scared and thinking am i seeing things? what was this? then continued to smoke then few seconds later saw bird flying over me like wants to attack me or wants me to leave im like what is going on here then i got scared agin and took my smoke to garage instead patio then i come to conclusin that was bat that maybe woke up as i made some noise by opening doors and turning light on
    i just felt like bat dosen’t want me there and i felt like i’m invading his privacy or something
    please let me know what to do?

  • Just now at 12:20 am in the night, a bat entered my house, My MIL got scared as i am pregnant and they say bat’s shadow should not fall on pregnant ladies, however, i am relieved after reading the article.

  • hiii sir just one hr before one small bad come in gallery sun raise irritating it so it flying here n there in gallery floor i caught n safe it but i want it live long time what i feed n how i manage plz help me

  • someone in my freinds said that if we keep a stick or a part of tree( in which bats always reside permanently) with us or our workplace,it increases good luck or success that true:?

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