Myth Buster 1: Mirrors in the Bedroom Brings Bad Luck and Bad Spirits

Published Pebrero 13, 2012 by jptan2012

One of the most common question I’m asked is whether mirrors in the bedroom, specially if it reflects the bed, brings bad luck and whether they bring in bad spirits. This is partly true but there’s more to it than just focusing on the negative.

First, mirrors actually double the existing energies. That is why it is considered auspicious to put mirrors (of course, it has to be placed properly) in retails stores and/or even offices. Reflecting the cash in the cash register ‘doubles’ the wealth energy thus increasing sales. Putting mirror in such a way that it ‘doubles’ the food on the table is also considered very auspicious because it doubles the abundance as represented by the food on the table.

Technically speaking it is not ‘literally’ bad to put mirror in the bedroom, however, if it reflects your image while you’re sleeping would mean that it will double whatever chi or luck you have at the moment. Meaning, if it’s good chi or luck then it will double that luck, but if you’re experiencing negative luck it also doubles that energy and obviously we don’t want that. It is seldom that a person experiences continues spate of good luck, even at your luckiest you’ll have negative energy as influenced by the ruling animal sign of the hour or day or month, or even through the influence of a flying star. So it is definitely better to just avoid putting a mirror inside the bedroom, unless, of course it doesn’t reflect your bed.

Also, for married couples, its definite that having your images reflect on the mirror while you sleep will also double the romance luck, but doubling the romance luck of a married couple is bad because it will invite third parties into the relationship.

Please note that reflections from television screens are considered ‘mirror’ effect. It is because of this that in terms of the perspective of Feng Shui it is better not to have TV sets in the bedroom.

Will mirrors in the bedroom bring in bad spirits?

This is not really my area of expertise, because this is technically not a Feng Shui question. However, in Taoism, it is said that mirror is a portal to the other world and that in our ‘dream’ state we are more susceptible to ‘tapping’ into the other world, thus its possible that you invite spirits into your room. This can be either good or bad spirits. In Taoism, it is also said that should a bad spirit wishes you harm it will be easier to do so if you’re in the ‘dream’ state. Thus it is better not to put a mirror in the bedroom.


3 comments on “Myth Buster 1: Mirrors in the Bedroom Brings Bad Luck and Bad Spirits

  • mirror in the bedroom having the reflection of the bed isnot yet clear to me. Please suggest something specific as i’m having mirror in my room where there is not enough place.

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