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The Power of a Prayer Wheel

Published Pebrero 11, 2012 by jptan2012

A Prayer Wheel is one of the most ubiquitous and reverred item in Buddhism.

I had the opportunity to get ‘acquainted’ with a Prayer Wheel through a Bhutanese Buddhist Monk.

Let me tell you briefly the circumstances as to how I met my guru. This happened several years ago, I’ve just recently arrived from one of my Feng Shui education trips. I was at the airport about to leave when I suddenly saw a Buddhist Monk who seem to be at a lost. While looking at him and debating whether I should approach him and ask whether he needs help, he turn to look at me and seeing that I was also ‘staring’ at him he approached me to ask for help. His English was bad and its quite difficult for us to understand each other. Nevertheless, the gist of the story is that he because he had to take several flights from Bhutan to come to the Philippines, and several changes in his schedule was made prior to his flight, he forgot to inform the monks in the Buddhist temple that’s suppose to house him here that he’ll be arriving 13 hours earlier! So he has to wait for 13 hours! He has the phone number and address of the Buddhist temple/monastery that’s suppose to house him here in the Philippines. I offered to call the temple using my mobile phone, but after numerous attempts nobody answered our call, maybe because it was around 11:30pm when we arrived aboard PAL. I know that Buddhist monks wake up early but they also sleep early. Seeing that the temple where he is going is in Sta. Mesa and not far from where I live in QC, I offered to take him there. I don’t know whether it’s because he is a Buddhist monk or he is really just very trusting that I didn’t even see him hesitate to ride with me.

On our way to the temple, we started talking to each other, with difficulty. I found out that he’s just staying in the country for about a month as part of his ‘lessons’. He then asked me what I did in business, I told him that I just finished my fourth class in Feng Shui in Singapore. I then asked him whether Buddhist monks believes in Feng Shui.

He said that while they believe in Feng Shui, they don’t really put too much emphasis on it, at least not as much as Taoist monks do. He then told me about the ways which Feng Shui is incorporated in Buddhist practice or even in Buddhist temples.

He said that Buddhist always puts a Prayer Wheel in a place wherein there’s so much bickering or fighting that’s happening. He said that a Prayer Wheel gives a sense of calm to the place where it is place. He also explained that a Prayer Wheel is like saying a Mantra a thousand times with each spin, and given that we now have the capability to put prints on a microfilm this ‘power’ is further enhanced, if microfilm is used on a Prayer Wheel.

In the one month that he stayed here in the country we continue to see each other in the temple about 6 or 7 times. I invited him for a vegetarian lunch or dinner (several times) but he always nicely refused my invitations, instead, insisted that we meet at the temple, and each time we meet, he’ll impart to me several Buddhist teachings. We never formally verbalize that he has become my guru or that I had become his student, but I believe that was the nature of our relationship.

After his month long stay here he had to leave for Bhutan again, before he left, he gave me my very first prayer wheel. The one he gave me is a pendant, he said so I can wear it as often as I can.

The Prayer Wheel Pendant that my Guru gave me is very similar to this prayer wheel shown in the picture.

I have since then bought a handheld prayer wheel, a tabletop prayer wheel and a solar prayer wheel.

During the time of his stay here I would always ask him about how a prayer wheel works. He has given me a very detailed explanation but I will not attempt to repeat here because I’m sure I didn’t fully understand it. However, the web has a number of information about prayer wheels. But to fully understand it you must consult a Buddhist Monk, I think they’re the only ones who can really explain it properly.

However, I can fully attest to the effectivity of a prayer wheel. I always wear my prayer wheel pendant whenever I’m traveling or whenever I’m going into a ’emotionally charged’ meeting. When my mom got sick, we also put in a prayer wheel in her room and the doctor said that her recovery was faster than expected.

I personally believes that a prayer wheel really works!

A table top prayer wheel.

A solar prayer wheel is a prayer wheel that spins on its own with the use of solar energy.

In places like Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, they also use water prayer wheel - prayer wheels that run on using current of water.


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