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A Personal Testimony: Tapping Into Buddhism, Taoism, and Feng Shui for a Positive Outcome of a Delicate Situation.

Published Pebrero 10, 2012 by jptan2012

This is a personal testimony.

I don’t really want to talk about my own experience on this blog, because I feel that it might be a little too self serving.

However, I thought, what the heck. You can either believe or not and it wouldn’t matter to me because this is personal and it really wouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Besides, when I started this blog, I vowed that I’ll write about anything I feel like writing without thinking of whether it well be read or not.

Anyway, being born under the sign of the Ox, I know that I have good financial/business/career luck this year. However, I know I have to be careful about being hot tempered because this might impede this luck. On top of that, my Bazi chart shows an overflowing of the water element, and given this is year also is also overflowing with water, this really becomes bad for me.I know I have to take extra Feng Shui care if I want to be constantly lucky.

Unfortunately, after taking so much ‘bullshit’ from a the marketing person of a client, I wasn’t able to heed my own advice and lost my temper and ‘fought’ with the said marketing person. Because of this, they decided to withhold payment and started asking me to submit a lot of several irrelevant materials and an audit report. I submitted all of their ‘requirements’, however, when they ran out of things to ask me to submit, they just ignored my calls and messages. Left, unpaid is my last monthly retainer for my marketing consultancy work worth Php 85,000.00.

I know that I have to meet with them and iron things out and have them pay me. However, a friend who also works for this company said that the marketing person has badmouthed me to the owners that the owners are now also ‘angry’ with me. She also said that the company has decided to withhold payment and they would be even willing to go to court.

I’m on the losing end here. Because the marketing person and the owners are cousins. On top of that, my Feng Shui-Bazi chart shows going to court will be bad for me. On top of that, I get to lose Php 85,000.00, a very substantial amount.

I requested my friend to put in a request for me to have a meeting. The date has to be Feb. 9, 2012 between 11AM- 1PM.

Why Feb. 9 because looking at the chart, Feb. 9. 2012 is a good day for the RAT, an ally, and also a bad day for the HORSE. Amazingly, the marketing person and the owner are both born in the year of the RAT.

Why between 11AM and 1PM? Because those are the 2nd best auspicious hour of the day for me.

On top of that, the night before, and on the day of the meeting, when I was on my way to the meeting, I recited the mantra of Amitabha Buddha – OM AMI DEWA HRIH, the mantra of Kuan Yin – OM MANI PADME HUM, the mantra of Sakyamuni Buddha – OM MUNI MUNI MAHA MUNIĀ  YE SOHA, the mantra of the Goddess Tara – OM TARE TUTTTARE TURE SOHA, the mantra of the 8th Dark Orange Tara Bestower of Supreme Powers – OM TARE TUTTARE TURE AH NAGA SOTO HUM PEH SOHA, the mantra of the 7th Black Tara Crusher of Disputants – OM TARE TUTTARE TURE BADE BERTHANG WARAN NAYA JO SOHA, the mantra of the White Dzambhala (Jambhala) – OM PADMO KRODA ARYA DZAMBHALA HRIH DAYA HUM PHAT, the mantra of White Dzambhala – OM DZAMBHALA DZALIN DRAYE SOHA, and also repeated called on SUN WUKONG, and Kuan Kong. Furthermore, I wore the images of Rooster (being the most auspicious sign this year) and the Rat. I also wore a Prayer Wheel pendant, which is not a Feng Shui material, but is being used as such. I also made sure that I’m in red shirt to compliment my missing elements.

Prayer Wheel Pendant

Oh, I will not go into details, but the outcome of the positive was extremely positive. They decided to pay and apologized for what happened.

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