Pi Yao – A Celestial Being that Bestows Wealth and Protection!

Published Pebrero 7, 2012 by jptan2012

The other day I wrote about the – THREE CELESTIAL GUARDIANS. The post included a brief description of the Pi Yao (also called or spelled as Piyao, Pixie, Pi Xie, Pi Xiu, Pixiu). However, I feel that there’s a need to discuss more about the Pi Yao, because aside from being part of the 3 Celestial Guardian, the Piyao on it’s own is a powerful celestial being, when its image is worn or displayed, bestows great merit of protection and wealth!

The Pi Yao, like the Dragon, although highly revered and considered as really powerful, are not meant to be worshipped. The Fu Dogs and Piyaos are usually placed and used as temple, imperial court guardians. However, unlike the Fu Dogs, Pi Yao are also usually placed outside business establishments, banks to act not only as guardians but also as wealth catchers. There are some establishments in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan that has the Fu Dogs in their gate or outer door and a pair of Pi Yao in the main entrance or in the lobby.

As mentioned, the Pi Yao or Pi Xie is a mystical creature that is particularly powerful and auspicious. It is said to have a voracious appetite that is infinite. The interesting part is that the Pi Yao does not have an anus, which means things only go in but never come out. On top of that, the Piyao as directed by the Jade Emperor is only able to eat gold and silver. It is therefore a favorite must-have for businessmen and merchants who wants money to come in and not spill out a dime. It is no wonder that Pi Yao can often be seen in banks, casinos, foreign exchange markets and finance companies in Oriental countries. I mentioned earlier that traditionally, a Piyao is not an animal meant to be worshipped, but, in countries like Thailand and Cambodia, people worship the Pi Yao and offer incense and flowers within business premises. Having said this, if your Piyao is made of natural crystal its okay to light an incense in front of your Piyao not to worship it but to cleanse it from a negative ‘energies’.

Aside from this, the Chinese adore the Pi Yao because of its very protective, obedient and loyal nature. It is believed that the Pi Yao will always try its best to grant its owner’s wishes and protect its owner from injuries. Because of these capabilities, smaller versions of Pi Yao are often worn as amulets. Many stories have been told where victims of car accidents or robbery assaults surprisingly escaped the ordeal unharmed and found out later that the Pi Yao amulets they were wearing or keeping had mysteriously broken into two or damaged. It is said that their Pi Yao had sacrificed themselves to protect their owner. Treat your Pi Yao like it’s a real pet – pat them, rub them – a happy Pi Yao will go the extra mile to grant your wishes.

Always TRY to get a Pi Yao with an active stance.

Using a Piyao with a lazy stance, such as the one in the picture, will still work. But since we want the Yang energy of the Piyao, an active stance which translate to a Yang posture is preferred.

Pi Yao is also a wonderful symbol to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter or Tai Sui. Depending on your horoscope sign, you might be offending the Grand Duke in a particular year, directly or indirectly. If your horoscope sign is in conflict with the Grand Duke, you will suffer a year of bad luck and obstacles. Those afflicted with Tai Sui should display the Pi Yao where the annual Grand Duke Jupiter resides in your home as well as carry a Pi Yao protection amulet. The person with the Chinese horoscope sign that is in direct conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter MUST wear a Pi Yao charm either as a pendant or as a bracelet throughout the year of affliction to guard himself or herself from misfortunes. This practice is highly recommended by Feng Shui enthusiasts.

Gold Piyao pendants worn as amulets are also very auspicious.

On top of that, placing a pair of Pi Yao facing the main entrance and/or the direction of the Grand Duke Jupiter will help ward off the negative effects brought about by the negative energies of the Grand Duke Jupiter.

Again, as much as possible, please stick to the Piyao with an active stance. The one in the picture is with a lazy stance which connotes Yin posture. It will still work but Yang posture is preferred.

45 comments on “Pi Yao – A Celestial Being that Bestows Wealth and Protection!

  • Hi can you please email me and tell me what I should do with my pixiu? My pixiu is slightly damaged. I’m very sad because I adore it so much.. I don’t know what to do about its damage and I wonder if it’s still “alive”. It is a gift from my beloved auntie and I brought it along to Bangkok during my vacation. And I accidentally left my handbag in the cab with my Pixiu attached to it.. Eventually I had to pay the cab driver 3000 baht to get my Iphone 4, Coach purse and my Gucci wallet (passport, credit cards, identitiy card and money). Sometimes I think, if my Pixiu did not come along, I wonder if I could get my things back from the Thai cab driver. And when I received this Pixiu, I already started to love it and believe in it.

  • Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about your Pixiu or PiYao. You really have to get rid of it by burying it under the ground, either on your garden or backyard. If this is not available, you can also cover it with a red cloth and throw it on a deep water river or sea. If this is still not possible, you can just temporarily cover it in red cloth put it in your drawer or cabinet, and do either one of the three things mentioned above once you have the opportunity.
    With regards to your emotional attachment to the Pixiu, you just have to realize that the Pixiu might have saved you from a something bad. 🙂

  • hi, i need ur advice, i have bought a pi yao amulet, i carry it with my bag, but last 2 days my fiancee and i was fighting, i grab my bag so i can leave the room but he grabbed it from me and unfortunately my piyao got snapped! i feel so sad about that. can u pls help me what can i do to my piyao?

  • Hi I’ve just invited a pi xiu from China’s De Sheng Men. I like it the moment I set my eyes on it. I have the intention to place the pi xiu on my work desk in the office. As I do not want anyone to touch it, I’ve also decided to place it in a transparent glass box.

    My question is, when I’m off duty, can I place a red cloth over the pi xiu and place it in one of my side cabinet?

  • Hi JP,

    I’ve bought a Pi Yao bracelet just recently, it was only just now that I’ve found out that there’s one on active and one on a lazy stance (after reading your post above that is.). Nevertheless, even if its still on a lazy stance, I still want to use it as really I love its color(black), which I find really attractive, But question is, can I get another Pi Yao, and this time with an active stance? and wear them both on the same place (right hand)? will there be any conflict or whatnot?

    Also I’m not sure if I’m within the year of the dragon or year of the rabbit (some calendar computations online says I’m a dragon, some says I’m a rabbit) can you also help me on this one too maybe?

    Thanks heaps!

  • Hi again JP,

    To start off, I’m sorry if this is a bit long:

    I’m not sure if what happened to me a about an hour ago is bad luck or just me being reckless… but I just thought of maybe checking it with you… so there I was in those massage chairs in one of the Robinsons mall, So there I was trying to relax, when suddenly the string snapped off! (well I was trying to pull it downwards towards my hand since it was being covered by the arm cuff of the massager and I was scared that it might break off or something – but I’m sure that I didn’t pull it hard enough to break the string! so I was really surprised, maybe the string wasn’t tough?) I was able to get majority of the beads and the Pi Yao, but I think I’m missing around 4 or 5 beads somewhere underneath that chair, so in the end I was able to retrieve only 9 of the beads and the Pi Yao.

    (the one I got looks exactly like this : http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41FUFvPSFtL._SL500_AA300_.jpg ) and I got it for P350 – not sure if that was an okay price for a Pi Yao bracelet since its my first time to buy one…)

    So I’d like to get your thoughts on this :
    1. Is it okay if I try to fix it? like maybe if I can buy the exact same black shiny beads – it looks like the buddha beads in size. And buy a better / tougher string..) coz I really love this one eventhough it has a lazy stance. Its like a sick pet that I want to cure… u.u
    2. or shall I just get a new one for replacement? (eventhough I dont like the thought of it)… and cover this one in a red hanky and keep it in a safe place.
    3. this happening, could it be a sign of bad luck?… :s
    4. what are the usual price of a Pi Yao bracelet that’s of a good quality and any suggestions of a specific store/s in Chinatown where to get one?

    Sorry if I asked a lot! And thanks in advance!


  • Hi there i need some advise of how to cleanse a piyao.. My partner had her piyao since november 2012 and its seems working so fine.. And believed me she really loves its i mean loves them since she has a pair of piyao now. But she notice it lately that it hasn’t been much alive i mean not working as before. So we were thinking of cleasing it. Pls help us.. Many thanks

  • Hi,

    Thank you for this blog. I am looking to buy a good Pi Yao but am based in the US. Where would you suggest I buy one? Open to online shops overseas, any suggestions would be great.

    Also I noticed that the PI Yao above in black is one male and other female. I was told that female should not be kept in the house as it is only for cemeteries etc. Tian Lu is for home and is male. Can you please advice. Thank you

  • Hello, I just found your blog and really love what you have here, plus you answered back to everybodys’ comments. So I thought maybe I could ask you what I am looking for. I bought a Piyao last year to place it in the NW area facing SE where the Grand Duke energy was. But now in 2013 that the energies have change and the stars have moved I am wondering where will be the best place to put my Piyao and facing what direction? My piyao is gold color with some coins in the bottom as if he is protecting them. Thank you in advance 🙂

  • can i ask that is there any restriction in wearing a pi yao like what i cannot do while wearing the pendant? and is there a specific material like example a pi yao made from jade or crystal which is good? and can i wear it all the time with out taking it off if i get it? can i go drinking and bring the pendant along?

  • I really like the idea of a Piyao, and would love to get one, but I have been sick for several years now, and I’ve heard that they use up a lot of energy (their appetite), and have heard of someone loosing everything after getting one. Can you share what you know about this, and do you think that it would be ok to get one. I have also thought of using two outside my homw instead of foo dogs. Is that advisable or not so much?
    Thanks : )

  • Hi. i just saw this blog today. i am keen on getting a Pi Yao. planing to place them in my home. where do actually place them in order to have wealth and prosperity? facing Grand Duke Jupiter or facing outward of my main door. By placing them facing outward of the main door, does it mean outside house main door or the external gate (after car porch)?

  • Hi,
    I just recently bought a pair of jade piyao, small enough for a coffee table. I would like to use them as a pet for it was known for their loyalty and granting wishes of their master. I need to know how can I ensure their loyalty to me? Secondly, I live in a studio apartment I don’t have a living room. Where Can I place them? Can I put them in my closet? Please advise.

  • I am planning to have a male pi yao tattooed covering my right clavicle until the upper part of my right arm. I was born at the year of the rat 1984. Will this bring me good luck?

  • Is there a conflict for people born in the year of dog to carry a pi xiu as pi xiu is actually a dragon or perhaps I should rephrase it as dragon is my conflicting animal sign.

  • my wife bought a piyao pendant in china town, in manila, blessed and was wrapped in a red fabric then was send to me, my question now is the color of the piyao is red and incasted in a 14k gold, would there be the same power as of any material used like gold and jade? pls let me know, thank u so much!

  • Hi, thanks very much for posting this! There is a lot of contradictory information and stories about Pi Yao on the net, and this blog and the coment replies clear up a lot. 🙂

    I do have a question, though. I read that larger Pi Yao that you keep in the living room are for your whole family and it’s OK if family members touch it (No one else!) but smaller Pi Yao on pendant should only be touched by the owner. But what if you are in a situation where it touches someone, maybe they hug you before you can take it off or drop it inside your shirt? Is it bad luck for you or them? Do you have to cleanse Pi Yao and if so, how?

    Thank you!

  • is a pi yao can protect house from thief break in?recently my house was broke in by thief.thnking of getting pi yao to protect my hse against thief

  • I just recently purchased a pair of female Pi Yao on bases. I have them inside facing out on either side of my apt. door. They are facing North. I cleaned them with Dr. Bronners castile soap (all natural soap) and rinsed them well plus did an American Indian “Smudging” of white sage to them to rid them of any negative energy they may have accumulated before coming into my possession. Ive heard they are female because they both have 2 horns, is that true? I found these at a time when I really need them. I hope and pray they help. Do I have them placed correctly?

  • Hi!

    When I bought it, I was told that if another person touches my Pi Xiu, all my luck will transfer to the one who touched it. Is that true? If so, then I badly need help with cleansing my Pi Xiu and regaining its loyalty. 😦

    Bec. just today, at the new year’s celebration with my relatives, I forgot I was wearing my Pi Xiu when one of my nephews (toddler) suddenly touched it. ;(

  • Hi, love your post by the way. Me and my husband just brought a pair of Pi Yao, we have placed on a chair on southeast area next to our aquarium which contains a silver arowana. Is that ok? I’m confused and I’m new to this. About the touching only one person should touch it? Because me and my husband brought it together so we consider us both as owners.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Hola! I absolutely loved reading your blog. I traveled to China on September last year to learn about their culture, at the end of my trip I visited the Jade factory where for the first time I learned the history of the Pixiu and Jade, so, I bought one, it’s a female, made of a little green with brown jade.
    I got up late last night out of curiosity to look at the Pixiu and went back to bed. This morning I took it out of my glass cabinet to caress her and clean it with warm water, upon examination I found that a toe nail was missing, it’s not very noticible, but It hurt me with saddness because I know that she hasn’t been hurt under my care, I absolutely love her!
    I hope that the Pixiu have some healing powers for her own and that she continues to bring protection to our family.
    Since I have my Pixiu there is harmony and good health in our home… As a reward to my good fortune, after cleaning her, I dressed her with real gold jewelry and on that foot I put a 1969 silver coin. I know, it sounds funny! But to me, it’s a way to show my appreciation since I know Pixius only feed on gold and silver.
    Shouldn’t I’ve done that? What else can I do to bring all the good energy? What are your recommendations for a proper cleansing?
    I thank you in advance for your reply and I hope to hear from you soon!

  • hi, i just went to a feng shui store to buy pi yao but instead of pi yao he gave me bracelet for my protection. but before i leave the store he gave me pi yao but he told me just give small amount because hes giving me that. i put in the southwest position facing northeast. but really i dont know about that. he only told me. i not make do something like warm water. what will i do..

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