The Three Celestial Guardians.

Published Pebrero 5, 2012 by jptan2012

The 3 Celestial Guardians, the most effective cure for the Star of 3 Killings, has become really popular in the last couple of decades. For Feng Shui enthusiasts the reason is pretty obvious. If you want to avoid the 3 Killings, then tap into the 3 Celestial Guardians. However, the truth is some people are not really familiar that the Three Celestial Guardians really consists of three different celestial animals or beings. They’re namely the Pi Yao, the Chi Lin, and the Fu Dog. These three figured prominently in Chinese architectures as guardians and bringer of luck. They’re not really used as collective protection against the negative chi of the Star of Three Killings. In the olden days, Feng Shui practitioners will use just a pair of these celestial protectors to ‘fight’ the 3-Killings. It was a famous Singaporean Feng Shui consultant who first incorporated the use of the 3-Celestial Guardians to ‘fight’ the effects of the Three-Killings. He was ‘ridiculed’ and criticized for his actions and was said that he did this to become ‘famous’ and to go down in Feng Shui history as somebody who was able to contribute something substantial.

Time proved that he was correct, because the practice of putting a pair of single kind of celestial protector is only meant to subdue to effects of the 3 Killings, however, putting the Three-Celestial Guardians as one totally ‘crushes’ the effects of the Three Killings, so much so that you don’t have to worry about it. In fact, unlike the Tai Suey and the Five Yellow Star, even with the aid of a Pi Yao and Five Element Pagoda you still have to avoid them, with the 3-Celestial Guardian you can just totally ignore the Three Killings. You don’t have to worry about it. That’s how powerful the 3 Celestial beings in dealing with the 3-Killings.

The Three Celestial Guardians, as mentioned earlier, is compose of the Pi Yao, Chi Lin, and Fu Dog. They’re some of the most ubiquitous and most revered protectors of the Chinese. You’ll see them in temples as some of the first line of guardians, you’ll also see them in the homes of the powerful and rich people and you’ll see them in offices (private or government).


The Pi Yao is also called as the Pixiu (Pi Xiu), Pi Xie (Pixie) or Piyao. Better known in Feng Shui for appeasing the Tai Suey (Tai Sui) God if offended, it is one of the animals in the 3 Celestial Guardians. At first glance, it resembles a ferocious, angry lion, however, if you take a closer look you’ll notice that it’s actually a winged creature that has the head of the Chinese dragon. A Pi Yao is really a fierce creature, its large fangs is known to ‘kill’ demons and negative energies.

Pi Yao also called Piyao, Pi Xie, Pi Xiu, Pixiu, Pixie is powerful celestial being.


The Chi Lin (also spelled as Chilin, Qi Lin, Gi Lin) is a hooved, celestial, mythical creature often called as the ‘Chinese Unicorn’. The Chinese believes that a vision of Chi Lin would mean that there’s going to be an arrival of a wise SiFu (teacher) or great illustrious leader. In fact, it’s said that when a Imperial Feng Shui consultant or astrologer dreams of a Chi Lin or saw a vision of a Chi Lin, it would mean that there will come a new great leader or emperor. For emperors or empresses who are expecting a child, and they dream of a Chi Lin, they will take it that their child will be a great leader. It is said that the mother of Chin Shi Huang Ti’s mother ‘saw’ a Chi Lin outside her window the day before she gave birth. For those who are familiar with Chinese history, Chin Shi Huang Ti is one of the greatest leader in China, albeit some people think he is also one of the most cruel emperor. Furthermore, the Chi Lin is also believe to be able to dispel negative energies and make them into auspicious one. In fact, in some Chinese dynasties, the Chilin is rank as the highest form of Celestial being.

The Chi Lin (also spelled as Qi Lin, Gi Lin, Ky Lin, Chilin, Qilin) also has a scaled body.

The Fu Dog or Foo Dog are Chinese Imperial Guardian Lions, some people will say that its technically wrong to call dogs because they’re not. It is also debatable whether the Imperial Guardian Lion or Fu Dog is a celestial being or whether it’s base from ordinary lion given extra characteristics for Feng Shui and Auspicious purposes. It also unclear whether the word Fu is from the the Chinese word Buddha, or the Chinese word Luck, which sounds the same. Whatever, its origin, the Fu Dog is also a very ubiquitous protector symbol in China. They will usually come in pair. The Fu Dog may not enjoy as much reverence given to the Chi Lin and Pi Yao, nevertheless, they’re considered as one of the most powerful protectors.

The Fu Dog or Foo Dog is a Chinese Imperial Guardian Lion.

It should be noted that the Pi Yao and Fu Dog when used as a protective ornament at home to deal with the effects of Tai Suey and as protection from bad spirits respectively, they should always be a pair of them. Chi Lin, may go solo. However, in dealing with the 3-Killings, you can have just one of each.

Wearing a Pi Yao pendant can also pacify the Tai Suey should you offend Him by facing or staying the Tai Suey corner. It can also bring wealth luck because the Pi Yao has a big mouth and no anus, which symbolizes that luck will enter but unable to leave. It is said that the Jade Emperor made the Pi Yao his wealth catcher and has made the Pi Yao into a being that can only eat gold and silver.

Always get a Pi Yao pendant that has an active stance.

As much as possible don't get a a Piyao with a lazy stance, such as the one depicted in the picture. Although, this will also work , try to get the one that has a Yang posture.

The Chi Lin when worn as pendant will bring wisdom and pacify arguments or bickering. Furthermore, if you don’t know the Feng Shui or unfamiliar with the Chi of a place, the Chi Lin will help protect you should there be bad Feng Shui and/or negative energies. It will also ward off negative energies and turn them into positive one.

A Chi Lin pendant is a powerful cure if you're not sure of the energy and/or of the Feng Shui of a place.

On the other hand, the Fu Dog, when worn as pendant will also ward off negative energies and protect you from bad spirits. The Fu Dog is a nice amulet to wear when going to the hospital or a wake.

A Fu Dog (Foo Dog) pendant is a very good amulet when visiting hospitals or a wake.

Because, I know how impractical it is to wear the images of all 3 Celestial Guardians and the need to wear other Feng Shui charm, I decided to design my own Feng Shui cure and enhancer that incorporates the 3 Celestial Guardian and other cures for the Flying Star afflictions. I called this the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT. At the front of the pendant is a very powerful wealth and protector deity in Taoism and a Buddha in Buddhism called the Monkey God Sun Wukong, – The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven. Click here if you wish to know more about the Monkey God, Sun Wukong.

Front image of the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT is that of - THE GREAT SAGE, EQUAL OF HEAVEN SUN WUKONG. The pendant is made of 14k Yellow Gold.

At the back are the 3 Celestial Guardians, and the Five Element Pagoda and a Ksitigarbha Fireball.

At the top is the Chinese character for - THE GREAT SAGE, EQUAL OF HEAVEN. Followed by the 3 Celestial Guardians, and below is the Five Element Pagoda which deals with the Five Yellow Star and the Ksitigarbha Fireball which deals with the Argumentative Star.

Since writing about it, I’ve received a lot of email asking me as to how can they avail of the pendant. Unfortunately, as of now, because of the high price of gold, and because its quite thick and big, about an in length, and half an inch in width, its quite heavy, the price is quite steep. My jeweler, at the moment, is unable to make a silver one to make it more affordable. However, if you’re in Manila, Philippines, and wish to avail of the pendant I can lend you the mold for free. You just need to pay some deposit for the mold, and you’ll get your money (100%) back once you return the mold. You can use the mold to look for a jeweler who can make the pendant for you. I can just help you consecrate the pendant.


9 comments on “The Three Celestial Guardians.

  • hi,

    As the 3 killings is located at the south sector in 2012, would you reconmend to place the 3 celestial guardian in the south sector which happened to be a bedroom. if so, should the 3 celestial guardian face the south direction too or any direction in the south sector?

    Further, can the celestial guardian be place on the groud or higher than the bed?


  • Hi! To answer your question, its perfectly fine to put the 3 Celestial Guardians in the bedroom. I prefer that the 3 Celestial Guardians be placed facing south. It need not be higher than the bed, but you should not put them on the floor.

  • interrested with the wealth and master Protection Pendant na ung back ay may 3 celestial guardians, 5 element pagoda and ksitigarbha fireball…how can i avail of that?im in davao city kasi…year of the snake kasi ako…thanks

  • Hello can I ask politely po where to put the three celestial guardians? The south sector of my home is the kitchen area. Can I put it there?, and I heard they’re supposed to be facing south too, so should they be facing the wall or should they be across the room? Please and Thank you!

  • Hi. Will a Gold Key Chain of the 3 Guardians work as well as the home ornament? I bought one and I was advised to take it with me everywhere I go.

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