Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Your Wealth Luck!

Published Enero 25, 2012 by jptan2012

When people found out that I studied Feng Shui and do Feng Shui consulting and audit on the side, they always ask me as to how can they enhance their wealth luck. Again, this is a question that can be fully answered by looking at the Bazi (also called Paht Chee, Four Pillars, Eight Characters) chart of the person. The Bazi is basically a formula wherein you look at the luck potential of a person by looking at their birth date and time.

However, having said this, there are some universal feng shui wealth symbols that each one of us can use to enhance our wealth luck.

First, since I came out with the Wish Fulfilling and Buddha’s Blessing Mantra Pendant, I was really surprised that it work so well with enhancing wealth luck. But the another amulet that is surprisingly very effective with enhancing wealth luck is the Vajrapani Ruel. In fact, it has a lot of personal testimonies that was shared to me by my readers, some of which, I also shared on this blog. But the below recommendations are also quite effective. If you wish to read more about the Vajrapani Ruel, there are several stories on this blog, but you can start by clicking on this link. But there are only limited pieces of the Vajrapani Ruel, and it can be quite pricey for some people, so remember the below tips are very effective as well.


The 3-Legged Toad. Please make sure when buying this you choose a three legged toad, there are some who sells the image of the frog. It’s not the same. It has to be the three-legged toad and choose the one with a coin in its mouth.

The three legged toad is one of the oldest and most powerful feng shui wealth charm or enhancer. However, for some time it was quite forgotten until Lillian Too of World of Feng Shui popularized it again.

My personal experience with the three legged toad is simply astounding. However, what I want to share with you right now is about a friend’s experience with the three legged toad. She asked me as to what can enhance her financial luck. After looking at her chart, I saw that her wealth luck is already ripe, but for some reason it hasn’t manifested yet. In fact, she’s currently in dire financial problem. I told her to get a three legged toad. Furthermore, I gave her a three legged toad pendant, and 2 months after she got the pendant and the three legged toads which she displayed in her house, she won the grand jackpot prize of the 6/42 lotto (in the Philippines). She won more than 4 million pesos! She swears its because of the three legged toad…and I fully agree.

In getting the three legged toad, please make sure that you place it adjacent to your front door. You can 3, 6, or 9 or more as long as its divisible by 3. Make sure that you have one toad facing the door and the other facing inside the house. Just scatter them on the floor, it can be under your table or chair. Never put the three legged toad on the table they should always be on the floor and make sure that they all have a coin in their mouth!

Wearing a three legged toad pendant is also very auspicious!

You also might want to get to know more about the 3 – Legged Toad from Liu Hai. In a post called: An Unknown But Powerful Taoist Deity Called Liu Hai.

The pendant that gave my friend is similar to this one. Wearing a three-legged toad pendant is also very auspicious.


In choosing a sailign ship, it would be better if it’s made of metal and colored in gold. Please make sure also that it’s going in and not out.

This is also one of the most powerful wealth charm or enhancer. You can place this on your sheng chi direction and or at the entrance of your house, store, or office. But please make sure that it’s ‘going in’ and not ‘going out’. You can also add some lucky coins on the ship.

However, I need to stress that if your element in your Bazi chart is really high in water or a weak fire, the Sailing Ship may not be the best wealth enhancer for you.

I recommended this to a friend who’s retail store is just breaking even. He’s not making any money. After placing the Sailing Ship in his store, his sales started increasing. In fact, he now has 3 other stores.


The Wealth Vase is used by a lot of Chinese to tap into their wealth luck. In fact, if you go to a house of a wealthy person in China, most likely they’ll have a wealth vase hidden somewhere in their house.

This is another powerful wealth enhancer. In fact, when I went to China, I realized that a lot of my wealthier relatives has wealth vases in their house. Yes, they keep not just one but several. One of my distant uncle has one in his living room, another one in the kitchen, one for each of the bedrooms, so not surprisingly, he also the wealthiest of my relatives in China.

The wealth vase is also both a Taoist and Buddhist wealth enhancer. In fact, to this day you’ll see Buddhist temples doing wealth vase blessings or wealth vase ceremonies.

In preparing a wealth vase you’ll need the following:

Any auspicious looking vase with a big mouth and a large body. It should have a cover also.

Five different cloth that can cover the head of the Vase. The colors should be white (metal), red (fire), blue (water), yellow (earth), green (wood). They represent the five elements.

Five different strings also representing the 5 elements.

3 different beans or grains. (E.g. Coffee bean, Red Bean, Rice Grain)

Whole Tea Leaves



Three different candies  or preserved fruits (no menthol).

Soil (preferably from a rich man that you admire).

Money – Five different denominations. (Preferably you ask this from the rich people that you admire.)

Picture of 3 different rich person.

Picture of your dream house.

Picture of your dream car.

Faux diamond or other semi precious stone.

Faux gold coins, ingots, bars.


Image or Statuette of a Deity (Guan Gong, Sun Wukong (Monkey G0d), Tua Peh Kong, Dzambhala). They should be made of metal.

Wealth Amulets from a a Taoist temple. (Optional)

First you place the soil at the bottom of the vase, followed by the tea leaves, grains, fruit preserves or candies, salt, sugar, picture of the dream house, dream car, wealth people, and then the money.

Put the wealth deity on top of the money. Take note where its facing and consider it as the front side of the wealth vase. Make a mark so you don’t forget.

Then fill the wealth vase with faux gems, gold (coins, ingots, bars) and all the other ‘ingredients’. Once they filled place the Taoist wealth amulets. Then cover with the lid. Place the 5 different cloth on top of the lid. Yellow first, followed by white, followed by blue, then followed by green, then red. Then tie it with the five different color strings.

Place your wealth vase inside the cabinet to keep it hidden. Make sure that the deity inside is not facing out of the house but rather he should be facing in, thus you need to make a mark.

This is my personal wealth vase. Took it out to take a picture of it, but its hidden inside my cabinet. I chose the color red for my vase because I lack the element of fire. I added another yellow cloth on top because my wealth element is earth. I conduct a regular Wealth Vase Ritual/Making Workshop. If interested please just email me at sanaakosirickylee@gmail.com.


Faux Gold Coins, Ingots, and Bars are available in Ongpin. If you can’t find one please contact me at sanaakosirickylee@gmail.com

If you’re just building your house, it would be great if you can bury 168 pieces of faux gold coins under your main entrance. By doing this you literally walk on them every time you enter your house, thus you seem like ‘walking on money’. Also, you can put 21 pieces of this faux coins at all the entrance of the bedrooms of your house. You can also put 21 pieces of this faux gold coins under your bed.

You can also litter faux gold coins or faux gold ingots at different parts and corners of your house. This is to signify ‘money everywhere’.


Should you decide to get a dragon pendant, please make sure that the dragon looks tough! Also get the one without wings. A winged dragon is of western mythology and may not be totally appropriate for Feng Shui because they’re considered ‘bad’. Also, please remember that people born under the sign of the DOG CANNOT WEAR A DRAGON PENDANT!

Another powerful wealth enhancer is the wearing of the different images of wealth deity. This is better if the pendant is made of gold, because for the Chinese gold is considered as the ultimate symbol of wealth and is also very auspicious.

Some of the suggested deity pendants are the image of KUAN YIN, GUAN GONG (KUAN KONG), DZAMBHALA, MAITREYA BUDDHA (also known as THE HAPPY FAT BUDDHA), and SUN WUKONG.

These are Kuan Yin pendants from my personal collection. Got several pieces of these pendants to be able to sell them to those who are interested.

Back image of the Kuan Yin pendant. This is the reason why I love these pendants is because they have very nicely crafted image of Kuan Yin pouring healing and auspicious from her magical vase, and at the back it has the Heart Sutra (silver one) and a special White Robed Kuan YIn prayer (gold).

If wearing an image of a deity for wealth purposes, it is better to get something that’s made of gold. Something that’s made of a semi-precious stone will also do, but gold is better.

This a Maitreya Buddha pendant, who is famously called as the Happy Fat Buddha. This is made of 24k gold and is from my private collection. I chose this pendant because of its nice facial features.

Personally, I always wear my WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT. This has an image of SUN WUKONG (THE GREAT SAGE, EQUAL OF HEAVEN) and is also made in 14k gold. On top of that Sun Wukong is also a great protector god and at the back of the pendant it also has the Celestial Guardians (protection from the 3 Killings) and the Five Element Pagoda (protection from the 5 Yellow) and the Ksitigarbha Fireball (protection from the Argumentative Star).

Sun Wukong or The Great Sage Equal of Heaven (aka Monkey God, Monkey King, Victorious Fighting Buddha, Bimawen, Pilgrim) is a very powerful protector and wealth god. He is one of the few deities/buddha reverred both in Taoism and Buddhism. As far as I know this is the only Sun Wukong pendant made of real gold. Have been looking for one for quite some time because I know that Sun Wukong is both a wealth and protector god, however, I can’t find any, not even in China, HK, Singapore, and Taiwan, so I decided to just make my own. If interested to get this pendant please email me at sanaakosirickylee@gmail.com .

At the back of the Wealth and Master Protection Pendant is the Chinese character for the GREAT SAGE, EQUAL OF HEAVEN, and the image of the 3 Celestial Guardians (namely the Fu Dog, Piyao, and Chilin), at the bottom are the Five Element Pagoda and the Ksitigarbha Fireball. This is the only pendant that you’ll get that has all the essential Feng Shui cures. I decided to just put them all in one pendant so that you don’t have to wear a lot and spend a lot of money.




The back side of the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA MANTRA BLESSING PENDANT has the images of the Victory Banner, Lung-Ta or Windhorse, the seed syllable of the Goddess Tara - TAM, and the symbolic script of the MEDICINE BUDDHA MANTRA, WISH FULFILLING MANTRA, and the NEGATIVE KARMA CLEANSING MANTRA.

The back side of the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA MANTRA BLESSING PENDANT has the images of the Victory Banner, Lung-Ta or Windhorse, the seed syllable of the Goddess Tara – TAM, and the symbolic script of the MEDICINE BUDDHA MANTRA, WISH FULFILLING MANTRA, and the NEGATIVE KARMA CLEANSING MANTRA.

The WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT is a pendant I design for my and my family’s personal use. However, when I posted it here on my blog, people started requesting for it and since then there has been a tremendous amount of testimonials about how it brought some wonderful blessings to the people who wears it. Some of the testimonies are outright miraculous, while some has a gradual experience of changed in their life. A lot of these personal testimonials from readers has something to do with them gaining a lot of wealth and financial luck. If you wish to know more about the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT please read the following posts…












This post was updated on Dec. 1, 2013.

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  • Hello, these are important questions about putting up an altar for deities.
    1. Can Buddhist and Taoist deities be placed in a horizontal position inside a glass cabinet (converted into shrine) facing the main door? Who should be in the upper first layer and the lower next? We keep manjusri, tua peh kong, fulkuksau, and another one to come kwan kung.
    2. what are the offerings for these deities?
    3. Can offerings be eaten after taking them our of the altar for few days?
    4. what are your advices for me on these matters?


  • First of all, allow me to thank you for reading my blog.
    Regarding your questions.
    Can Buddhist and Taoist deities be placed in a horizontal position inside a glass cabinet (converted into shrine) facing the main door? Who should be in the upper first layer and the lower next? We keep manjusri, tua peh kong, fulkuksau, and another one to come kwan kung.
    Chinese Buddhism basically is a mixture of Taoism and Buddhism, this is largely because of the fact that they respect each other’s beliefs so much that they started adopting each other’s religion. In reality they are not totally different and there are deities worshiped both in Taoism and Buddhism such as Sun Wukong, Kuan Kong, and to a certain extent Kuan Yin. In fact, you’ll often see Kuan Kong, Kuan Yin, and To Ti Kong (a taoist god) in the same altar, right beside each other. Sometimes they include Amitabha Buddha. So the answer is yes its ok to put them in a horizontal position. ‘Facing the main door’ is the best location to put your altar. Some Feng Shui experts will say that its best to put them on the north and it might be inauspicious to put them in the West. However, I personally don’t adhere to this belief. In placing the images of the Buddhas and the Deities there are no right and wrong place, but make sure that you don’t put them in the rest room and in the bed room where you might engage in sex.
    Where to place them? Always take into consideration their hierarchy in placing them. The middle is always reserved for the ‘highest’ buddha or deity. Then it goes out on both sides. Please make sure that they’re always an odd number of Buddhas or deities on your altar, never even number. My suggestion is to put Manjushri in the middle, flanked by Kuan Kong on the left side (if you’re facing the altar), and Tua Peh Kong on the right side (again, if you’re facing the altar). Fuk Luk Sau, is really not place on the altar, but there’s nothing wrong in putting them there, so they go on the lower level of the altar.

    What are the offerings for these deities?
    Normally, you offer flower, light (candle or artificial), incense, water, and food (fruits and vegetables or even bread will do), just make sure there’s no meat and or the bread doesn’t have egg on it.

    Can offerings be eaten after taking them out of the altar for few days? Definitely! Don’t let it go to waste, just consume them.

  • Hello 🙂

    Thank you so much for this very informative blog! Since finding about this place last week, I’ve been checking here from time to time, and shared your site with my Wife and my Mom!

    Just a question in regards to the three legged toads.

    I’ve counted mine, and it seems I have :

    ~ 3 regular feng shui ones. but one without a coin as it’s missing. (Actually all of them had their coins missing, but I just placed new ones. Ran short on supplies on the last one though.)

    ~ One simple frog display (not feng shui inspired) the kind where you could open the whole body, I think it’s a key holder or hider of some sort.

    ~ and one with the Maitreya or Laughing Buddha riding on top of the frog carrying a Ru Yi.

    Just now after I read your recommendations about the number of frogs, I hid two. The simple decor non-feng shui inspired, and the other one that is missing a coin.

    The only three left are:

    ~the one at the right side of the door facing in, and it’s on the floor.

    ~one coming from the northwest, also facing the door (our main door is facing south) (I’m not too sure if I should have it faced the door or my Sheng Chi direction which is the northwest.) My Kua is number 7 male.

    ~and one which is with the laughing buddha from the west on top of a table also facing the door.

    Do you think this is the right configuration? I am uneasy about placing the frog with the buddha on the floor, as it may be disrespectful. There lies my confusion, and is the three legged toad with the buddha counted as “One” Three legged toad. Making all in all, what I am displaying as 3?

    Thank you again. And awesome awesome site 🙂

    Kind regards friend,


  • Thanks J for the kind words and for reading and sharing my blog to others.
    Regarding your question.
    I suggest that you bring out the other 3 legged toad without the coin on its mouth. It will still work but if you can get a coin to be place in its mouth then it will definitely be better.
    You’re right, the toad with the Maitreya Buddha should not be on the floor. You can instead put it on a low table (e.g. coffee table).
    Hope this helps.

  • Hi JPTAN!

    Thanks for the response! Just to clear things up,

    I should bring out the other three legged toad even if I have the one with the laughing Buddha displayed?

    All in all:

    One toad coming in the door,
    One toad coming from the northwest, (facing door)
    One toad on a coffee table ridden by the Buddha. (facing door)

    and the one I kept because it is missing it’s coin. (Planning to place it west, also facing the door)

    All in all wouldn’t this be 4 toads?

    Is the three legged frog with the Buddha not counted as one toad?

    I want to follow your recommendation about placing the toads only in multiples of 3.

    Anyway, please accept my gratitude friend, and again awesome site!


  • Yes. However, the toad w/ the Buddha should be put on top of a table and is not counted as part of those on the floors. The primary symbol here is the Buddha and not the toad, as such, its ok to have four.

  • i love this blog! you really replied personally. Thank you so much for the information, for answering my questions. I love the way you deal with each question by taking away feng shui away from the superstitious realm and bringing it to the level of spiritual connection with the universe. thanks.

  • Hello! Kudos to your wonderful website, photos, and articles! Kung Hei Fat Choy!

    I do have a question for you, please. I have a brass gold fish. It’s a heavy statue and 11 inch tall positioned swimming upwards with its mouth wide open and its tail curved as its base. The fins protrude to the sides only and are rounded. It’s a very nice heavy brass fish that I’m not certain if it’s a vase with its mouth wide open or simply a simply statuesque decor. I plan to just put coins in it every now and then.

    My question is, I’m thinking of placing it on my desk at the right side of my computer monitor (I still have the large hp monitor whatever it’s worth mentioning). My home desk is at the NORTH wall (where my dining area is also located), which in 2012 is where the #2 star will be as you already know. Due to my limited space and where the computer and phone sockets are located, I cannot move my desk elsewhere. Hence, one of my best cures, as I read, is also my brass gourd and other metal decors and white colors among other things. Could you please give me your insight as to putting the big brass gold fish next to my computer monitor? Would it be a good location for this?

    Also, I also have a small brass 3 legged toad on my desk. Is it good to have on my desk? And is it best facing the entrance to the room or facing the computer monitor where I do conduct my home business.

    I appreciate your thoughts on these. Thank you very much!
    Best regards,

  • Hi, Isabel! Thank you for the kind words and most of all thank you for reading my blog.
    Regarding your question. Yes, it’s true that the number 2 illness star flies to the north this year of the Water Dragon. Having a brass gourd is a good cure to counter this illness star. If you are constantly in this section of your office or house, I suggest that you also wear a wulou/gourd pendant.
    Regarding the Gold Fish image. It’s correct to put all ‘water’ element images on your left side, because putting them on the right side will create infidelity or disloyalty energy, however, this year’s Bazi indicates that we have such a strong water element, and without knowing your Bazi I cannot accurately suggest whether it is advisable for you to have the Gold Fish around you. To be completely safe, I suggest that you put the Gold Fish image aside and bring it out once we need water on our annual element.
    Regarding the 3 legged toad. Put it on the floor facing the door, but please note for it to really work well, get two more 3-legged toads. The toads should always be divisible by 3.
    Hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to write me should you need more clarifications.
    Again, thank you for reading my blog. 🙂

  • Hi and Thank you so much for the response!

    I guess I have remissed reading about Bazi. Is Bazi, Kua? (I believe I am a Kua 7).

    I will try to find a good gourd pendant necklace. Do you have any suggestion or best place to purchase? There are sorry stores here in Chicago about feng shui stuff. The chinatown here mainly carries just the traditional stuff.

    About the 3 legged toad…I do have three identical small ones made of solid brass. I placed them below shelf of the foyer table by my hallway. My hallway from the main door is in the east and the door is facing south…so I guess you’d say that my SE is the door’s corner (yikes! #5). I do have an 8 inch Pagoda with Tree of Life that I will be placing by the corner of the foyer table close to the door (my SE corner).

    Back to the 3 legged toads….I have the three toads one facing my door to the south at an angle, the 2nd one facing the west or middle, and the 3rd toad facing at an angle to NW where the hallway leads to the front room going west. Is it good to position them there? I read somewhere it’s good that one is facing the door to catch the money and the other facing inwards is bringing in the money.

    About the 3 legged toad I asked previously, I wil then remove him from my desk and place him on the floor facing the room’s entry. Albeit it’s a single one..should I just put him away or still good to put it out any way by itself? Same goes that I have a 3 legged toad in the front room placed in SW facing NW, one under my coffee table’s shelf facing the front room’s entry to the east. I also have a bejeweled trinket, where would be good to put it because it’s a trinket for jewelry or coins? (bedroom or a no-no) Oh also, I have another metal toad in the NW facing SE. So the only 3 set I have together are by my hallway/entryway. Last year was filled with pleasant surprises monetarily, but I just acquired additions as aforementioned scattered about.

    I might as well ask, please…Where is the best placement for Kwan Kung, Tortoise Dragon with Ruyi, Kuan Yin?. I’ve been reading different things like Kwan Kung should be in the NW, the other say somewhere in the center, other says in the south. My place goes like this:

    NW Dining Room, work area (desk), Kitchen NE (back door)
    West to Center is the large Front Room, Altar towards E and coat closet going East
    (Bathroom is here)….(another hallway that turns)……..(hallway going to Front Rm)
    SW to most of South is Bedroom…………………………….Main Door is here, SE

    South is my bedroom where #1 star is…Is a tortoise dragon w/ruyi good to place in the bedroom?

    By the way, I’m a Filipino (naturalized U.S. citizen), and hopefully, I could meet your acquaintance the next time I visit Manila. I read about your party at Trinoma…wished I could go! Really hoping some time this year, especially if my inherited property will be sold. That’s another story…stagnant and I don’t know what FC cure I can do for that.

    I apologize for the monster email. Talk later…Thanks so much for your time!
    Best regards,

  • Me again:) About the Gourd or Wu Lou Pendant…I didn’t see a photo here or may have missed it somewhere in your website if you have a good example. I’m thinking more of a jade one? Real gold might be difficult to find here anyway. Should I look for a rounded gourd pendant or flat shaped fine also? I always like to get the better one, if not the best. I just looked in eBay, but I mostly saw flat shaped ones and something crawling around the gourd pendant…don’t know bout that. By the way, I saw your real Citrine beads photo sample and would really love to have those to make a bracelet. I contacted that website (shown on that photo) but 17mm would be too big of a bead for me. This’ll be all for now..my insomnia is over:) Thanks again, Isabel

  • Hi, Isabel!
    It is indeed a long ’email’. Let me try and answer them as best as I can.
    Bazi is your four pillar chart. Also known as Paht Chee or Four Pillars or 8 Characters. It basically determines your character, your fate base on your birth date and birth time. I’ll write about it soon! It might be a little complicated to write about it here.
    I’m not sure where in the US can you purchase FS items. If you still have relatives here in the Philippines, you can ask them to go to Ongpin, and/or you can ask them to get in touch with me.
    The gourd can be a jade or a metal. If using metal its preferable to use the one that doesn’t rust or stain, so gold, silver, or stainless steal is okay.
    The best way to determine where your door is facing is to get yourself any reliable compass. It’s a good investment since you’ll have to use this every year. If your door is facing the SE try to use another door for the year. If this is not possible just make sure you have a pair of piyao flanking your door and put a 5 Element Pagoda by the entrance.
    You’re right about the 3-Legged Toads. One should be facing outside, and the rest should be facing inside. I also wrote about it. I think your feng shui knowledge is quite good. However, why don’t you just put all 5 (including the other 2) together. The best place to put them is by your entrance.
    I understand where the confusion about to place your Kuan Kong. There are different views in FS about this. But since they are images of a Bodhisattva or Deity there is really no right or wrong place to put them, as long as, you don’t put them in your bedroom (if married), toilet or bathroom, beside the stove, on your dining table, or facing the rest room. Having said that, the Kuan Kong is best placed facing your front door or by the stairs. Kuan Yin can be put in your living room. The Dragon Tortoise with Ruyi will be good if you put it in your office.
    I’m really surprised that you’re Filipino, I really wasn’t able to detect it in your email, on how you write, and on your command of the english language.
    I do hope to be able to see you soon!

  • You’re really hyper!
    Anyway, a flat shape or rounded gourd are both fine. Jade and/or Gold are both acceptable. 🙂
    Just make sure that you don’t get anything made of plastic.

  • Hello again JPTan2012, I wasn’t sure how to interpret the first sentence above…I apologize for my being anxious if that is the case. Anyhow, could you please tell me how much the Wealth and Master Pendant is? I have also taken note about the pendants/keychain for the snake. Quite scary about the snake sign for this year, huh. If will have these 4 or 5 keychains (pagoda, celestial, fireball, etc.), is it also effective to have them all in one case (like a reading glass hard case) to put in my purse? Will it have the same effect? It’d be quite difficult to hang them all as a necklace. Thank you also for answering my questions above. My unending appreciation! You are very much appreciated and am very grateful!
    Thank you, Isabel

  • Oh, no need to apologize. When I said, you’re hyper I mean it in a good way. Your really seem to have a lot of energy. I’m afraid your really need all of them. While its ok to put them in your pocket, I really wouldn’t recommend placing them inside a case and ‘forget’ about them. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to make a WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT, to make it more durable I made it into gold.
    If you’re really interested to get one do email me at sanaakosirickylee@gmail.com
    By the way, where in the Philippines are you from?

  • Hi jptan2012,
    I really like your blogs, it’s very informative! I’d like to ask for your help sana. I want to get charms for me and my family for health, wealth, safety, luck and anything else to keep us in good hands this year and every year. What do you suggest I get? Here are my family’s birth year:
    Dad: 1942
    Mom: 1959
    Older Sis: 1972
    Little Bro: 1992
    Me: 1981
    Husband: 1982
    Son: 2007
    Do you need any other details? Please let me know. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

  • Hi, You seem very insightful and it has been a delight to read your blog…….I was wondering whether you could answer my query? I bought a laughing buddha about a year ago and looking through your blog, have just gone over to it to find it’s missing it’s gold ingot!!!!! Can I put something to that effect in his hand? There is a small gap almost waiting for something.
    Many Many Thanks

  • Thank your for reading my blog and for the kind words. Regarding your question. The Maitreya Buddha also called the Happy Fat Buddha or Laughing Buddha on its own a great symbol of wealth. You don’t really need to put a gold ingot. However, doing so is also perfectly fine. At the very least, the gold ingot on its own is also a good wealth enhancer.
    Hope this answers your question.

  • could you tell me which direction should in place the golden buddha riding the 3 legged frog.
    should be be facing inside from the main door or outside facing the main door.

  • By the golden Buddha I suppose you mean the Maitreya Buddha which is also known as the Happy Fat Buddha? It’s better to place it facing the door. If you can share a picture of the Buddha, please do, because it can Liu Hai and not Happy Fat Buddha.

  • Hi, Great Blog!

    I’m a firm believer in feng shui. I always visit shenglian temple in QC. I am from Iloilo City. I do business and media work. My wife and I are opening up a new bbq restaurant in April. Would appreciate if I can consult with you on how to ensure

    I am going to Manila tomorrow and on tuesday. Let me know if I can have the chance to talk to you.

    Warm regards and more power!

  • Hello J,
    My DOB: 1969. My wife’s : 1971 My sons: 1997 & 2004. I am looking for a financial solution from a very long time & Stability at work. Kindly suggest a very long term remedi.

  • Hi ,

    I Was born on August 6th 1988 , at 3:30PM , I am facing problems in my career , can You please suggest me how enhance my luck please , How can I enhance luck ? I need help from You . Please help me

  • Good Morning,

    I find myself in a quite a state.

    I am placing 9 coins under my walkway stones however, I have a double entry walkway. One comes from the upper drive way sweeping towards the door and the other from the bottom of the drive way and meet just at the top a step or two from the porch steps. I have already placed nine along the path from the bottom of the driveway.

    What should I do about the top of the driveway. Should i place 7 more to meet up with tow from the bottom leg?

  • Sorry for the typo above..

    What should I do with the top leg of the path way from the upper driveway? Should I place 7 more coins to meet up with the two of the coins from the bottom entrance?

  • Hi! Great day!

    I just want to ask for your advice/help. My family has been experiencing bad situation over the past years. My family house has been in the court process because my step grandfather has appealed to the court that our house documents or legal papers are invalid. My mother actually bought the half of this lot in 1990 while she was working in the middle east. In 1994 my grandmother died, since then my step grandfather has become hostile to us. The proceedings have been on going and for this we usually get broke. I work as an accounting staff in a cargo shipping company in makati for more than two years now but it seems that my boss doesn’t get me notice even I work hard. I didn’t get a good raise unlike my workmates in the same department. The worst scenario is that I am seated beside the toilet which I believe in feng shui this is the worst place for me, unfortunately, I can’t move to other table because my boss placed me there. Can you give me some feng shui tips on what to place on my desk to fight back the negative chi coming from the toilet? And one more thing, we are seated just like a centipede, I am seated in the first row and my co-worker seated at myback. I have a golden rooster on my table to avoid politicking and gossips in the office, is that enough? A friend of mine gave me a metal dragon which I also placed on the east side of my table. I was born on September 26, 1976 at 5:00PM. I learn and study feng shui by myself for two months now and I am persistent to continue on learning what ever it takes. It’s very complicated but I feel great about feng shui. Thanks in advance and more power!

  • Hi..would you know someone who sells faux gold coins,gold bars and ingot online? Im here in Laguna that’s why i don’t have time to buy stuffs from ongpin..thanks sir

  • JP, I have had a follow-up emails already. Thanks for your response. This makes me extremely hopeful as to what would be the great change in my life. I am blessed and lucky to have encountered your blog. Many thanks really.


  • I have several questions:
    1) i have a toad its with 3 legs and i do not know where to place it.I have been told various places but i dont know where is correct. The entrance to my house is facing the sea and on the right side there is a big balcony door.
    2) 3 budas which are all laughing. Where can i place them?
    3) a large fish tank inside the house which is left of the balcony door.
    4) some tortouises also.

  • 3 legged toads are better if they odd number which starts with 3 pieces. Read my post about it.
    Place your Buddhas in the living room.
    for the fish tank you need to understand where it is located in the compass.

  • Dear JPTAN,
    im really enjoying reading your blog and how u do not get hasseled by all the queries and answer them with such effort.
    As i read in other websites that that fire element is not suitable in the south-east for the dragon year 2012. my lil brother’s room lies in that direction and is painted half red. im worried, please help.
    Thank you

  • Thanks for reading my blog. for em to be able to offer an intelligent advice please email me your brother’s birthdate and time and if possible a sketch of the floor plan of your house. Indicate where is SE E, etc.

  • Hi JP,
    I have been reading your blog and checking it almost every week since I find all your articles interesting and very helpful. Thank you for giving us all these insightful information!

    I need you advice as to where to place the 3 legged toads I bought in both my house and store.
    But for now I have 1 three legged toad with a coin in its mouth just like you said, I want to ask your advice as to where to place the three legged toad in my store kiosk? I have no door just an open entrance and a cash table. thank you, and should i buy two more for my store, even if its really just a small kiosk? I am thinking of just placing the toad on the table near my cash box but you mentioned to place on the floor, so i am making sure.

    As for my house, I understand there should be three, 1 toad should be facing inside from the door, then another one facing the door. how about the third one? I am a little worried to be placing the toad on the floor in my house since I have a very curious dog.

    Thank you!

  • HI,
    thank you so much for very imformative blogs, im jun i have some question about my plants. i have a plants name….PACHIRA AQUATICA moneytree and SOLOMONS IVY or moneyplant. is this a fenshui for prosperity?

  • hi! pls help me where to put the arowana figurine,well it is the glass one with gold color,is it ok to put on the center table of our sala set? that means it is in the middle of our living room,what should be the direction its facing?and lastly,is it ok to put it also infront of our main door ((swimming towards the main door)? thank you and hoping for your prompt reply.

  • Hi, Loved the info in this blog. I am making a wealth vase and I was wondering if I can use the soil or dirt from a wealthy relatives business instead of their home? Thank you!

  • Hi!!
    Do you hav any experiences as to how to determine the ‘cai wei’ (wealth location) within our house?
    or even in our own individual bedroom.

    Thanks (:

  • hi,you van believe how happy I’m with this blog,this is new for me,but now i read every day and discover too many ways of information.Thank you,now I’m fan # 1 for this page.

  • Hi , JPTAN2012, regarding the 3 legged frog , is it ok to to place it in my room on the floor facing my bedroom’s door ? or only on the floor facing main entrance door ? otherwise is there anything that i can place in my room to enhance my wealth luck ? reason being i dont stay alone in the house, so may be inappropriate. thanks !!

  • sir, i’m so much interested about making my own wealth vase. but i dont have a friend or relative as rich at that who can give me a soil as one of the things needed. is there any alternative way to acquire this? how much fee do you charge to one like me who is interested to undergo seminar about making a wealth vase?

  • I I want to know what is best for me to use as a pendant or crystal bracelets for me to acquire financial wealth… I’m in need of mo ey everytime coz I am the only one helping my family.i lack money all the time that I cannot save an extra money for me & my boyfriend is not faithful to me. I want him to be faithful to me forever, what shall I use as a pendant or bracelet so that he will stay faithful to me forever.. We are living together for 5going to six years, this year.. Can you advice what is best for me please.. Thank you very much& more power..

  • Hello,

    I was searching for information about Dzambhala Wealth Vase and found your interesting blog. I have a Dzambhala Wealth Vase at home, which I have sponsored through a buddhist temple. I have placed the Wealth Vase at home, on an open display shelf facing my main door. The Wealth Vase is put in a acrylic display box, with a glass of clean water and an incense burner on the open shelf for worship. I was told by a monk in the temple that I can place the Dzambhala Wealth Vase anywhere in my home as long as it is not the bathroom or kitchen. Plus, I can place a glass of clean water and an incense burner for worship purposes.

    However, I have heard that a Wealth Vase should be placed in a sacred area of the home or to be kept in the cupboard – non visible to others. Hence, I would like to know where is the best area at home to put my Dzambhala Wealth Vase, and should I continue to have a glass of clean water and an incense burner for worship (I only burn incense on the 1st and 15th of the lunar calender). Is it necessary to keep the Dzambhala Wealth Vase away in the cupboard so that it will not be visible to others?

    Where is the right and effective area to place the Dzambhala Wealth Vase (I am confused).

    I hope you can help me solve this.

    Thank you.

  • Hi! This my first time to read your blog and I love it! The directions are simple and easy to follow. Other blogs are confusing and I have no idea what exactly to do. So Thank you!

  • hi!
    I was really fascinated in feng shui. I wanted to start doing feng shui coz i want to enhance my wealth, love, family etc. But i don’t know how to start. I’m a bit hesitant of starting things on my own. Aside from i’m not rich, i can’t also afford to buy all the charms & cures that i need. Can you help me? please.. How much is your consultation? I hope it’s cheaper for a person like me who’s still trying to get rich!ü i hope i could get an answer. Thank you & more power!

  • hi!
    I’m an avid follower of your fengshui blogs.. I like fengshui & i love reading all your inspirational wealth enhancer.. I want to improve my luck & have a prosperous life. I really want to have an advice from you, but i don’t know where to start.. There’s so many clutter here in our house. Aside from our house is not yet fully renovated, i can say that it’s really difficult to organise.. Are you offering a consultation or do you visit a place personally? If ever, how much is your consultation? I hope i can afford it coz frankly saying, i’m not rich. I can’t even buy all charms & cures that i need for fengshui.. I need your help so badly.. Please reply.. Thank you so much & God bless

  • hi jp!

    I’m still waiting for your kind answer to my questions.. Would you mind if i could have some pointers on these:
    1. March 28, 1982 kua # is 6 (female)
    2. Feb. 12, 1967 kua # is 9 (female)
    3. Aug. 29, 1937 kua # is 9 (male)
    4. Feb. 16, 1985 kua # is 6 (male)
    I hope i could get an answer.. Your blogs are inspiring it gives me hope & motivates me to improve my life & aim high.. Also, you give forecast for free.. Galing grabe! This is one proof that you really help people better their lives without expecting in return.. I’ve kn0wn some fengshui experts who would ask for payment before they answer your questions.. I hope you continue your free forecasts & blogs! Thank you so much & God I hope i could get an answer.. Your blogs are inspiring it gives me hope & motivates me to improve my life & aim high.. Also, you give forecast for free.. Galing grabe! This is one proof that you really help people better their lives without expecting in return.. I’ve kn0wn some fengshui experts who would ask for payment before they answer your questions.. I hope you continue your free forecasts & blogs! Thank you so much & God I hope i could get an answer.. Your blogs are inspiring it gives me hope & motivates me to improve my life & aim high.. Also, you give forecast for free.. Galing grabe! This is one proof that you really help people better their lives without expecting in return.. I’ve kn0wn some fengshui experts who would ask for payment before they answer your questions.. I hope you continue your free forecasts & blogs! Thank you so much & God I hope i could get an answer.. Your blogs are inspiring it gives me hope & motivates me to improve my life & aim high.. Also, you give forecast for free.. Galing grabe! This is one proof that you really help people better their lives without expecting in return.. I’ve kn0wn some fengshui experts who would ask for payment before they answer your questions.. I hope you continue your free forecasts & blogs! Thank you so much & God bless!=)

  • Hi there,

    Im not a chinese. My birthdate is October 30, 1982. My sign they say is water dog. I’m a call center agent which i’m in a sales account. Since i started working in current company i’ve been having hard time making sales. What should i do, what charms or feng shui tips you can give me for me to have more sales in my job. I desperately need your help. I have an office mate who have a chinese bf. The mother of her bf gave her stuff and asked her to do rituals before going to work. And indeed it increases her performance when it comes to sales. I want this job and i want to stay here longer and for me to do that i need to have more sales. Please help me.

  • We love & enjoy your blog! Very easy to understand, precise and fun to read. Im a believer of FengShui and your articles are really good! Always look forward to your next blog.
    Good Luck!


  • Hi,

    I really love your blog.:) Last year I started buying wealth enhancers. I started with the lucky coin. Think it is working naman. Though I was really looking for a pendant that could enhance my wealth luck. I was originally looking for a piyao pendant pero wala akong makita. And then I came across your blog and saw the three legged toad. Pwede ba akong makaavail and how much? I sent out an email to you last Monday. I also like to know my Bazi, if its okay with you.

    Again, thank you so much for your blog. More power to you.

  • Hello Sir, I stay in UK, Im about 54 years old, the problrm i have is the date of birth, in my certificateit is 10.5.1959, Unfortunately it is not the real date of birth, My real date of birth is lost and not traceable. what do i do find my Pakua number element etc. Kindly reply before i decide of any gadget from you. Thanks Babu Sanak

  • I love this blog and so want a three legged taod pendant. i have searched the internet and can’t find any place that sells the pendant. Do you know where I can purchase the three legged toad pendant?

  • Some Chinese jewelry shops should have that. Online will also have it. If you can’t find any, I still have a piece here, however, it’s a rare piece and can get a little bit pricey.

  • what i was trying to say was that I have only one 3 legged Toad, and wished to know how should I placed it in my living room. Thanks

  • Hi Ricky,

    Wonderful blog and very informative. There is one particular recommendation about the 3 legged toad placement – on the floor – which contradicts the advice of many feng shui websites warning against placing them on the floor. It is believed that placing them on the floor is disrespectful as the toad is a heavenly animal. Can you please provide some clarifications? So confused now…

    Thank you.

  • I have a thai buddha in the northeast , the facing of the house is also the same .so the buddha is in the living room at the prime location facing anybody who comes into the living room but his back is toeards a windoe and also the msin gate .please suggest.

  • I have a thai buddha in the northeast , the facing of the house is also the same .so the buddha is in the living room at the prime location facing anybody who comes into the living room but his back is toeards a window and also the main gate .please suggest.

  • Hi!

    Like you, I practice Feng Shui as well and have read a couple of books about the subject. I have attended a seminar before with Merlina Merton some years back. I loved what you wrote about the lucky wealth symbols coz I too use them in my home and business.

    May I know if you offer seminars on feng shui? I am interested to attend if you offer them.


  • Greetings! I have recently reading about Fengshui and I came across with your Blogs. Will you please give me your direct contact information, as I would like to consult something from you. If you could able to send the information on my email address that would be great. Thank you for your help. I am looking forwards hearing from you soon.

  • Hi JPTAN2012,

    I love reading your blog. I have few questions and hope you can clear my doubt.

    I have read all the comments and understand is best to have three 3 Legged Frog place in the living hall. May I know can I get 3 different design of 3 Legged Frog or I need to get all similar?

    If I wish to place one 3 Legged Frog on my office desk, best is should place it inward or outward facing the door?

    Hope you are still here to help ease my queries. Really appreciate…

    Thank you

  • Hi JP, I’ve bought some legged frog and washed/purify them in water with rock salt. Should I also tied these legged frog with red string? I mean just like tie ing 3 coins together

  • Ohhh…my god, the above mention Wealth Vase should use image of a Deity made of metal. I used Happy/Laughing Buddha that is made of solid plastic I guess. Not metal for sure. Can I opened my Wealth Vase and change it by replacing the correct Deity made of metal? Or do I have to buy a new Vase and new soil from rich people, new money from rich people, new beans and so on to redo all over ?? Please advise…thank you

  • Yes you can just open your wealth vase and start all over again. It’s better if you can just get new money or soil form rich people, however, if its going to be a problem, you can just recycle everything.

  • Hi
    I hv just purchased 3 legged toad.
    But I m really confused about its placement.
    Somebody says dnt put on floor, hide it under table…..so many advices.
    I want to place it in my office.
    Pls suggest.

  • For the past 2 years, we has had hard times, my husband got really sick, our other house got short sale because of this and he is not working, lately lost my job, and now maybe our house. I have been following your website, and Due to my current situation, I would like to inquire about getiing the wish fulfilling and Buddhist mantra pendant. Pls help me.

  • Thanks for unveiling the truth of wealth to me. Sir the way you presented is so simple but is there anything to be added to it am highly indepted my business is not moving again and i enter another which is network marketing nobody what to register under sir what do i do to come out of this financial predicament, i need your help pls
    Hope to hear from you

  • Hi JP, i have recently purchase a house and found that the previous owner had bury a compass and a vase under the front pavement of the entrance of the house. Should i remove it? Would be great if you can advise on this. Thank you.

  • Hi!
    Wonderful site! I appreciate your excellent information and also the wonderful follow-up to inquiries! Thank you!
    I have a question related to wealth for 2014. (Please pardon if this is posted in the wrong place.) I am Water Rat (1972) and West/5 Female. My bathroom is in southeast wealth sector which is also my Total Loss/Chueh Ming direction and hosting bad affliction in 2014. To top it off, I am eldest born female between age 35-45 (governed by SE sector). Do you have any guidance to stop money loss and bring abundance? I cannot move and I actually love my apartment/home! SE/bathroom also near the front door which is south (but not visible from front entry). I put three legged toad facing door (facing south) since south is auspicious for 2014 (even though it is unlucky/Ho Hai direction for me). I will buy two more toads to put in SW and West, very lucky in 2014.
    Thank you for any guidance! I really want to have a good year in 2014 and increase wealth.

  • Hello,almost two month na akong naghihintay ng reply mo,I just want to know lang kung saan nakakabili ng wishfullfiling pendant,and also I have a question about 2014 flying star no.2 illness,na nasa bathroom ko and no.3 na nasa toilet, what kinds of feng shui cure ang pwede kong ilagay?

  • Hello there!

    My name is Monirra and I came across your website and enjoyed it a lot! I am pretty new to feng shui and I wish to embrace it. I have a question I am hoping you can answer. I currently possess a wealth toad with a coin in it’s mouth. I had it in my wealth corner by an altar I created until I read that it should be by the front door facing in (head looking inside)I ordered another frog after reading your post that one should face inwards by the front door and one outwards. For now I only have one so where would be the best place to put it? I also read somewhere that it shouldn’t be directly on the floor but on a low shelf or cushion?

  • Hi, I’m Reena Bansal. My dob is 1st july 1973. I am doing Business. But every time my target was not completed. I worked hard but result was not good. And I have 6 Lacs Rs debt on my head. I am staying in India New Delhi. Pls help me.

  • Hi, I am into Educational consultancy Services business in Bangalore, India. This year I had and still have very bad luck. No business at all and i am losing money from all angles.

    I am born on 01- March – 1977, Tuesday at 07.55 am ( Indian time ).

    Can you please guide me a wealth improving Feng Shui tips.




  • Hi,
    Been reading your blog and i must say its really informative. I am in a sales consultant job and recently been hit with a dry spell to the extend whereby i may get myself fired from the company. I recently got myself some “tong qian” (old coins with red string binding them together) hoping things will change, and to get the 3 legged toad asap to help change my luck a little. I was hoping you can give some pointers too on changing my luck. Been reading some feng shui tips and i shouldn’t be sitting facing a north direction for me this year. I was contemplating that might have been my downfall since I am now seated in a new area facing north and I had been down on luck since Jan 2015 ever since. Hope to hear from you.

  • Hi,

    i just bought a dragon turtle, I want to place it at my desk for career enhancements, but my desk is as such that i cannot place it behind me ,would it be alright if i place it inside my desk’s drawer.

    Thank You!

  • i would like to know about the chinese coin bracelet with 12 coins together and 2 at the extreams.can i keep it in a wallet .is it possible to wear the bracelet on all time for married girls

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