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Chef Laudico’s Casa Filipino

Published Disyembre 31, 2011 by jptan2012

Kadalasan, ang pamilya namin ay pumupunta sa bahay namin sa Tagaytay upang doon mag palipas ng New Year’s Eve. Dito kasi sa Manila masyadong maingay at polluted. Pero this year, dahil sa ilang bagay hindi kami nakapunta ng Tagaytay. Kaya naman nag food trip nalang kami ngayon gabi. Tinuro ng bunso namin kapatid ang Casa Filipino. Pagaari raw ito ni Chef Rolando Laudico at 500 pesos lang daw bawat tao. Medyo na curious ako, feeling ko kasi parang walang makakain na masarap buffet na worth 500 pesos. Pero at the same time, feeling ko kung kay Chef Laudico ito dapat medyo ok siya di ba? Kasi sikat na chef siya.

Anyway, pumunta kami at nagulat ako sa laki ng lugar. Very homey siya….kasi nga lumang bahay yun restaurant.

Medyo nahiya lang ako kumuha ng picture kaya nag search nalang ako sa internet ng picture na siya rin gagamitin ko para sa post na ito. Lahat ng litrato dito ay galing sa blog na SUSHIBYTES.

Para sa halagang 488 pesos may masarap ka nang weekend dinner buffet. May kasama na itong Roast Beef, Balamban Liempo, at Lechon…

Masarap ang Roast Beef, Lechon, at Balamban Liempo kahit walang sauce. Pero feeling ko medyo matabang ang mga sauce nila parang walang masyadong lasa considering na sarsa yun, pero ok pa rin kasi the meat are good on its own. Hindi mo na talaga kailangan ng sauce.

Roast Beef, Balamban Liempo, walang litrato ng Lechon dito pero masarap at malambot ang Lechon sa Casa Filipino.

Sana mas madaming tuwalya ang Kare-Kare pero mas marami silang nilagay na real meat. Pero nagulat ako at malaman ang Kare-Kare, hindi sila nagtipid ng sangkap. the bagoong is also really good.

Casa Filipino's Kare-Kare is full of 'real' meat. Hindi masyado madami ang tuwalya, buntot. Pero, ganunpaman, masarap siya at hindi sila nagtipid sa paglagay ng sahog.

Dahil nag di-diet ako, hindi na ako masyado kumakain ng carbs. Pero hindi ko naiwasan tikman ang kakaibang pasta na ito…

TUYONESCA...Masarap siya at talagang kakaiba.

Pero ang pinaka tumawag ng aking pansin ay ang Adobo nila sa Casa Filipino. Adobo, any kind of adobo at that, is my favorite food. Kahit pa adobong kangkong lang yan. Pero because its my favorite food, pag sinusubukan ko ito sa restaurant, ang basehan ko kung masarap at worth it ay dapat may kakaiba dito at talang masasarapan ako.

Ang chicken adobo nila ay talagang nilampasan ang akin panlasa. Ang sarap niya…at sa ngayon ito na ang favorite adobo ko…

Chicken Adobo Pepper Sauce....Kakaiba siya! Masarap talaga.



2012 Year of the Water Dragon Feng Shui Flying Star Forecast

Published Disyembre 31, 2011 by jptan2012

The past few posts I talked about the 2012 Feng Shui Chinese Zodiac Forecast for the 12 Animal Signs – RAT, OX, TIGER, RABBIT, DRAGON, SNAKE, HORSE, SHEEP / GOAT, MONKEY, ROOSTER, DOG, PIG / BOAR. However, it is important to know that your luck for the year is not solely determined by your animal sign because it is equally important to look at the place where you live and where you work. Your luck is also determined by the Flying Stars of your house/office.

First, what are Flying Stars? Flying Stars or Xuan Kong is basically a discipline or branch of Feng Shui that studies the annual movement ‘stars’ or chi of a location that may affect your profession, health, career, finance/wealth, physical energy, psychological energy, spiritual energy. In Feng Shui the energy of your house and of your workplace is as important as your animal sign. The truth is Flying Star is also applied to the village, town, barangay, municipal, city, country and for the really good ones they can actually foretell the ‘fortune’ of the country by applying the Flying Stars concept in the world map.

The founder of Flying Stars assigned a specific number to each of this energy, and succeeding generation assigned a name depending on the effects of this energy. The name may vary a little from one Feng Shui consultant to another but they’re basically the same. It is also important to understand that the Tai Sui (Tai Suey) God and the 3 Killings are not part of the Flying Star concept. However, in discussing and determining the Flying Star of the house we include both the Tai Suey and the Three Killings in the equation because they also occupy the one of the nine squares in the Lo Shu Square.


To understand more about the Flying Star, I suggest check out Wikipedia. The offer a brief but clear explanation of the Flying Star. They’re also a lot of books that solely deal with Flying Stars Feng Shui.



Flying Star 4 aka Romance and Scholastic Star flies to the EAST

Effects: Romance luck is heightened if your room is on this side of the house. For single people, you might have the possibility of finding love. For partnered people, you might find your love getting more ‘fragrant’. However, for married couple the effect might be too fold – First, you might find yourself loving each other more deeply, but, there might be the possibility of a third party getting involve also. It is also called the Scholastic Star because it also has a good effect on Scholastic pursuits of a person. Meaning, students may become more studious, and professionals might find themselves understanding documents better.

Feng Shui Enhancer: For single persons you can put a Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on your bedside. For married couple, you can  hang the character of the Double Happiness on your headboard. To safeguard yourself from a third party, tie an Amethyst Geode with Red String on the foot of your bed.

Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks

Feng Shui Tip: Do not put too much water features on this side of the house this year because it might cause sexual scandals or promiscuity.

Flying Star 1 aka White Victory Star flies to the SOUTH

Effects: This star or chi or energy brings luck to all your endeavors.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Victory Banner / Horse.

The Victory Banner is considered as one of the 8 Auspicious Object in Buddhism.

Flying Star 6 aka Heaven’s Blessing or Mentor Luck Star flies to the CENTER

Effects: It sets the ‘tone’ for the year. Meaning, if you continuously to do good the more blessed you’re going to be. This also means even if you’re Animal Zodiac luck is not so good like the Dog, you will continuously have help from Heaven (Buddhas, Deities, Bodhisattva or Saints). This also means that you’ll be lucky enough to have people who will help you to achieve your goal.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Crystal Balls / 6 White Jade tied with a Red String

Flying Star 8 aka Wealth Star flies to the West

Effects: It gives you abundance and ‘bottomless’ pocket. This star is not just about money wealth but this is also about abundance.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Faux Gold Coins or Bars or Ingots, Wealth Deity (Maitreya Buddha or Kuan Kong or Sun Wukong)

Sun Wukong aka Monkey God aka Pilgrim aka ‘Great Sage, Equal to Heaven’ is a very powerful wealth and protector god. He is one of the few deities worshipped both in Taoism (also spelled as Daoism) and Buddhism.

NOTE: To know more about the Monkey God Sun Wukong, read my post about ‘The Great Sage, Equal to Heaven’.

Flying Star 9 aka Future Prosperity or Multiplying Star flies to the NorthEast

Effects: This is neither a good or bad star. It only means that whatever you ‘sow’ so shall you ‘reap’. This basically multiplies whatever karma you accumulate. If you do more good things you’ll have more good luck in the future, but if you continue to do a lot of bad things, you multiply your negative karma as well.

Using the Feng Shui tools mentioned above you can enhance the auspicious stars but all Feng Shui consultants/experts will stress that it’s more important to subdue the negative stars/chi/energy of the Flying Stars. If you’re on a tight budget, you need to subdue the negative stars first before you enhanced the auspicious ones.


Flying Star 7 aka Violent Star flies to the NorthWest

Effects: This star brings hostility and loss through robbery, theft, or even manipulation. This star also directly affects the Patriarchs which means it affects the leaders as well. This means they may face danger with metal arms or face violent death.

Feng Shui Protector: (Only one of the following items will do.) Image of Sun Wukong [Monkey God], Image of Kuan Kong [also spelled as Guan Gong], Mantra Plaque, Elephant with Rhinoceros Image. For people whose room is in the NorthWest and for Patriarchs (which includes leaders, head of the family, entrepreneurs, businessman, CEO) it is advisable to wear an image of Sun Wukong, Kuan Kong or a Mantra Pendant. The WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT is also advisable.

Kuan Kong / Guan Gong / Guan Ti / Guan Yu / Guan Sheng Ti Jun

Front side of WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT. This is an image of Sun Wukong.

The other side of the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION has the words ‘Great Sage, Equal to Heaven’ in Chinese characters at the top, followed by the 3 Celestial Guardians (Pi Yao – good for Tai Sui, Chilin, Fu Dog), then at the bottom are the image of the Ksitigarbha Fireball and the 5-Element Pagoda. Currently, I’m also looking into making a JADE WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT, that is because Chinese loves jade.

Flying Star 3 aka Argumentative Star flies to the SouthWest

Effects: May cause relationship problems, numerous bickering, litigation, quarrels and problems/conflicts with authority. Matriarchs are also affected by this star regardless of whether they stay in the SouthWest or not.

Feng Shui Protector: Ksitigarbha Fireball (place this is the SouthWest section of the house or room). For Matriarchs and/or if yur room is in this section of the house you can wear or carry the Ksitigarbha Fireball pendant/key chain. It will also be nice if you can wear a Maitreya (Happy Fat) Buddha pendant.

Ksitigarbha Fireball is a good Feng Shui tool to counter the effects of the Argumentative Star.

Flying Star 2 aka Illness Star flies to the North

Effects: As the name implies, this star causes illness and to some extent it can be fatal or terminal. Also affected by the star regardless of whether they stay in the North section of the house are the middle son and people under the year of the Rat.

Feng Shui Protector: Wulou or Holy Gourd or Image of the Medicine Buddha. For people who stays in this section of the house or office, and for the middles sons and people born under the sign of the Rat it is advisable for them to wear a Jade Wu Lou pendant and/or a Medicine Buddha pendant [preferably with Mantra].

The Wu Lou or Holy Gourd is one of the best tool to fight the effects of the Illness Star. As much as possible try to get something that can be opened and hollow inside. You can then place the following items inside-3 tablespoon of Rock/Sea Salt, 1 tablespoon of incense ash from a Taoist or Buddhist temple, small unburned incense, Medicine Buddha mantra, and an paper amulet from a Sun Wukong or Kuan Yin or Kuan Kong temple. After putting everything inside seal it and tie a red ribbon around the Wulou. If this is not possible an ordinary Wu Lou works as well, the addtional ‘ingredients’ is just to make it more potent.

Flying Star 5 aka Five Yellow Star flies to the SouthEast (Furthermore, the Tai Sui God is also in the SouthEast corner.)

Effects: The 5-Yellow Star is the worst of all the negative stars. It brings 5 different kinds of misfortunes and to make things worst, the Tai Suey is also in the SouthEast section.

Feng Shui Protector: AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE MOVE OUT FROM THIS SECTION. Five Yellow Pagoda, Image of the Goddess of the North Star [Dou Mu Yuan Jun] which has been blessed in a Taoist Temple [available by request], Image of Piyao. For people who stays in this section of the house or building, as mentioned, please move out. You also need the following Feng Shui tools-FIVE ELEMENT PAGODA PENDANT, PIYAO PENDANT or DOU MU YUAN JUN [GODDESS OF THE NORTH STAR] PENDANT. The WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT is also a good Feng Shui tool.

Five Element Pagoda

Dou Mu Yuan Jun (Goddess of the North Star)

Feng Shui Tip: Keep the SouthEast as quiet as possible – no watching of TV, no renovations, keep the lights to a minimum, no playing in this section, no crystals, no digging, no burning of anything, no cutting. If your main door is in the SouthEast, try to use another door, if this is not possible please make sure you put plants flanking your main door and hang a 5-Element Pagoda on your door. Also put an image of a Piyao or Dou Mu Yuan Jun on top of the door.

The 3 Killings flies to the South.

Effects: If you notice the Flying Star 1 or White Victory Star is also in the South. This only means that whatever success the White Victory Star brings ‘may be’ negated by the 3 Killings. However, despite of the name, it is quite easy to deal with the Three Killings and as long as you put the Feng Shui tool to protect you from the 3 Killings you’ll be safe from this energy. .

Feng Shui Protector: Three Celestial Guardians (Place in the South section of the house, room or office). For people who stays in the South section you can also wear the image of the 3-Celestial Guardians or carry their image as a key chain.

The Three Celestial Guardians are mystical celestial beings.

Please note that the official date of the Year of the Water Dragon is on Jan. 23, 2012, thus this will take effect on that day. There is another school of thought that regardless of the date of the Chinese New Year the Flying Stars moves to their new section on Feb. 4 every year of the Western calendar. I personally don’t believe this. I think this is just a tool for Feng Shui experts to make everything easier. It doesn’t make sense that everything else in base on the Lunar Calendar except the movement of the stars.

Feng Shui-Chinese Zodiac Forecast for 2012 Year of the Water Dragon (Part 2)

Published Disyembre 30, 2011 by jptan2012

In my previous post, I shared with you my 2012 Year of the Water Dragon Feng Shui forecast for the Chinese Zodiacs – Rat, Ox, Tiger, and Rabbit. These are base on my own calculations and interpretations of the Bazi or Four Pillars and the Flying Star. My family is an avid Feng Shui believers and we realized that it’ll be cheaper for us if one of us just enroll and study Feng Shui rather than pay for the expensive fee of a Feng Shui consultant.

Allow me to clarify that these readings are generic for each of the animal sign. For me to be able to give you a better reading, I need to have your birth-year, month, day, and time.


might have the misconception that since this is a year of the dragon, he or she might have a very good year. However, this is actually wrong and a very common misconception at that. The truth of the matter is that if your Chinese Zodiac is similar to the sign of the year, it means its going to be a challenging year ahead for that particular sign. One reason for this is that because you’re directly within the ‘house’ or the section of the Tai Sui God of the year.

This year, will be challenging for the people born under the sign of the Dragon because, as mentioned, you’re directly within the section of the Tai Sui God and you’re also in conflict with the Yellow Killing.

This is a year wherein you should be very careful in taking risk. You’ll find yourself constantly facing hindrances and problems. You should also be very careful in watching out for your health. But do not despair because I always believe that its useless to know about what may happen when you can’t prepare for it and deal with it. Knowing these things will help you to be on your guard and watch out for possible problems.

Feng Shui Protection: Piyao [also spelled as Pi Yao] (Pendant/Bracelet)/Dou Mu Yuan Jun [Goddess of the North Star] Pendant, Five Element Pagoda (Pendant/Key Chain), Jade Wulou, Ksitigarbha Fireball, Five Bat DZI (Pendant/Bracelet), Kalachakra Pendant

Piyao or Pi Yao is a mystical celestial creature which pacifies the Tai Sui God.

Dou Mu Yuan Jun or Goddess of the North Star is a powerful Deity to counter the effects of Tai Suey. She is said to be the creator of all the Tai Suey Gods does has the power to rule or control over them.

It is quite difficult to get a Dou Mu Yuan Jun pendant. However, I was recently able to get one that's made of 14k gold from Master Joseph Chau, the acclaimed Feng Shui expert. He also has the jade version, but I find the jade version too big and its more expensive than the gold one.

There are different versions of the 5-Element Pagoda. However, personally the original version and a small one, I believe, is okay and powerful enough to counter the effects of the 5-Yellow Star.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Kuan Yin Pendant/Tara Pendant/Kuan Kong Pendant, Ruyi, Mantra (Ring/Pendant), Sun Wukong aka Monkey God aka Great Sage Equal to Heaven (Pendant/Image)

Whenever I state here- Mantra Pendant- I refer to any Tibetan mantra which I think is one of the most powerful Buddhism and Feng Shui tools. However, OM MANI PADME HUM (pronounce as HUNG) is one of the most powerful one. It's the mantra of Bodhisattva of Compassion - Kuan Yin or Avalokitesvara or Chenrezig.

I also designed my very own Wealth and Master Protection pendant which is may be advisable for people born under the sign of the Dragon. Sometimes, it seems absurd to be wearing so many pendants, that’s why I thought of designing my own pendant which will address this concern. I initially designed this pendant for myself and for my family. However, when our friends found out about this we started making this for them. Ours is made of 14K yellow gold but we can make a silver one also. Please email me if interested, but I have to warn you that it’s a little pricey but this is something that can be use ‘forever’ you don’t have to change it yearly.

WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT is a pendant I designed so that I don't have to wear a lot of pendants around my neck. At the front is the image of Sun Wukong (aka Monkey God or Great Sage, Equal to Heaven). Sun Wukong is a very powerful wealth and protector deity. There has been a lot of confusion as to whether Sun Wukong is a Taoist(Daoist) Deity or a Buddhist Deity. The truth is Sun Wukong's story is quite uniique. He started as a Taoist deity and in the process became a Buddhist deity, thus, he is worshipped and revered both in Taoism and Buddhism. The pendant is made of 14k gold and weight around 13g. Friends started requesting me to make one for them also and I started having my jeweler make a silver version of the pendant. I'm also currently looking into the possibility of having the images carved into a jade thus making a JADE WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT.

At the back of the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT are the image of the Three Celestial Guardians (w/ implements) this is to help counter the effects of the 3 Killings and at the bottom is the 5-Element Pagoda to address the 5-Yellow Star and beside it on the right side is the Ksitigarbha Fireball fo counter the argumentative star. At the top is the Chinese character that says-GREAT SAGE, EQUAL TO HEAVEN. If I'm not mistaken this is the only Master Protection pendant that addresses different major concerns. The Pi Yao in the Three Celestial Guardians addresses the possible concerns brought about by the Tai Suey God. Sun Wukong and the Chilin in the 3 Celestial Guardians also addresses wealth and career luck. On top of that Sun Wukong is also a very powerful protector deity.

To know more about Sun Wukong click here.


had a good fortune the past couple of years, but this year its going to be a little bad for them. This is because they’re directly affected by the Five Yellow Killing Star.

Your chi or energy is going to be  very unstable which may cause you to make a lot of wrong judgments or decisions. Financially, you will have to be very cautious. Do not overspend. Also be careful that you get into a legal case, because this may cause long term (years!) problem.

It’ll be wise for you to get yourself a wealth and protector deity like Sun Wukong (aka ‘Monkey God’ aka ‘Great Sage, Equal to Heaven’) and Kuan Kong (also spelled as Guan Gong)

On the love front, you may find yourself continuously arguing with your partner.

Furthermore, you should also be wary of the 3-Killings Star which may bring problem to your health or causes accidents, financial growth, and causes obstacle in your growth path

Feng Shui Protection: 5-Element Pagoda (Pendant or Key Chain), Sun Wukong Pendant/Kuan Kong Pendant, Three Celestial Guardians, Rooster (Pendant/Figurine), Ksitgarbha Fireball (Pendant/Key Chain)

Always look at the face of the Kuan Kong pendant that you're getting for yourself. The 'braver' the face the better.

Admittedly, its difficult to find a '3-Celestial Guardian' Pendant. A key chain will do. However, that's also the reason why I designed my WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT with the 3-Celestial Guardian at the back.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Amethyst Geode tied with a red string beside the bed, Ruyi (Pendant/Key Chain), 5 Bat DZI with Red Tiger’s Eye Beads.

Amethyst Geode with Red String.

5-Bat DZI has the image of five bats. Contrary to western belief that bats are scary and serves as a bad omen, bats actually brings good fortune.

I also designed my very own Wealth and Master Protection pendant which is may be advisable for people born under the sign of the Snake. Sometimes, it seems absurd to be wearing so many pendants, that’s why I thought of designing my own pendant which will address this concern. I initially designed this pendant for myself and for my family. However, when our friends found out about this we started making this for them. Ours is made of 14K yellow gold but we can make a silver one also. Please email me if interested, but I have to warn you that it’s a little pricey but this is something that can be use ‘forever’ you don’t have to change it yearly.


will fall flat on their face if they don’t learn to be humble and if they continue to cause ’emotional injury’ with their sharp words. Having said that, this is actually a good year for people born under the year of the Horse. Success may actually come easily but they may easily destroy this good luck by continuously creating bad karma with their malicious manipulative scheming minds.

People born under the sign of the horse also has good mentor luck meaning they might find themselves surrounded by people who can help them succeed. But they should be humble enough to acknowledge this help. Give credit where credit is due.

This year the horse is confronted by the 3-Killings Star, which may cause health problems and accidents, financial problem, and obstacle. You may be asking isn’t this conflicting with the earlier statements. It’s not, this only means that you have the luck but may be negated by the 3-Killings. In turn, the effects of the 3-Killings may be aggravated by the negative karma that a snake commits. So be very careful in not doing anything wrong. The Earth Horse born in the year 1978 has the biggest tendency to be create a negative karma by being boastful, hurtful with their words, and malicious.

Health luck is a little bad. Meaning you can get ill a lot this year.

Feng Shui Protectors: Three Celestial Guardians (Pendant), Ksitigarbha Fire Ball, Jade Wulou, and be nice and good.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Chilin, Sun Wukong (Pendant), Victory Banner (Pendant/Key Chain), Mystic Knot (Pendant/Key Chain)

A Chilin is another mystical celestial creature that helps in delivering career and financial success.

The Victory Banner is one of the 8 Auspicious Objects in Tibetan Buddhism. This is a powerful tool to help us achieve our goals.

I also designed my very own Wealth and Master Protection pendant which is may be advisable for people born under the sign of the Horse. Sometimes, it seems absurd to be wearing so many pendants, that’s why I thought of designing my own pendant which will address this concern. I initially designed this pendant for myself and for my family. However, when our friends found out about this we started making this for them. Ours is made of 14K yellow gold but we can make a silver one also. Please email me if interested, but I have to warn you that it’s a little pricey but this is something that can be use ‘forever’ you don’t have to change it yearly.


will have a good fortune this year. You might come across another interpretation that says that people born under the sign of the Sheep or Goat will have ‘conflicting’ year. I was actually surprised with this interpretation and thought I might have made a mistake, so what I did is I cross reference my interpretation and calculation of the stars with some of the best Feng Shui experts in Kong Kong and Singapore. I’m really glad that my interpretation and calculation is similar to these non-commercialized Feng Shui experts.

Anyway, you the Sheep will have good fortune this year of the Water Dragon. Financial luck is very good but be careful to rule with your head rather than with your heart. Don’t abuse your luck by being too bullish.

I believe, the reason why this other Feng Shui expert said that the Sheep will have a ‘conflicting’ year is because you’re flanked by the Three Killings Star and by the ‘Argumentative’ Star. To remedy this you can wear the Three Celestial Guardians and the Ksitigarbha Fireball.

Feng Shui Protector: 3-Celestial Guardians (Pendant/Key Chain), Ksitigarbha Fireball (Pendant/Key Chain).

The Ksitigarbha Fireball is a very powerful tool to prevent arguments. I prefer that this is worn as a pendant. I also decided to put the Ksitigarbha Fireball on my WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT. There are now many different versions of the fireball, I think this is just a marketing strategy to make people buy new items.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Ruyi (Pendant/Key Chain), Sun Wukong Pendant/Kuan Yin Pendant

I have several Kuan Yin pendants, some are made of jade. But my favorite is the small gold pendant because I can just wear it around my neck day and night, even while I'm taking a bath.

One other reason why this is my favorite is because it has the inscription of the Heart Sutra at the back. It is like wearing mantra. Buddhist believed that the Heart Sutra has the power to grant blessings and protection to those who has them on their body.


has very good earth luck this year. This means you have the tendency to do well in ‘material’ things. However, heaven luck is a little low, which means relationships might be put to a test and that there might be a lot of argument. This year, its important for you to keep your cool and always think twice or thrice before you say something. Remember DON’T BE GREEDY.

Feng Shui Protectors: Ksitigarbha Fireball, Bodhi Tree or Leaf DZI (Pendant/Bracelet)/Lotus DZI (Pendant/Bracelet)

Bodhi DZI should be worn as a necklace and/or as a bracelet. If worn as bracelet strung it with an amethyst or jade beads.

The Lotus DZI can be worn as necklace and/or as a bracelet. If using it as a bracelet string it with red tiger's eye or rutilated quartz.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Kuan Yin Pendant, Om Ah Hum Pendant, Victory Banner Pendant/Key Chain

This particular OM AH HUM pendant was designed by Lillian Too and is sold on her Feng Shui Mall site.


maybe the luckiest sign this year! Financial luck is extremely stable while Career luck is also ‘shining’.

Love life is also extremely ‘abundant’, but this also may also have the potential to open doors to a 3rd party.

Health luck is also great, as long as you don’t totally abuse your body.

Feng Shui Protector: Double Happiness Pendant/Rooster (preferably) with Fan

Double Happiness

The rooster has the power to peck away the unwanted third party. The Fan has the power to change bad energies into good one. This particular pendant is available in WOFS.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Maitreya [Happy Fat Buddha] Pendant/Kuan Yin Pendant/Kuan Kong Pendant

Maiteya Buddha or the Happy Fat Buddha is a powerful diety to help neutralize highly negative scenarios. I always wear this particular pendant if I'm going to run into a 'heated' meeting.


will have a challenging year ahead of them, this is because the Dog is in direct conflict with the Dragon, which means they’re also in direct ‘confrontational’ position with the Tai Sui (Tai Suey) God of the year.

This is not a good year for you to change career or put up a new business. There is also a possibility of a great financial loss.

A person born under the sign of the Dog will have to be careful about their health, also they should be careful not to get into depression.

Feng Shui Protectors: Piyao (Pendant/Bracelet)/Dou Mu Yuan Jun [Goddess of the North Star] Pendant, Ksitigarbha Fireball, Sun Wukong [aka Monkey God] Pendant, Ammonite Pendant, Kalachakra Pendant/Mantra Pendant, Jade Wulou

An Ammonite Fossilized Shell is a very powerful tool to negate negative energies. It also helps us achieve our goal and bring us financial and career success. However, ammonites are very expensive because this fossil actually preserved the shells formed by prehistoric cephalopods, which are extinct distant relatives of squids. I have two ammonites. I got one that's really affordable and I thought I got a good discount, it turn out that its a fake ammonite. I then looked for a real ammonite and eventually found one but it did cost quite a small fortune. But I'm happy with it because fake ammonites are basically useless.

The Kalachakra Pendant is one of the most powerful Buddhism tools to counter negative energies. Kalachakra doesn't have a direct translation in any other language but it loosely means 'the one with 10 powers'. It is also a very powerful protection pendant. You'll normally see Buddhist monk wear this somewhere around their body. I personally have 3 different Kalachakra pendants. One is made of crystal quartz engraved with a the Kalachakra, another one is made of stainless steel but enclose on it are colored Kalachakra sand and was personally blessed by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. The third Kalachakra pendant is a white gold Kalachakra with Kalachakra Mandala Sand from one of the Kalachakra initiation conducted by the Dalai Lama, this third piece is truly a collector's item because there are only 1,000 pieces made.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Sun Wukong Pendant, Amethyst (Pendant/Bracelet) with 5-Bat DZI

I also designed my very own Wealth and Master Protection pendant which is may be advisable for people born under the sign of the Dog. Sometimes, it seems absurd to be wearing so many pendants, that’s why I thought of designing my own pendant which will address this concern. I initially designed this pendant for myself and for my family. However, when our friends found out about this we started making this for them. Ours is made of 14K yellow gold but we can make a silver one also. Please email me if interested, but I have to warn you that it’s a little pricey but this is something that can be use ‘forever’ you don’t have to change it yearly.


will have a stable financial and career luck this year. This is the time of the year for people born under the sign of the Boar to take risks. It’s a good time for you to invest on good karma because this may be multiplied.

Feng Shui Protectors:

Feng Shui Enhancers: Mystic Knot (Pendant/Key Chain), Sun Wukong [aka Monky God] Pendant

The Mystic Knot has the power to enhance the 'good' luck of a person.

We’ve now discussed the Feng Shui forecast for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs, namely – RAT, OX, TIGER, RABBIT, DRAGON, SNAKE, HORSE, SHEEP/GOAT, MONKEY, ROOSTER, DOG, PIG/BOAR. The first four signs in in my previous post – FENG SHUI-CHINESE ZODIAC FORECAST FOR 2012 YEAR OF THE WATER DRAGON.

Si Tyron Perez…

Published Disyembre 30, 2011 by jptan2012

Nalungkot ako yun nabalitaan ko na nagpakamatay ang aktor na si Tyron Perez. Hindi dahil sa kilala ko siya o dahil sa artista siya, pero sa tingin ko kasi isa sa pinakamalungkot na dahilan ng pagkakamatay ng isang tao ay ang suicide. Lagi kong naiiisip kung ano ang pakiramdam ng isang taong mag-sui-suicide. I’m sure medyo sobrang depression at kalungkutan at kaguluhan ng pagiisip ang nararamdaman nito upang makuha nitong putulin ang sariling buhay.

I took the liberty of looking at Tyron’s Bazi or Four Pillars chart. He was born in the year of the Ox. Siyempre, hindi accurate ang reading na magagawa ko para sa kanya dahil sa wala ako nung birth hour niya, pero I can see why medyo problematic siya. Technically speaking, this year 2011 is a good year for Tyron, pero napansin ko na marami sa kanyang element ay wood, and this year being the year of the Metal Rabbit, pwede nga maging conflict sa kanya. Kung umabot lang sana si Tyron ng Jan. 10, 2012 everything could have turn out fine for him.


Feng Shui-Chinese Zodiac Forecast for 2012 Year of the Water Dragon (Part 1)

Published Disyembre 29, 2011 by jptan2012

Allow me to share with you my own Feng Shui forecast for each of the Chinese Zodiacs for the coming year of the Water Dragon. This is base on my own reading. I actually enrolled in several intensive Feng Shui and Bazi class in HK and Singapore, but more on that next time. For now, just let me share with you my own Feng Shui reading for 2012. Please note though that this is a generalized ‘prediction’ for each sign. For a more accurate personal reading, one has to know one’s Bazi or Four Pillars. For this I need to have your Birth-year/month/day/time.

The RAT…

will have a good year. Money luck will be good a stable with the possibility of new financial opportunities coming your way. You should be more aware of opportunities and ‘open doors’, because you’ll surely have a lot of these. You just need to guard yourself from being greedy. Also you should make sure not to get too high profile because jealousies from other people might cause some negative energy.

You also have a good mentor luck this year. Meaning, there are a lot of people who might come your way to help you realize your dreams or help you earn more money.

However, people born under the sign of the rat should take care of their health, because you’re are affected by the illness star and the 3 killings.

Feng Shui Protection: Jade Wulou (Holy Gourd) / Medicine Buddha Pendant

Feng Shui Enhancers: Ruyi and Kuan Kong Pendant

A sample of a Jade Wulou or Holy Gourd. I personally prefer a jade wulou with a darker shade of green. This picture was lifted from Google images.

This is a sample of a Medicine Buddha pendant. This is similar to the one released by Lillian Too. Photo lifted in Google images.


will have a good business/professional/career/financial luck this year. But this luck becomes conflicting because of your tendencies to become hot tempered and swell headed which may cause a lot of negative energies and wash out your good celestial karma.

People born under the sign of Ox should be very careful getting into arguments and delicate legal matters because these things might cause misery to you.

But as mentioned, you will have good financial luck and like the rat there will be a lot of stable, long term money making opportunities for you. However, the similarities with the rat’s luck doesn’t end there, because you will also have to watch out for your health. Be extra careful and avoid getting sick, also there’s a possibility of an accident. To prevent this, try to donate blood during the first lunar month of the Chinese calendar or donate money to a charity.

Feng Shui Protection: Jade Wulou (Holy Gourd) / Medicine Buddha Pendant and Kuan Kong Pendant and Ksitigarbha Fireball (Pendant/Key Chain)

Feng Shui Enhancers: Ruyi(pendant or keychain), Mystic Knot (pendant or key chain)

Kuan Kong also spelled as Guan Gong is a warrior god. He is a very good protector and wealth god.

In choosing a Kuan Kong it's important that you look at the face. The 'braver' the face the better. Also, I prefer dark colored stones or gold Kuan Kong, because Kuan Kong is basically a red face god. I veer away from the white jade variety. Photo lifted from Google images.

Ksitigarbha Fireball helps protect the bearer from the 'argumentative' star. Picture lifted from Google images.

Place a Ruyi on top of your work table or beside your bed.

Wear a ruyi pendant to continously 'carry' its power.

Ruyi DZI bead. You can also wear this as a pendant or as bracelet mixed with some semi-precious stones. For this year red stones works best.


has financial luck this year. But it is not strong and stable, which means money may come easily but it may not be a big amount and/or you may lose the money as easy as well. However, the main solution here is for you to be work harder and try to be more conscious in how you spend your money.

Feng Shui Protection: Mystic Knot (pendant or key chain)

Feng Shui Enhancers: Golden Deity (a Buddha or Bodhisattva or Deity made of gold or gold plated. My suggestions are Kuan Yin, Sun Wukong [Taoist and Buddhist Monkey God], Kuan Kong, Dzambala, Tua Peh Kong, Maitreya Buddha [also known as the Happy Fat Buddha], Tara, or Che Kong.)

Mystic Knot

Green Tara


will have a better luck this year compared to last year. However, this is a ‘slow process’ and you will need to work hard to ‘erase’ the negative energies of the past year. You will have to look and work hard for opportunities to open up for you and you will have to ‘grab it by the horn’. You cannot be timid but neither you can be to bullish without weighing properly weighing the situation.

Health wise may be a little bleak also. You might be constantly wear down by minor illnesses that may not be serious but may cause long term discomfort.

On the love front – a single rabbit may continue to have a flat line, while a married or a partnered rabbit will have to be careful in having a third party get involved in their partnership.

Feng Shui Protection: Jade Wulou (Holy Gourd)/Medicine Buddha Rooster with Fan Pendant or Figurine/Double Happiness Pendant, Mantra Pendant

Feng Shui Enhancers: Mystic Knot, Kuan Kong Pendant/Maitreya Buddha (Happy Fat Buddha) Pendant/Kuan Yin Pendant

The Double Happiness symbol is a powerful Feng Shui tool to enhance and/or safeguard your love life.

Maitreya Buddha or more commonly known as the Happy Buddha or the Fat Buddha is actually the future Buddha. Maitreya Buddha symbolizes abundance, wealth, happiness, peace, and good health.

Kuan Yin is one of my most favorite Deity or Bodhisattva. I personally have several gold, jade, and other semi-precious stones Kuan Yin pendant.

On my next post I’ll discuss the other signs-DRAGON, SNAKE, HORSE, SHEEP, MONKEY, ROOSTER, DOG & BOAR(PIG). Almost all the Feng Shui Enhancers and Protectors mentioned in this post are available in Ongpin. I can also help you avail some of the charms. Unless specifically specified any kind of material will do except the ones that are made of plastic. But remember, semi-precious or precious stones like jade, high-quality jade, ruby, diamonds, etc. are better. Gold, platinum being precious metals also enhances the Feng Shui charm’s energy.

Nagtatanong lang…(3)

Published Disyembre 26, 2011 by jptan2012

Bakit nung naging governor ng Laguna si ER Ejercito eh biglang nagkaroon ulit ng pelikula? Hindi lang isa (a movie with Nora Aunor and Manila Kingpin, The Asiong Salonga Story), kundi dalawa pa, at nasa Metro Manila Film Festival o MMFF pa! Nagtatanong lang po.

Nagtatanong lang….(1)

Published Disyembre 26, 2011 by jptan2012

Alam ba ng mga taong naka iPad o Samsung Galaxy Tab na kapag ginagamit nila ang mga gadgets na ito bilang camera sa isang public place ay mukha silang tanga? Sabagay sobra na silang high tech, kasi ang camera nila may picture frame na rin.

Nagtatanong lang po.


Ang Kuwentong Ramdam ng Bawat Filipino: Ang Trahedya ni Sendong

Published Disyembre 18, 2011 by jptan2012

Minsan mayroon mga kuwentong hindi na kayang isulat ninoman….

Dahil ang larawan ay sapat na para iparamdam sayo ang sakit na pinagdadaanan ng mga taong pumapalibot sa kuwento…

Minsan, ayaw na natin kilanganin alamin ang puno’t dulo ng kuwento….ang karakter ng mga katauhan na bumubuo ng kuwento…dahil ang sakit ng larawan ay sapat na para maki-dalamhati tayo….

Ang trahedya ni Sendong….ay isang kuwentong ramdam ng bawat Filipino….

BABALA: Ang mga susunod na litrato ay medyo maselan….

Ang huling larawan na ito ang pinaka-iniyakan ko. Binuhay nito ang isang alaala na gusto ko nang kalimutan. Pero ibang panahon yun nangyari…ibang kuwento….

Alam kong hindi ko na kailangan hingin pa ang tulong niyo sa pagdarasal….kahit sinong makakita nito ay kusang magdarasal. Kung kaya natin…kahit konti lang…bukod sa dasal…magpadala tayo ng tulong.

Ang Batang Nawala ni Nanay at ni Tiyong John!

Published Disyembre 14, 2011 by jptan2012

Medyo mahaba ang pila, pero hindi naman kainitan dahil malaming ang aircon ng Landmark sa may Trinoma.
Kahit magpapasko na eh hindi pa ako nakakabili ng regalo, pero hindi yun ang dahilan bakit ako nakapila, nakapila ako dahil sa bumili ako ng deodorant ko. Ngunit ang kuwentong ito ay hindi tungkol sa akin…ito ay tungkol sa batang nawala ng nanay niya at ng kanyang tiyuhin.

Hindi ko alam ang pangalan ng batang ito…pero babae siya at tawagin nalang natin siyang si Amapola. Bakit Amapola? Yun kasi ang pangalan ng karakter sa huling libro ni Ricky Lee na may pamagat na -SI AMAPOLA SA 65 NA KABANATA. Nahihirapan na rin akong mag isip ng pangalan at dahil ini-idolo ko si Ricky Lee, yun nalang ang gamiting nating pangalan ng batang ito.

Ito ang kuwento niya…

Ganda ng Barbie….
Payag kaya si Nanay na bumili ako niyan?
Sabihin ko kaya o hinde?
Kaso baka mapalo na naman ako. Mabait naman si Nanay eh, minsan lang wala ako sa lugar, mali ang tiyempo ko. Dapat kasi inaalam ko na muna kung walang problema si Nanay.
Siguro pwede kong hingiin na bili ako Barbie, kasi nandito naman si Tiyong John, eh lagi naman siyang masaya at malamig ang ulo kapag kasama si Tiyong John.
Basta huwag lang daw ipaalam kay Tatay na sa bahay si Tiyong John natutulog.
Nasaan na siya tsaka si Nanay?!
Si Tiyong John nasaan na rin?
Naku, baka nalaman ni Nanay na pabibili ako ng Barbie! Baka nagalit siya dahil dito.
Naku baka ito ang sinasabi ni Tiyong John….

Tumutog ang isang alarm upang tumawag nang pansin na may announcement. Nakapila pa rin ako sa counter, ay nasa tabi ko ang isang babaeng nasa 40’s na siguro…o pwede rin naman late 30’s pero mukhang matanda lang….kasama naman niya ang isang lalaking may itsura at bata pa…siguro mga 25 to 27 years old.
Biglang sabi ng lalaking gwapo doon sa babaeng matanda – TEKA ANAK MO YATA YUN.
Hindi ko nakita ang bata, alam ko lang ang damit niya kasi yun ang naka announce sa PA system. Hindi ko rin alam ang buong kuwento niya, gawa-gawa ko lang yun sinulat ko dito. Pero ang totoo ay nasa Landmark ako, nakapila, katabi ang babaeng nasa 40s na o 30s pero baka mukhang matanda lang, at ang lalaking gwapo na mukhang nasa mid 20s lang, tapos biglang may nag announce tungkol sa batang nawawala na naka pink shirt at green short pants…tapos nalaman na nung dalawang katabi ko na yun kasama nilang bata ang batang tinutukoy sa page.

Hello Mundo!

Published Disyembre 11, 2011 by jptan2012

Ito ang una kong blog post, at dapat siguro isang malalim at interesting na topic ang maisulat ko. Pero paano minsan may kababawan talaga akong tao, at ngayon pa tumama ang pagkakataon na yun?

Dapat bang hintayin ko naganahan ako tsaka magsulat ulit?

Anyway, kung tinatanong niyo kung bakit-SANA AKO SI RICKY LEE!-ang title ng blog ko eh malamang mas bihira niyo pa gamitin ang utak niyo kaysa sa akin. Kasi di ba obvious naman? Kung ko maging kagaya si Ricky Lee! OA naman kasi kung sasagarin ko at sasabihin kong gusto ko ako si Ricky Lee! Masaya naman kasi ako sa buhay ko….hmmm….oh well….siguro may halong konting pagsisinungaling yun, pero the truth is ok naman ako. Ang kulang lang ay sana mas madami akong pera, may partner ako buhay, at sana mas matalino ako, mas maganda ang pangangatawan at hidni overweight, at sana ako si Ricky Lee!

Bata pa kasi ako hilig ko nang magsulat. Kaso ang problema 4 languages ang alam ko ngayon – Mandarin, Fookien, Filipino at Ingles- ay apat pala yun. Anyway, sa dami kong pinagaaralan lengwahe nung bata pa ako at dahil na rin siguro hindi naman ako gifted child dahil parang wala pang Promil yun bata ako eh ayun, wala ako na master na lengwahe. Hanggang ngayon nga eh gulong gulo pa rin ako sa tuwing kailan gagamitin ang NG at NANG.

Bakit ba sana ako si Ricky Lee? Kasi gusto ko ang mga istoryang sinulat niya, siyempre karamihan nun ay sa pekilula, pero yun nagsimula siyang magsulat ng nobela at umibig din ako sa mga nobelang ito. Sana ako si Ricky Lee para ganyan din ang mga librong masusulat ko. Walang rules. Akala ng reader ay alam na niya ang mangyayari at ang rhythm pero biglang mababago.

Sa katunayan, yun binasa ko yun unang libro niya na – PARA KAY B – eh natakot akong umibig ulit, pero parang sira ako na at the same time ginusto kong umibig ulit. Nalungkot nga ako eh kasi wala akong lovelife. Anyway, ibang kuwento na naman yan tungkol sa love life na yan. At kahapon, yun binasa inumpisahan at tinapos ko ang pangalawang nobela ni Ricky Lee na – SI AMAPOLA SA 65 NA KABANATA – eh muli na naman nabuhay at nagliyab ang apoy ng aking pagnanasa na makapagsulat. Pero sa totoo lang, ngayon eh kinalimutan ko na ang pangarap kong makapagsulat ng libro o ng pelikula…blog nalang muna.

Pero sana ma-channel kong ispiritu ni Ricky Lee sa pagsusulat sa blog na ito. Pero…teka ang dami ko na yatang pero….ngunit nalang…. Ngunit hindi ko sinasabi na magiging kasing galing ko si Ricky Lee, at akin lang eh pareho niya, gusto kong magsulat ng kuwento.

Ano ba isusulat ko? Sa ngayon, kahit anong gusto ko. Take note of the operative word ha…gusto ko….two words pala. O basta yun. Alam kong taliwas ito sa idea ng blog na dapat ang nakakabasa eh ang madla. Eh kaso ganun talaga ako minsan krung krung.

Anyway, sana kahit mayabang ako eh basahin niyo pa rin pero kundi naman eh keribels na rin.

Hanggang sa muling post ko ng blog!

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